Pakistan : Himalayan-blunder?

Pakistan: Himalayan-blunder?

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

Pakistan was created and carved out of the great Indian nation by departing colonialists as a revenge measure.The retreating Brits had lynched the map of India 🇮🇳 in an almost maniacal fashion but with great cold calculation.West Pakistan and East Pakistan were bordering the motherland.

At the top, hey injected uncertainty with tomfoolery like cavalier behaviour by firangi gun-runner in-charge of Kashmir valley and Westminster reps put their two-pence worth of contribution to make the swan-song of the East India Company a dirge incomparable to any other!

Not to be left out,mischievous Gora-resident in the formidable Deccan Hyderabad region down south of India, imbibed a sense of oneupmanship in the already arrogant and fanatic Sunni last Nizam of Hyderabad State.

The tyrant was led to create an army of blood-curling assassins called the Razakars who went all out to commit genocide on Hindus and a few Christians too. He was tamed by the iron man , Sardar Vallabhai Patel who showed magnanimity in permitting the traitor Nizam to form several family trusts and make him a Rajpramukh and enjoy a most hefty privy purse of fifty lakhs rupees each month.

But, the fanatic that he was, the Nizam smuggled forty eight truckloads of gold bricks to Lahore via Bombay and that formed the corpus of the defence budget of the newly formed Pakistan State.An Islamic country by its very constitution!

Incensed at the outright treachery and betrayal of trust placed by him in the Nizam, he ordered then COAS – Maj.Gen.Chaudhary to initiate ‘Operation Polo’ and the Nizam surrendered to the Indian Army as they reached musi river in nalgonda district bordering modern day Hyderabad. Sardar airlifted Kazim Rizvi who was chief of the Razakars quietly overnight to Karachi and spared him his life.

All that was the stage-play of independence year 1947 and subsequent two years. The last Nizam of Hyderabad was the world’s wealthiest man and boasted immense riches in form of gold,emeralds, rubies, pearls,diamonds and priceless other collections. He was richer than the Queen of England, till even five years after his death!

Now, he was a miser to the core and had a foul practice of taking over the estate of any Noble who died leaving a minor as legal heir. He would pay a condolence visit,wed the widow and take over the estate of deceased Noble in the State. That was a secret of his accumulated wealth.

It is as appropriate here to mention that there were seven Nizams of the Asaf Jahi dynasty ( not successors by birth ) and the very first Nizam himself was anointed when the Mughal dynasty fell and got dismantled : the subedar or governor of Deccan region thus became ‘owner’ of all treasures that were placed in their safe-keeping after being looted from palaces in Rajasthan and temples of north India and north eastern India !

There was none to return to claim ownership and the succeeding generations of the land presumed these belonged to the Nizams!And, it never occurred to them to ask if diamonds, meralds, rubies, pearls and gold grew on trees – often out of a fear of life..!

Be that as it may, another key incident which helped shape the State of Pakistan was the siphoning away of treasures of Junagadh State by Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru on eve of Independence Day to Switzerland and to Pakistan.

There are millions who have over the last few years of revelations of historical truths recognised that Neharwalas had migrated from Kinsh-region of AfPak and settled by a ‘Nehar’( gutter?) in Allahabad and as Motilal Nehru wed widow of his aged muslim boss and amassed her properties, and utilising great calligraphy-skills, dealt with Zamindars’ – property matters, he himself turned immensely rich enough to send Jawahar for education to England and bankroll the Satyagraha movement of M.K.Gandhi.

The tale of West and East Pakistan has as it’s central characters two prime actors – Jinnah who was crowned ‘father of Pakistan ‘ and Liaqat Ali Khan, a fugitive from Hyderabad Deccan State, so to speak. He hailed from a rich family in Deccan and made the industry minister by Nizam ( who as all versed with true history know was an illiterate beeri-puffing oaf but was brilliantly guided by Maharajah KishenPershad ).

When the ‘police action’ a.k.a. Operation Polo was ordered by Sardar Patel,the Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of India,the Nizam despatched Liaqat to London with substantially very very huge amount of cash and rare and precious diamonds, emeralds, rubies, pearls, etc tobe deposited in Lloyd’s Bank in London in the name of the State of Nizam or of the Nizam as an Ex Sovereign.

The wily Liaqat Ali Khan went dutifully to London and wrote his own name as the owner and depositor of the fabulous wealth! He proceeded directly to Pakistan and in a tacit understanding with Mr.M.A. Jinnah, became the first Prime Minister of that country.

There’s one of the oldest international disputes going on after House of Lords in England was asked in 1950 to determine as to who was the owner – the first prime minister of Pakistan or the last Nizam or the Government of India.

Deceit and avarice founded the state of Pakistan and the past seven decades have borne witness to the military coups and hangings as well as assassinations which have turned Pakistan into a bloody State – promoting itself into a rogue state which harbours world’s most dreaded war- criminals and terrorists.

There is no real native industry except that of fanaticism and suicide-bombers. Almost all educated and well-to-do pakistanis shifted either to Canada, UK, USA, Saudi Arabia or Australia besides European lands. Poorest of poor are dependant on low income levels reportedly, as poor Chinese peasants do in the cooperative farms.

Bangladesh was created as a separate nation when the Bengali Muslim population in East Pakistan were being massacred by West Pakistan,and Motherland India was called upon to rescue them from another round of genocide.

It was Nehruvian blunder of letting Mr. Dalai Lama in as a refugee into Indian nation that incensed big brother nation- the neighbouring China to create a menacing green tiger out of a paper tiger state called Pakistan which has now shaped up to be an elf-State ( forever breathing fire of the dragon-State against motherland,INDIA )! !

Pakistan has remained a poor neighbourhood cousin who wallows in a sense of superiority-complex springing out of an inferiority-complex.

Those Muslims of 1947 who could not afford to buy a train-ticket to migrate to partitioned portions stayed back in India. There are many in Kerala state who went in search of work to Gulf and hold Pakistan passport and do not have Indian citizenship.The NRC drive must reach out to every State of India to root out the Pakistanis resident within Indian nation. A few are spokespersons in mainstream media circles and in lead opposition party,the INC.

it is high time to ensure that no person resident within India supports Pakistan, a State sheltering dons, criminals, terrorists . An ordinance to disenfranchise anyone supporting an ‘enemy-State’ is the crying need of the hour. Or else, just as Native Americans were made invisible by their invading guests of honour,the whole of the rest of India would be illegally or even politically occupied by hordes from Pakistan and home-bred Pakistanis.

The visas to Gulf region got opened by foreign minister in Morarji Desai cabinet and across three generations,the Gulf returned ‘minority’ community has gained economic and political clout but most ominously, a certain section of this class of Indian citizens are crying hoarse slogans of courting Pakistan as a messiah and succour for their ‘religious’ diet. Fundamentalism and fanaticism are twin-planks of every counter-terror strategy the world over since 9/11 happened in the USA . India suffers from over-publicity and  the irreparable damages which have occurred due to the Bombay blasts and other assaults on its democratic State including the gory Kargil war cannot be forgotten by law-makers or armed forces and the civilians of India .

A Himalayan blunder : creation of Pakistan was the greatest mistake of Great Britain. Brexit in England today is testifying to this historical truth.

They apparently wanted to create an Israel-Palestinian scenario in Jammu & Kashmir but alas,their evil plan failed miserably.

Article-370 can be overpowered by application of the principle of adverse possession without any ruling by the Honourable Supreme Court of India or any other Constitutional Authority, under Law.

Today, on its 71st formation day, proxy-State of Pakistan must resolve itself to become a ‘Naya Pakistan’ not by maya or further betrayal of motherland , India or the United Nations organisation but by splitting itself into four new independent countries after returning Pakistan occupied Kashmir to India.

Not many are also aware that a certain aspiring wannabe Prime Minister of India had his blood tentative ( an elder sibling ) acting as the defence adviser to Pakistan since 1947,for long many decades). One very good reason fate has denied him the coveted throne of India despite his most assiduous attempts! Not very difficult to guess who this much praised charioteer is!

Oh, the ‘Himalayan blunder’  is a little cloth with a faint crescent moon and a solitary star winking at all civilisations of the modern day world.

Jai Hind!


Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

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