Azad Hind Government to Sovereign Republic of India

🇮🇳 Azad Hind Government to Sovereign Republic of India 🇮🇳

By Pamarty Venkataramana

On this, the 75th anniversary of the day when Netaji Subhashchandra Bose had hoisted the flag of ‘India’ declaring ‘independence’ from the clutches of rule by a foreign government, every right-thinking Indian should pause to evaluate and analyse the state of the Nation.

The unfurling of the National Flag today by the Prime Minister of India atop the Red Fort in New Delhi is as symbolic as the flag-hoisting done by Netaji on this day in the year 1943, for the first time at the Gymkhana Ground (present Netaji Stadium) in Port Blair, Andamans (the first Indian territory freed from foreign rule ), before he again hoisted at Moirang in today’s North East Indian State of Manipur.

Andaman Islands housed the infamous cellular jail where all freedom fighters from the mainland were imprisoned in gory conditions and ‘kala pani’ was the nemesis akin to Guantanamo bay of this millennium-living inmates would be better off dead than live in inhabitable prison.

Red Fort is a symbol of Mogul invaders and a much older history of loot and plunder than the European invasion. As such, it is not a bit odd but weird that a government which cannot forget the tyranny of long ago dead and gone Babur and successor-moguls seeks to perpetuate the clan through continuing to subscribe to the Congress narrative of Red Fort being ‘historic’ and best place to commemorate the ‘liberation of India from foreign yoke’.

It is not out of place to observe that such customary practices are adhered to whereas the age-old traditions of Sabarimalai and other temples in India are sought to be replaced by a recalcitrant era using the judiciary as the ladle of change.

So, when Netaji declares independence of India as a free nation,what was the state of our nation?

Cultural traditions,traditional arts and life in the countryside was as beautiful as it could be. The composition of a set of villages forming a zamindar’s territory and many such zamindars owing allegiance to a kingdom was such a compact system of patronage by haves of the have-nots. Hinduism was as universal as spiritual as it was before the invasions took place. Life was orderly and there was ample food and shelter making life a joy and a blessing to all members in the many kingdoms. A unique feature of Hinduism is that it is omnipresent and is reflected in striking qualities of hospitality,amity and compassion for all creatures. It abhors killing of animals and worships the cow as a mother and life-sustaining milk-giver. Even the cow-dung was used to kill germs in the verandas and floor-areas of ore-cement, glass & concrete construction era. There is no record of flesh-eating or animal-sacrifice in scriptures nor did the pantheon of ‘Gods’ direct fasting or animal-sacrifice as a form of worship. All of these later day practices were indicative of the ‘free soul’ philosophy of Hinduism- arguably the oldest known higher form of religion known to mankind as a civilisation. It was the Western Hemisphere ‘thinkers’ who authored modern day cultural values that labelled terms such as ‘pagan worship’, ‘untouchability’, ‘god’, ‘salvation’ , ‘conversion’ & ‘idolatry’. They were not aware of DHARMA which is the mainstay of a peaceful and orderly life in India (India that stretched from far off countries in Middle Eastern region to south East Asian region and north eastern boundaries).

The tyrannical interference of British rule into internal affairs of the Indian mainland crossing princely States and domains by a single design of -‘ divide & rule’ led to an uncontrollable conflagration of passions and the fiery spirit of self-defence against repression and unspeakable criminal actions of the foreigners. Discrimination and suppression of civil rights led to a mass-movement for ‘freedom’. The Christian missionary movement spread to engulf the labelled ‘backward sections’ of society and began a direct onslaught against peace loving Hinduism. The remnants of mogul evil were carefully nurtured by the oppressive Queen’s bunch to foment a dislike on communal lines using the ‘cartridge’-formula. Foreign patrons of the political party of freedom movement (the Indian national congress) ensured that ‘non-violence’ of Gandhi triumphed over the ‘give me blood,I will give you freedom’ war-cry of Netaji!

Netaji declared ‘self-rule’ and establishment of the Indian nation.

Then came the departure of all the Queen’s men who partitioned the country into three parts before leaving.

They,however, left traces of their fissiparous, evil diplomacy by injecting thoughts of ‘scheduled castes’, ‘scheduled tribes’ , ‘reservations’ , ‘ minorities’ , ‘refugees’ and ‘bureaucratic red-tape,nepotism and paralysis of Constitution’ which speaks of justice (social-economic-political), in the net result.

The saga continues. Today, the caste-based reservation system, the anomalous tax system that exempts agricultural income (including farm houses in urban areas) and the holding of majority population to ransom by the So-called minority religions in a supposedly ‘secular’ land are as robust as ever: creating more discontentment , gaps & divides in all sections of society with each passing day.

Happiness-quotient has dipped to abysmal levels despite the huge hoarding-boards and public-policy programs initiated over the last four years and more.

Euphoria or a false sense of happiness is measured when one surfs television-channels and steps on to social-media platforms nowadays. All seem to be highlighting the wrongs and pernicious evil in society instead of the green farms or river valleys and blue skies. So much has been said about liberalism and freedom of expression that with a brigand mainstream media and corrupt administrative system,ennui and despondency has spread like an epidemic in minds of the otherwise sane general public of India.

Leaders have been propped up and created by filmdom and stardom has been thrust on basis of assumed traits of humility and backwardness of ancestors than the innate qualities and ability of any Indian to steer India away from the state of suffocation or asphyxiation felt 75-years ago when Netaji had first challenged the foes by hoisting a National Flag!

However, history remains mute even as Time passes rapidly from decade to decade, year after year.

Democracy is a failed experiment in Indian polity as is visible from the fear psychosis rampant in India to voice right thoughts or oppose wrong policies of whichever political outfit or propped up leader of the 145/ billion nation.

Statistics and Constitution are twin-planks on Which lame duck Governance prides itself or rests it’s case.

Society is as messed up today as it was in pre-independence era. The excuse given is the Constitution which was a khichdi(hotch -potch) dumped upon future generations without leaving scope for re-engineering the structure of society or filing up loopholes and potholes in road of progress.

But then,symbolism has always been the style of Indian society. Be it the selfies taken by gadget-savvy Muslims who believe that Allah has no form nor shape or the many statues and rituals of Hinduism being embraced by Christian bodies in India in a bid to naturalise population and further confound illiterate masses into thinking that ancient Hinduism was a later day version of the later day desert religions that invaded Indian nation.

Hinduism itself has come to identify its existence by the slogans shouted by street smart political elements or publicity hungry propped up Gurus and in meek reactions to foul rulings by rotten apples crowned as judges by a faulty Executive in the three pillared society.

As such, it is time for good conscience of every soul suffering under current dispensation of uttering names of one or the other political leadership than chanting myriad names of Almighty or Mother Nature or wishing for universal peace and a joyous existence admiring the stars above or the trees around us!

What changes should the Honourable Prime Minister and his cabinet in the coming months of remainder-term of his office to justify the symbolic flag-hoisting he has done today in the national capital?

This is not a conundrum without answers. Nor are the remedial measures far to seek. India though has a history of stifling the Sardar Patels,the Netaji and the Gandhiji in every new generation since the last seven decades. This must change. At once.

Human rights are superior and natural entitlement of every Indian to food,shelter and freedom are attested by the Constitution.

Freedom of soul attains a greater importance in this the 75th year since Azad Hind Government was formed and the Sovereign Republic of India must ensure that ‘azadi’ and freedom to live sans crippling taxes,arbitrary laws and divisive differentiation policies.

All of this can be achieved without rubbing of Alladin’s magic lamp but by utilising the empowerment given by the people of India . The absolute majority Parliament can and must firstly legislate a law to usher in an uniform civil code and do away with reservations based on castes and religious minority grounds. The eradication of suffering can be brought about by abolishing personal taxation as tool and bring in the much touted transaction tax . The purpose of Azad India Government was to free all Indians from shackles of ‘Rule by rules’ and ‘bureaucratic tyranny in cahoots with impotent law makers and greedy , substandard judges’ .

Jai Hind!



May the dream and vision of Netaji be attained by Narendraji with complete display of patriotism,sagacity and strength of the overwhelming support he continues to enjoy from almost every Indian working on foreign shores. Let the native,humble and rye hard-working middle-classes in the Republic of India also feel alive and become freed from tyranny of bad legacies and scarecrow-leaders.


Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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    ◆ 21st Oct 1943, Netaji formed “”Provisional Govt of Free India”” or Azad Hind Govt in exile.
    ◆ 30th Dec 1943, Netaji hoisted national flag in Andaman Nicobar Island and named as Shahid, Swaraj Dwip.
    ◆ on 14th April 1944, Indian National flag hoisted at Moirang, in the mainland India.

  • Its real picture of INDIAN democracy ruined by erlier rulers for 60years.
    Command civil code is the only answer.I apprecieat he views.