Son of The Soil

NamoSon of The Soil

Dear NaMo Jee,

My heartiest congratulations. Am very proud of being an Indian. Once again. As are most other people of Indian-origin,across the globe. I am sure.

For, today, we have witnessed one real free man speaking out. From the heart. As all men of reason and passionate zeal for the Nation ,Society and Humanity should!

Accept the salutes of every child, every youth, every girl child, every housewife- wherever located . Be it in a nook and corner of the country or career-women of urban areas. And, of every soldier who guards the frontiers of the Republic. Even of the misguided youth who realise that there will be a golden life ahead. Once they shun the wayward path of vagabonds, distance themselves from mafia which uses them as pawns in sinister plans to disrupt the law & order in society. Unlike what they are brainwashed into assuming, indoctrinated cadres discover the ray of hope if they break free from shackles of misery,uncertainty and leading lives as beasts though donning a human form. No longer are they hunters or hunted. But,saviours and servants of a Nation. Proud to be alive , living in a democratic society.

Yes,everybody must join in the battle against real demons of contemporary society, viz; poverty, lethargy,ignorance,illiteracy,fissiparous tendencies. Proper hygiene alone can lead to a body pure, mind at peace and clean environment that sustains every measure of development sought to be implemented by the Government . And, by various non-governmental bodies through an army of social-workers. The unsung soldiers of Peace!

Only an honest leader can declare from the ramparts of the Red Fort that ‘there are many governments within the Government ‘ which function in the musty corridors of power. Hitherto, every other predecessor in office was one who directly nurtured or indirectly patronised these vested interest groups. They are the ones which sully image of an elected National Government or act in a manner counter-productive to the best laid plans of the Head of Government. Every department has a network of spiders, moles, rats and such other insect-like parasites. Dusting the cobwebs of ennui, of recalcitrance ,of indifference to policies announced in an election manifesto attains urgent importance.

How can this be done?

The cellular jail of Andaman with ‘kaala-paani’ be readied ? Else, the long arm of law be let free ,to bring the culprits of corruption to book ? Which is the most efficacious method of nailing the omnipresent ,omniscient menace of previous corrupt officers, judges, ministers, minions and industrialists ,continuing their mischief through successors anointed ,installed & hand-in- glove with these past masters?

Well, whichever way the punishment is meted out to them, you are the best judge now.
Who is to judge the judges? You have voted for a radical reform in manner of judicial appointments the other day . But, how many so called highbrows in the fraternity of Jurists are actually siding the positive Act and how many more are vehemently working to oppose and break it’s smooth implementation? How many owe real allegiance to the Hippocrates oath they took while stepping into the Bar and to the oath of Good conscience & integrity which they were administered under the sacred Constitution of India whilst assuming high office as a Judge of the High Court or Supreme Court?

The need of the hour is ‘stock-taking’. As you observed, the Pradhan Sewak ( Prime Minister ) is a most upright, honest, dedicated nationalist who is committed to transformation of the globe from a world of ‘made in China ‘ to ‘ make in India ‘ economic scenario.

But, how may this be attained when the rust and dust of anti-social, anti-national underlings of the Union Government or in other two wings ,viz; Judiciary & Legislature continue ,undeterred, unabashedly ,unchecked by your able Leadership ?

Hence and therefore, it assumes gravity and sagacious counsel will but urge you to list out all those who received a long rope in the past and imprison them all . Their imprisoned minds would not let a free mind and large heart like yours to succeed if left roaming free on imaginary ‘greatness’ ,’high status’ determined by pelf and worldly possessions.

Be it a retired bureaucrat ,judge or legislator/ parliamentarian or be they ones in service ,reign in the corrupt , haul them all over the hot coals in the same manner as a peon or constable or pan wallah would be taken to task. Have no compunctions . In taking the rocket of progress to the next level. By discarding the sly, evil of corrupt,wicked,crooked lobbies in the three spheres of administration , of the Government & Of the People of India!

You are a missionary. Not merely a visionary. All India is proud of you . Today ,more than ever before. Looks like we have reached our tryst with destiny. Sixty seven years after August 15 th,1947 .

Alas !

How I wish India had you as the head of a national party seven decades earlier . There would not have been the perilous partition of our great land of universality !

No dominion of Pakistan nor of East Pakistan or of Nepal or of Burma or of Sri Lanka or of Malaysia or of India : whole of Asia will have remained as one composite region riding high on growth, unity, prosperity ! No riots , no internecine squabbling , no inter-nation warfare either !

Be that as it may, you are paving the route to bridging the gaps of the ten commandments of Bible , the peaceful dictates of Quraanshareef and the forever valid nectar of Bhagwat Gita by meeting our neighbours and extending the hand of friendship, hug of assurance and the promise of co-operation. To re-build lost bonds, develop economic fronts, foster goodwill . For every Indian . As well as for Pakistan , Nepal, Bangladesh, Americas , Africa and rest of the modern world seeking universal peace , today!

Diplomacy is a fine art. Wrong ambassadors or even one unpatriotic peon in any foreign mission office can destroy the good work , goodwill . And, Peace . Of the Nation . So, do ensure an able stalwart like National Security Adviser is consulted before anyone continues or is posted to these overseas posts of India .

I always held the view that a good leader is successful in the modern era only if he is ‘ a dictator by mind but democratic at heart !’.

You famously fit into this bill. Congratulations once again NaMo Jee!

A yugpurush is brought to the limelight by Almighty’s Grace but you are definitely a most worthy one gifted to the nation and the world by noblest sadhus,sants,pracharakas,gurus of the last few decades of turmoil which India has been facing . Both from within and outside the country . My humble bow of reverence to them , one and all. And to you !

You have brought in a new sense of purpose to every Member of Parliament today with the ‘adopt villages’ injunction. The ‘what’s in it for me?’-lackadaisical attitude of their constituents too will disappear automatically. Wonderful !

Goading upon youth to participate in the ‘zero defect- zero effect on environment’ is a master stroke of gentle character-building exercise . I am sure everybody will seek to emulate the great BJP agenda of eradication of poverty to enable each and every citizen to have at least three square meals a day . All in the national interest .

A billion pair of hands will lend their support to your national development agenda. Right away . However, you will be glad to know dear NaMo Jee, that you have won a billion hearts today . With your maiden speech from Red Fort.

Yes, once again the Free Nation which achieved its independence through sacrifices of millions of anonymous farmers, artisans,business folk,youth and womenfolk will be re-built and made free again by these very sections of the Republic. But now, with the aid and help of politicians – in power and in the opposition-ranks .

Yes, your reprimand to the parents blinded by misplaced love for a son over the girl-child was in order. Earlier, nobody cared . Nor,had the concern to admonish this ill of everyday life in our country. Responsibility for proper upbringing rests primarily with the parents. Personal values must be imbibed. National character is the sum and substance of the individuals comprising a society.

Yes, malpractices at hospitals should end too. Doctors ,like judges must be as Ceasar’s wife- above suspicion or any misdeed . Well- being of every citizen, rich or poor matters for national growth and in enhancing the per-capita income figures of a nation.

Yes. We were renowned in the world a hundred years ago, as land of snake-charmers and black-magic . Today, despite the technological revolution and internet world, age -old evil of resorting to black magic and such other foul practices abounds. This pernicious evil practice can be wiped out only if true religion and cent per cent literacy is practised by the literate, educated, learned masses looking up to a government for overall development and growth of the nation.

Yes, an uniform civil code becomes a sine qua non . To set right the imbalances of matters relating to marriage, divorce, succession,adoption and private disputes of citizens of our multi-cultured ,multi-layered society . Personal ‘laws’ governed by individual’s religious ‘faith’ governs these actions . All detrimental to the ‘ one nation, one government ‘ slogan of a national Constitution. Until and unless this anomaly of past governments in power is set right ,no positive effort or the greatest sacrifice made by every honest bureaucrat, judge or legislator can bear result of ‘ one nation; one developed ,uniform society !’ .

This,the truth.

All bogeys of communal violence can be driven away with one single action of amending the Constitution suitably to implement one law for procreation, distribution and social actions of the citizens of the Nation.

Yes, every soldier is a human being , like civilians. And, all civilians are soldiers too . Of peace, prosperity , security . Any artificial divide sought to be brought in by popular-press must be frowned upon.

Yes, NaMo Jee . Physical progress reflected in financial figures can only come about with a marked increase in productivity via more & more domestic manufacturing activity . Policies of excise duty, sales tax, income tax along with secondary laws like notified rules framed under enactments passed by the Legislature must become as humane as you are . To achieve this , rule-framing too must become apart and parcel of the law -making function of Parliamentarians.

A recent example was the passage of the Companies Act ,2013 which replaced the much criticised Companies Act,1956 of the country. In haste, the previous regime pushed it through and almost every so called rule notified by department concerned was put to scrutiny by both practitioners and end-users ,alike. The statutory profession of Company Secretaries was put in real jeopardy by a notification dated march 31,2014 and it took all out efforts of yours truly to set right the injustice . Today, in the result, both the Profession and the Business-world are secure after the said draconian notification was withdrawn . To restore status, prestige and dignity of everybody concerned.

Yes, Legislature should perform it’s onerous duties in a most systematic, orderly, wholesome fashion. All laws and subsidiary rules must not be delegated to bureaucrats ,except for implementation or audit of compliances. Procedures must not be left to whims & fancies of pen-pushing clerks or computer-system operators either. Only then can the spate of litigation being fomented like cancerous-cells in a human being, be curtailed ,restricted . And, eventually, eradicated . Courts of law would not be dubbed any longer as ‘ hands maids of largest litigant,the government !’ .

Your speech this morning was most awe-inspiring, awakening, refreshing . To say the least. All Indians living in the motherland and in off shore lands salute you in reverence,with bowed heads,folded hands. Even your ‘opposition’ !

At long last, India has a National Guardian whose speech has heralded the shape of things to come.

Once again, how I wish, you were the leader seventy years back : there would not have been any partition of the land ; no gory killings, ghastly mass destruction of heritage and all of South Asia will have become the USA of the Orient,so to speak. One super power .
All prosperous, co existing as brothers & sisters . In a non-aligned, god-fearing, peaceful country of rich heritage, wealthy resources and humanitarian values.

Yes. Your clarion-call to our dear neighbourhood countries was sincerest open call for better sense to prevail on every voter of every poverty-stricken land. Terrorism breeds in poor regions. On illiteracy. Where quislings abound. Religion is but a label. Unless we in India act decisively to remove these stickers from the civil code & make it uniformly applicable to every citizen, regardless of personal faith , we too will be left viewing real progress as but a mirage in the desert.

Only NaMo can see Progress ,Peace & Prosperity spreading to the four corners of the world with a ‘ Made in India’ certificate . Provided we all do not join the ranks of your disbelieving detractors who will shake their heads off and begin to mouth criticism as being ‘ all talk and no concerted efforts’ .

Instead, all right thinking citizens ,a billion at least, will do a lot of chest -thumping the day an uniform civil code is ushered in by Parliament of India ,under your statesmanship . To define India. Redefine nationalism. Re-write certain portions of the Constitution of India. Leaving the threefold objective of the Preamble untouched – to render justice: political,economic,social for every citizen of our Nation.

NaMo Jee.

Please encourage talent. In every sphere of governance. Of not just salaried employees . Or, contractual advisors of clout and political influence. From the ‘general public’ . In the same manner as you broke protocol to greet little school children this morning at the Red Fort.

Reign in media. You need honest geniuses . Not disgruntled established media streaming negative vibes . If a scam tainted leader can send his personal cook or barber to the Rajya Sabha, why can’t ‘we,the people’ aspire to aid you,guide the welfare government agenda by being hand-picked by none other than NaMo , the name with a tag line of ‘ bharatmaa k ladla puttar’ ?

Youth and experience must match the energy levels of your super spaceship for tangible growth , national development and well-being of honest ,law-abiding citizens . This alone would be real consensus . Your avowed pathway for real independence of our nation. From poverty, scarcity, disillusionment .

Wealth of our nation still remains . Not just human resources . Or, mines and forest produce . There is a huge horde of accumulated bullion stock in coffers of the Government regained by Sardar Vallabhai Patel from the traitor,last nizam of Hyderabad ,His Exalted Highness, late Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali khan Bahadur . Few in establishment are aware . Many holding ex-officio posts aren’t even aware. Those crying hoarse over black money stashed overseas know even less . Of this truth. Enough to wipe out our external debt for next few hundreds of years. Literally .

Being the chief architect / lawyer of the crusade against anti-national elements who were trying to siphon off the national wealth to overseas vested interest groups and braving deadly assaults on eve of crucial court hearing involving the whole immovable estate comprising of palaces , gold, gems, jewellery-collections,etc. ( for not accepting bribe-offers ), I for one am privy to the fabulous avenues for funding national welfare programmes ,legally in custody of the Govt.of India. Unknown to real heads of State. Those others who recommended my name for Padma awards like late Dr.Lakshmi Sihare, Director General,National Archives passed away . Much water has flown under the bridge since then. But, the national wealth remains. Unknown. Unnoticed. Unutilised .

Only a NaMo can help salvage the fabulous national wealth readily available, the big picture ,unknown to underling politicians, legislators and bureaucrats,etc.

How does a true patriot with no politician letting him reach the portals of position enable you to perform the ‘rope-trick’ in today’s scenario ?

This is but just one humble citizen. A Supreme Court lawyer with international exposure as a corporate lawyer, published Poet & past association to a bevy of parliamentary & legislature parties.

You have a billion more citizens. Time to stud your crown with all the best gems of wisdom,patriotism and erudition . For enhancing the dignity of Mother India .

Bharat mata ki jai !

NaMo Jee, once again may I say -‘Well spoken ‘ .

Let all Indians Stay focused.

Achey din ayein!

Jai hind!!!

Warm regards,

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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