The New Birth of Freedom

The new birth of Freedom’ !

by- Pamarty Venkataramana

The present chaos and pandemonium situations being witnessed by the country ,in State after State,election after election,is a good omen.It is not an ominous sign for the positivists of a constitutional democracy.

It is rather ‘ a new birth of freedom ‘.

The ‘distinguished honour’ of being a voter and part of an electorate comes out to the fore like a firefly buzzing in full glow on a pitch dark night in the wild jungle.

‘It was my privilege to cast a vote. Thank you.’

My role ends here and that of the nuisance-mongers begins because we are a fractured society : a ‘hung-assembly’ denotes the peculiar mirage of mass acceptance that we are one nation aiming at justice-social,political,economic!

However,we all subscribe to the Animal Farm truism -‘all men are equal but some are more equal than others’!

A ‘cul-de-sac’. Dead-end.period.The end . End of democracy.

Demonically inclined demons take over to establish demonocracy as the new ‘in-thing’.

Less learned heads of State look up to dimwit big-wigs to imbibe wise counsel in their acts but actions of jackals and jackasses aim for something different. Startling truth but unavoidable as it is an era of the drunken apes who ransack an orchard of fruits.

Not many would ‘stand down in order to ensure that unity can be maintained’.Each has a personal agenda.Common weal of the voters who exercised the right to cast vote a short while ago,stands already forgotten.

The hypocrisy of Indian polling festivals has come to the fore.

Several interesting wry humour jokes have been doing the rounds on popular social media fora. But,to one’s mind,this takes the cake :

*In one night BJP, JDS and Congress are able to find lawyers, judges, and complete process of arguement and also get verdict from Supreme court….*

*But it takes decades to decide cases like killing of black buck, corruption, rape, terrorism!!!!……*

*The greatest irony is… We the people are busy taking sides and never question anything, allowing the politicians have their merry own ways!!!*

Food for thought. Fodder scam to coal scam. Oil scam to telecom scam. Highways to inland waterways. Defence procurement to food grains. No sector or department of governance has been spared the clawing of the brutes among us . Brutus isn’t dead. He needs no resurrection.

Well. Well. Well. Are wellness camps the solution ? Ate resort hideaways the last resort to protect the process of elections? Must the Election Commission establish a chain of resorts to ensure safety and protection of the elected legislators in order to ensure their high moral compasses bandied about during campaign period does not go a-grazing as a few race-horses are won’t to?

Humour and sarcasm are ironically the sustainers of life in this hand.Hope no longer is.Till such a time as real political transformation occurs through systematic changes.

Such as what ?

Let there be no security for a chief minister who begs for ceasefire with terrorists when Islam celebrates its longest annual festival even as terrorising continues unabated & both soldiers and civilians are being mercilessly butchered by onslaught of these enemies of peace!

Let all soldiers of every rank & file who have served on the Kashmir valley front be allotted plots of land to go inhabit the battle-scarred region during this holy month. When being charitable is screamed to be the order of the month! Who better than these brave hearts to nurture back life of strength, peace and humanism to the haunted crown of Indian map?

Let no civilian,be it mass media Lilliputians or Martian – like bigwigs date to pronounce over a Governor or President ‘s writ . Nor do they dare to dissect the rulings and pre-rulings of the apex court when they are in no manner eligible or qualified to continue to indulge in such a blatant contempt of the court and of Law!

Let no orderly in the judiciary,be it Supreme Court registry or apparently,soon to follow of the many State High courts condescend to open the gates of justice after official closure of the courtroom for the day. This ‘midnight biryani’ culture will soon devour the decorum of justice system as also pave way to the jasmine war which failed to take off with the rum-drinking truck-driver’s charade that failed miserably a few years ago!

Let there be no negative utterance against the constitutional heads of Government by political adversaries either unseated or walking the streets in a bid to wade back into positions of power. This may be included by a Code of Conduct which applies throughout tenure of elected office and does not end with a poll-period.

Let there be no Ten Commandments given by studio journalists who are henchmen and handsmaidens of political outfits with a set agenda to steal the power of Government from all three institutions spelled out by the Constitution, viz; the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive! This is an ominous trend which is bit obvious to observers of hydra-headed anarchy moles. Fortunately for the nation,till date this gang of quislings have only managed to grab thousands of crores worth of properties, a few meaningless awards and destroying purity of the aura of popular press! They have yet to join hands to stage a military junta style guerrilla assault on actual offices of power itself. This,as the proverbial basket of crabs needs no lid: their cantankerous nature prevents them from succeeding in that regard.

Let there be no NOTA provision in the Ballot-paper. This is another cause for hung assemblies.

Let not the plight of a State be replicated at the general elections where a one-MP party such as the pseudo-outfit of Os & Ss would dare to stake claim to form Government of India with support of blood curling corrupt others with dozens of MPs apiece! A most sinister possibility today. Unless,the vermin are driven out by the Pied Piper of Gujarat,Mr.Narendra Modi,a national leader in his own might,right and sights!

Let these dust-storms hitting the national capital literally as well as politically every other day , nowadays, wash out the sins of our societal systems and the general public initiate direct action against all those engaged in the systematic collapse of set systems of law & order.

Only this can help all see a New India – of morality,plenty and prosperity- for everyone irrespective of economic or social strata.

How long before the lull after these storms ?

Jai Hind!


Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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