Wanted : Doctors of Society

 Wanted : Doctors of Society

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

India is a mystery still both to the vast majority who are not oriented with its rich heritage and culture full of truth and beauty as well as to those multitudes that have savoured its taste for knowledge and learning across millions of years.
India can be a great place to live – for every world citizen in search of spiritual bliss and contentment if only we could take away our poverty by making our people more productive and disciplined.
We lack discipline. And currently,the taste for learning and knowledge.

True: we ought to make learning tasteful. It’s beautiful cultural ethos is still being grossly neglected and misunderstood.

But,what really ails our nation today? It has a robust parliamentary form of democracy ;a virile judiciary and an able set of administrative personnel.The Constitution has stood the test of turbulence and wayward politics. Yet,an absolute majority in the legislative bodies appears to be as impotent and incapable of instilling the happiness quotient in life of its billion plus population. Why?

Answers shall jolt the good conscience of all who know the reality. But,let us begin the sojourn of research into the factors which derail all our best touted programs,policies and efforts.

Are we aware of there existing to this date and age,a village that converses only in Sanskrit( that has been ousted from its place of pride by both possessive pundits as well as tyrannical moguls )?

Are we aware of there existing a village even today where currency items or coins are not utilised but more meaningful barter system to exchange,share and avail of daily essential items such as wheat,vegetables,rice,grains,salt,oil,tamarind,

Are we aware of innocent tribals who are still happy with a tip of there ten rupee notes when you insist on their refusal to accept the three two thousand notes thrust in deep gratitude?

Is illiteracy really the bane of our large country? Or,is the cultural composition so inherently strong to let fissiparous trends setting in by acts of paid-media agents ?

By now,it is an open secret that the Government of the day is working to a perfect symphony of rhythm and fair play – in its bid to rid the nation of seven decades of malfeasance , misgovernance and maladministration which has led to bursting of Courts at the seams . And,a society which resembles a cauldron?

The Prime Minister has by and large succeeded in restoration of the lost image of Indian nation overseas . There’s nothing called showmanship in the leader of a land of Tollywood,Bollywood and all those worthy persons of Indian origin who have laid benchmarks in their adopted lands of both wealth and industry,if he dons elegant suits and ethnic couture day in and day out. It’s a stamp of resetting the image of Indians that hitherto,was much maligned by pseudo-missionary gangs who used to click hundreds of pictures of poverty and filth in slums to depict us a land of beggars and poverty!

So,well done ModiJi! Keep glowing as the pride of India !

The ruling party president has donned the role of domestic resetting works. He has ensured that electoral politics and state administration machinery is carefully designed to fly the flag of the ruling party across 21 States in the country. Oneupmanship maybe the way of the circus-master – Amit Shah Ji. Bravo, again !

Who lays the policies ? Who addresses the problems ailing citizens of the world’s largest people’s democracy ?

Here is the vacuum . Apparently for arguably, every member of the union cabinet is a mismatch to the portfolio held by him or her. And,the lack of delegation of authority to act in exercise of allocated portfolio has been the Achilles heel of the present dispensation.

It is this disconnect that has emboldened both the minuscule opposition of fractions and factional powers and their hands maidens in the fourth estate to repeatedly demonise the good governance initiatives over the last four years of the Modi-era.

Mass-media is a closely held amalgam of club members. Social-media has turned a hydra-headed monster with anonymity providing the camouflage for sinister ones to bully the right-thinking ones. Both have no sanctity save playing to agenda of TRP-hungry studio-journos ( many of whom who aren’t actually shy to be labelled as armchair pundits of society )!

What India today lacks is a class of Good Samaritan ( well read,experienced and motivated by vision ) bunch of new professionals called the – DOCTORS OF SOCIETY!

Since district collectors and police superintendents have fallen short in delivery of social and economic justice chiefly on account of a flawed political justice system , it becomes necessary on part of the Government to create a new calling styled as Doctors of Society .

Who are they and won’t they turn the tribe of babulog as well as the social worker-tag animals of the machinery which runs a Government and the society itself,redundant?

Undoubtedly. But,these citizens would serve their personal goals and national goals as well as all those corporate honchos and other well-to-do philanthropists who quit their lucrative jobs and plush lifestyles to manage and identify themselves with many a Mutt or social service organisation,spreading light to countless lives in our society through a philosophy of ‘oneness of mankind’ and ‘service to mankind is service to God’ !

Yes. Philosophy of life cannot be doctored by erratic rules of ‘minorities-appeasement’ nor by ‘majority-pampering’. Loan-melas and freebies destroy self-sufficiency and will to grow as a human-being.

A sine qua non is the ushering in of an uniform civil code. Let all be treated fairly and in equal terms . India is a nation carved on basis of its roots of -‘ one humanity ‘!

Thus,the monstrous-beast called ‘minority reservations’ or such other inequitable treatment of rest of majoritarian society becomes a scar in the soul of a whole nation! Anybody who disrespects the nation or its anthem,flag and unique oneness ought to be disenfranchised automatically and allowed to seek refuge in any other country with which he or she is besotted . Not so in case of those who have been privy to national secrets – these traitors be banished to solitary confinement in cellular jail to be built in Andamans or in the high – altitude Siachen-region.

Doctors of Society should be working in tandem with national objectives and help restore the philosophy of India . They would not be glorified Anganwadi-workers nor an army out to save or harvest souls of fellow countrymen. They would not be academics brainwashing vulnerable or gullible entrants to portals of learning . They will not be a parallel to Indian civil services or the paramilitary personnel. They shall not be studio-commentators or voices of overseas funding agencies. Nor they will be spies for foreign intelligence agencies.

Doctors of Society will help undertake proper research into the hidden,forgotten riches of ancient India ‘s treasures of knowledge and living. This is of paramount importance in order to out-beat all our foreign competitors who are at it,already. Forgotten realms of knowledge across diverse frontiers of social interaction must be discovered back by our era. This is an information-Society and it is a colossal shame to be still neglecting to retrace our roots.
So,what is our philosophy of life and governance? That is a subject best left to be addressed one day soon .
For now, let us all appreciate and agree that we require Doctors of Society who will act as sentinels of Government and reflect the true spirit and ideal of a People’s Democracy as enshrined in the Constitution of India 🇮🇳!

Jai Hind !


Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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