Wake up India

Wake up, India 🇮🇳 !

     by – Pamarty Venkataramana
Courage. Bravery. Valour.
These are the stripes worn by every soldier in the armed forces of India 🇮🇳!
A life unlike any other, the rank and file serve ever so selflessly wherever they be posted and to a man, officers as well as jawans are fired with a spirit of patriotism and the blood that flows in their veins is of the motherland (not just the biological mother’s and father’s ). Be it a potato-peeler in the military- mess or a cadet in the submarine cut away from sight of the living world around us,their dedication and motivation is unparalleled. The black sheep are bound to face the wages of their sins & crimes but overall, an exemplary force to reckon with – who believe in compassion, camaraderie and brotherhood but at the same time remain focused on assigned task of the immediate superior. The line-style of management makes disciple a sine qua non and all is orderly, spick and span. The clockwork makes it a result-oriented life of lively humans. Being around an army man, airman or a naval personnel is bound to change the outlook and demeanour of any civilian. Civility and frankness of opinion are hallmarks of officers while these may be less polished or in lesser ounces in not very literate, humble foot-soldiers!
So, even as this wonderful force and pride of our society safeguards borders from hostile and anti-national elements round the clock (even in inhuman weather and territorial conditions), we, the people of India 🇮🇳 are left gasping for breath and shamefacedly hang our heads in shame when it comes to so-called ‘civil servants’ – the bureaucracy who actually run the wheels of governance .
Bureaucrats enjoy the inheritance of powerful perquisites and unchallenged precedence to all glory. Even while many act in tandem,unseen and unkempt adornments of a Government such as the cobwebs in the corridors of power,there are many others who are all actors (‘ non-state ‘) and fend for themselves – ploughing deep into pockets of aggrieved petitioners, citizens and industrialists. Not to forget the ubiquitous peons and clerks who as the lizards or the carpet flooring,remain indispensable as check points of entry,exit and movement- be it of the visitor or the concerned file.
There is a general sense of ennui and debilitating atmosphere about a department of the governments. And,this is not exclusive to any particular department, wing or ministry. Those who protest or oppose are sidelined or even ‘taught a lesson’ by the ecosystem. Such a close-knit and yet, a most fragile fabric of deceit, treachery and betrayal of the implicit trust placed in these employees by the system under the Constitution.
Who bells the fat cats and the rodents of corruption ?
Certainly not their political masters for each is a stooge or clone of the other. In the name of swift and smooth passage of a ‘file’, the vermin devise various means and methods  for beating the lawful procedures. More significantly, wings  are in cahoots as it appears. Enforcement of the law is something most are not bothered about or even unaware of!
There is so much talk nowadays of ‘urban naxalites’ or modern day outlaws of society. Who are they ? Where do they spring from ? Why do lone wolves and those meted out by unjust acts by public servants take to violence and operate hiding in jungles ? Who provides shelters to them all in the cities and protects them even as they camouflage themselves as business-persons, social activists, journalists and even form political outfits to snatch reins of governance in the States ?
Aren’t these traitor-bureaucrats who abet, sponsor and patronise these violent people themselves worthy of being included in the term-‘ urban naxalites’?
The travesty of justice under the system starting from lowest rungs of a tehsil, gram panchayat or revenue district stretching up to the highest echelons of unseen officials who man the various departments in the name of law & governance is squarely the cause for breeding of such home-grown terrorists.
Add to the ‘civil’ servants of the public,those two eyes of society, the police and the judiciary, and you have the culprits named. But, are these shamed or brought to justice for their mischief and various acts of misdemeanours? Not at all. Not to forget the engineering folks, building contractors, doctors, teachers and the shop keepers (even fruit vendors,vegetable sellers and meat sellers). Deficiency of service as well as adulteration coupled with over-pricing,hoarding and teaming up with the black-marketers is a pernicious evil prevalent in our country.
Why have societal mores fallen ? So very miserably ever since ‘freedom’ from the foreign-yoke?
Reason isn’t far to seek.
All fellow countrymen remember how the venerable Prime Minister,ModiJi,in his very first address from ramparts of the Red Fort,had mentioned of ‘several corridors of power existing within one Government!’.
He had over four years of hard and intensive efforts managed to install fear in minds and heart of hard core bribe – taking public servants and yet,there is a whole long way to go! His handicap has been the deficit in quality of material available as ministers from elected representatives of the people. Added to this is the joint efforts being made by losers of power and erstwhile scam tainted political elements,to undo the good work being done by him. Not to mention the foes from foreign shores who are as livid with rage at the boasting of future indicators by a moronic set of advisers and engine drivers of the regime that are aided and assisted by a most vacuum-brained bunch of anonymous social-media operatives who boast and pronounce about affairs of law,economy and policy,without understanding the ramifications of such unwarranted show of brilliance and prowess ( in the name of the headman and a nation ).
All must emulate the armed forces. The internal security is more about social considerations and individual aspersions rather than of brawn power. Discipline and honesty are virtues to be borrowed from them. Civil servants are as amoeba. Citizens are as air in the atmosphere- invisible yet omnipresent.
Tame the self – opinionated bureaucracy . Leaders and ministers are to lay down the various policies in consultation with professionals and experts. They are chosen to do this by the people. Not the hidden officialdom. Send this message straight to each and every minister . Discipline the staff,down to peons.Issue marching-orders to those who violate,disobey or refuse to fall in line. Harness the trust of good judges to implement the basic tenets of administrative law. All in the national interest !
Be it capitation fees and other forms of exploitation by nursery schools,public schools and colleges of various disciplines across the country or be it the adulteration of rice,wheat,oil,sugar,petroleum,fruits and baby foods by organised gangs , the government needs to train its guns on wrong-doers of society and put the fear of law and punishment in them,with a view to check such atrocities and transform our society.
The incongruity of a nation calling itself one without legislating an uniform civil code or as an equal society without reviewing the ‘legal discrimination ‘ being perpetuated to churn out more and more ‘naxalites’,of varying types and feathers is loud and clear.
One is forced to shout hoarse yet again that unless an uniform civil code is brought in,no amount of election speeches or programs-implementation can fetch desired goals of peace and prosperity to all.
Prime Minister Modiji will do well to consider the introduction of this all-important Bill in the ensuing session of Parliament and throw it open for debate,deliberations and consideration by the August Houses on eve of a general election year!
Social re-engineering must begin here and now. Unless such a sagacity and sincerity of purpose is exhibited,Indian nation faces the danger of a dead-end to best laid plans for prosperity for all India, post-2019 polls.
Wake up, India 🇮🇳!

Jai Hind!


Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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