Mantra for India’s Progress

Mantra for India’s Progress

By Pamarty Venkataramana

India is 25,925 days old today.

The 71st anniversary of independence from foreign yoke is round the corner. The sovereign people’s republic has been the remainder and left over territory of the most unique ancient civilisation which has witnessed several invasions, conquests and multiple divisions prompted by centuries of human intercourse, propelled by inter-continental and multi-cultural political and business considerations.

The young republic is also a lighthouse to rest of the world. Advanced and older nations admire the leapfrog advances made by India on diverse fronts such as space,science & technology. Many others envy the formidable strides made on cultural arena. Co-existence and tolerance has been the signature-tune of our Constitution with citizens being free to follow any religion or sect and breathe free as compatriots enjoying the same air,water, land and other resources of Nature under shade of the Flag of India 🇮🇳.

Now, more than ever before, it has become necessary to assess the real progress made by Indians on the planet. Almost every country on the map of the world can boast of having an Indian workforce or people of Indian origin participating in the economic development of their adopted lands.Those who have crossed the shores of the motherland have invariably grown wealthier both on economic and social fronts. But, what is the state of the Indian nation itself?

In a federal structure with Centre-State equations holding the scales of balance of political power,and reservations based on criteria of caste, tribal, religious minorities and woman empowerment criteria, the litmus test of One Nation – One Flag has been riddled with many a struggle and tussle en route to this landmark.

A studied observation has been echoed by many stalwarts and students of Indian polity that imbalances in ‘equality of law with equality before the laws’ can be achieved if an uniform civil code be ushered in!

A pock-mark on fair face of the nation has been the attention being generated by few citizens with fissiparous tendencies crying hoarse against traditional values in the guise of exercising a neo-version of Freedom of expression!

These ‘citizens’ are clearly persons with no native strength but abetted, nurtured and sponsored by envious foreign bodies who are unable to digest the ever ‘proud’ and bragging Indian State and,apparently hell-bent on dismemberment of the Union!

Here arises a natural query- ‘ why cannot the Indian State bell such non-State actors?’

Political opportunism and ineptitude on the part of newbie-leaderships are twin-reasons for this malady which has turned into an epidemic in the last four years. More than a hatred towards the headman and pratham-sewak of the country, the angst of the moles appears to be directed at shattering the newfound courage and renewed spirit of attainments in the Indian people (which is the direct result of their ejecting scamsters from seat of Government and electing an honoured and hardworking Mr. Modi as the Prime Minister who leads from the front)!

This being noted, it becomes essential as a need of the hour to bell the cats of treason. Such fat-cats of criminality have been detected to be ‘leading lights’ of mainstream-politics and such other media-houses in the present-day governance style of severance of diplomatic-ties via tweets or issuing health-related visas on twitter-application.

Provision of  ‘Justice-political,social and economic ‘ , are the ultimate goals of the Constitution of India.

With regional satraps entrenched largely in almost every region of the country, how can we re-knit the fabric of the nation and how do we renew the tryst with destiny which millions of freedom-fighters has willed to our generation and posterity?

History has been mauled and societal mores have been badly mutilated by enemies of the Indian nation. False-propaganda is the tool in use even today. But, the best of intent cannot bury concerted, evil action unless law-enforcement is strict and Government is fearless in going about an agenda of ‘saving the democracy’. As such, what must the style of response be to rein in the  traitors and anti-national goons who are twisting the righteous actions of an honest Government into furthering their ‘divide-and-rule’ policy ?

Again, it is only right and proper to fall back on history to find the answers to the conundrum facing India today.

First the barbarian hordes attacked with swords and dastardly genocide. Villages en masse,embraced Islam to avoid being slaughtered. That explains the much touted Moslem structures bearing Hindu temple architecture. Temples were relabelled and re-used as mosques and masoleums called dargahs. Worship was discontinued.  This was a form of ‘boycott’ .

( It is not out of place to notice this very phenomenon being repeated with churches being bought and converted as mosques in western countries nowadays).

Before that end of golden era of Hinduism, a powerful section of the priestly-class had excommunicated a large section of society and did not let the propagation of scholarly Sanskrit as language of the masses. That ‘social boycott ‘ had led to the sheer ruin of Indian nation.

This ostracised class of society became the fodder for later day Christian missionary forces to bank upon in spreading their ‘word of God’! Over 170 years, the East India company played havoc with the Indian sub-continent.

They entered as explorers after the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese and turned traders but apart from a few of truthful Christian Englishmen who toiled for developing the infrastructural systems, rest few greedy and looted marvellous treasures of India (of which a great many still are housed in the Queen of England’s palaces).

Even till the First World War, all Indians remained united and undivided on lines of religious divide such as being Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims or of any other sect. They fought as one man to man for their colonial master, Britain but one terribly evil-genius Governor-General noticed that ‘class’ and ‘genes’ played a role in the ‘response’ of these Indian soldiers during training. Even as certain ostracised sections were jumping into dirty pits when commanded by firangi trainers, there were also those who weren’t. He conducted a sociological study and determined that the Brahmins wouldn’t fall prey to their ‘paint what is static and salute what moves’ edict whereas remaining ones did,as ordered. He devised the ‘cartridge’ -plan of supplying ‘pork’ and ‘beef’ categories of supplies to the Indian soldiers. Soon, and most successfully India heard the clamour for division on lines of ‘religion’ and partitioned into three parts. Other homogenous regions were already made into separate lands by the machinations of colonialism.

‘Boycott’ of foreign goods became a slogan. Boycott of anti-people policies by tyrannical rulers became the ‘civil disobedience movement ‘.

As can be seen,’boycott’ was the weapon and a tangible,non-violent solution to the horrible situation when thousands of lives were lost and untold suffering was inflicted by the enemy.

On today’s India, state of affairs are such that ‘surgical strikes’ so to speak,are inflicted by Brutus-Judas-Mir Jaffar clones within the mainstream media and so-called opposition parties of the country.

A few key steps are urgently called for – required to be taken by the general public more than leaving it to the discretion of a government in power.

The first and foremost is to ‘BOYCOTT’ certain evil and spoilt ‘brats’ who are more of a brigade of brigands out to defame and destroy our rich cultural ethos. These characters indulge in promiscuous activity and mouth swear words as if these are verses from the holy book or the word of god! They revel in all the undeserving attention then accorded to them by innocent,indignant rest of the right-thinking society. The media agents jump into fray and utilise their political masters from the opposition Benches of Parliament to support or shield them from arrest for treason or uncouth behaviour in public. Many are now stretching their ‘Right of FoE’ to even hurling abuses at the armed forces or the peaceful social service organisations of the country. This provocative behaviour is most despicable. But, merits a BOYCOTT of such anti-social elements and a clamping down on such unruly,lawlessness by bringing them to justice. All focus of social media warriors ought to be upon real issues confronting the well meaning Government of the day and evolving newer ways of national development.

Dealing with such terror must be left in hands of counter-terrorism specialists of the Government.

As important is to cleanse the Censor Boards of ‘ultra-liberal’ members and help restore the pride of Indian society – viz; morality and compassion; love and forbearance coupled with tolerance and understanding. The end of obscenity and vulgarity in ‘scripts’ funded by fugitive gangsters and other handlers of Bollywood producers located in enemy land is a sine qua non.

One other vital injection to resetting the state of nation is to conduct an entrance exam and periodical tests for those aspiring to be journalists and editors. Just as juvenile crime, so is yellow journalism and extortionate publishing! Those who molest the right of freedom of expression should be dealt with as border security forces would deal with an terrorised-infiltrator ! 

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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