Bharatvarsh Needs Modi Ji

Bharatvarsh needs ModiJi


                By- Pamarty Venkataramana
Dharma is forever immortal, impeccable and indelible. Dharma is the mainstay of Hinduism which has been so dubbed by later day religions that rule the modern era on this planet. Ancient texts from India have described the annals of different ages and yugas and have predicted with certainty that as and whenever there comes a stormy period in the mortal world,with disruption of peace,law & order, there will arrive a persona who would be manifesting divinity to set right the disequilibrium and punish the evil phenomenon by eradication.

The dasavataras of Lord SriMahaVishnu epitomise this triumph of good over evil,transcending man-made borders of the globe. But,to a non-Hindu, this might seem odd or unfathomable. And, to atheists, sound outright blasphemous. Nevertheless, mankind has to rise above limitations of knowledge and language as well as the barriers of religion,race and bigotry to grasp the essence of billions of events in History along with the passage of Time.

We, in India, may fast forward to the acts of division of the great Indian sub-continent by British East India Company buccaneers who started splitting different parts from early twentieth century to eventually leave by further dividing into a Muslim state named as Pakistan ( east & west ) and the mainland country of India having Hinduism as its prime driving force.

As all non-partisan observers and pundits of comparative religion would concur,Hinduism is the most tolerant religion of the world and as such believers live & let live. There are not fanatics or extremists. Those who embrace are welcome and even those who step out to hug other sects of humanity are embraced with equal respect as human beings. Hinduism knows that men are but mere mortals but souls are immortal and the cycle of rebirths are to be endured by every person according to the deeds which constitute Karma to determine the degree and style of evolution in the next birth or attainment of Moksha (enlightenment), to be mingled with the Supreme Force and Almighty Power of Universe (dubbed as GOD by later day religion and the Oxford dictionary of English language).

This being as it may,we now proceed to deliberate on why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the right person India deserves to re-elect in the forthcoming general elections of 2019!

To cut a long story short,the last four plus years have witnessed a radical change in governance style and pattern of India. That morality must be held on a pedestal higher than legality was observed as P.M. Modi did not subscribe to vengeance as a method to rule over an opposition which had only acted as a surrogate child for the colonialists who retreated in 1947. Instead, he focussed on setting right noticeable maladies of the vast country : the cleanliness drive and health for all schemes besides the adhar card, GST regime and umpteen other schemes implemented to uplift the lot of those millions leading a life below the poverty line and fighting hunger, poverty and illness stand testimony.

There has been a lot of criticism vented at the non-implementation of an uniform civil code or women’s reservation Bill and on the much in demand cry for abolition of personal taxation which has loomed large as a Frankenstein in lives of the middle classes,yet there has been an almost unanimous agreement on the reality that a seven decades old epidemic of corruption cannot be wished away or washed out with one term of stern Government.

It is true that the opposition which comprises of a motley bunch of corrupt regional satraps led by the world’s oldest and arguably most corrupt family outfit of imposters thrust by one dynasty whose lineage is itself suspect, are crying as baying wolves. It is true that the lower middle classes, the upper middle classes as well as the middle middle-classes are feeling let down since they presently bear the brunt of all public utilities and amenities which they neither utilise nor can afford and their lifestyle and happiness-quotient is negligible to nil. It is however a great relief for both the honourable P.M. Modi as well as the middle classes of India that blood sucking leeches in the wealthy strata and the mud eating famine struck Kalahandi region are all tales of the past. The demonetisation act hit out at quite a few corrupt political outfits. Imbibing thereby a sense of euphoric relief across the economic circles of India.

It is also a sad truth that barring the hard working headman and pratham sewak of the nation,hardly any other member of the union cabinet is as illustrious or enjoys the patronage of almost the whole of India.

Seeing through the realities and that few anti-India slogan shooting outfits have managed to be in power , it becomes essential to acknowledge the fact that commies in Kerala State or a self-confessed anarchist C.M. in Delhi State are thriving on being grassroots based parties. This needs to be addressed immediately by the honourable P.M. the corollary of this finding is that current unit-heads in southern States must be summarily replaced and fresh blood must be infused to build a robust organisation which will ensure he returns to power with a greater majority in the Parliament. Only then can loopholes in law or re-engineering of structural systems with a view to attaining justice-social,political and economic. These are the ultimate goals of the Constitution of India.

Bharatvarsh needs Modi as the Prime Minister for the next term too. It is in the best interests of the nation and well-being of the rest of the world which prides itself on social,economic & cultural ties with India.
Despite the murmurs and disgruntlement from few quarters, Prime Minister Modi is here to help us all re-establish Dharma in public life and private life of every citizen.
Only if he is returned to power with a resounding majority in 2019 can we eradicate corrupt practices, bring to book scam tainted politicians and generate more employment-opportunities. Politics be used to knit universal policies for every citizen. Not to spew venom out of jealousy at a sincere son of the soil.

May all right-thinking voters of India resolve on this Deepavali to end the concerted attempts of guilty opposition forces to malign and thwart the good efforts of the best bet India has today,to rewrite destiny of a 150-billion population who cumulatively as well as personally believe in -‘ vasudaiwa kutumbikum’ . All world is one family. Live and let live.Let not any citizen be deprived of freedom of life.

Jai Hind!

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Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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