Jr. Abdullah Saheb ! Kashmiri Pandit issue is not election issue but National shame

Though issues like Kashmiri Pandits, Terrorism, Naxal violence, Dalit & Tribes upliftment, Women Safty & their upliftment, National integration, Religious conflicts & their cause and other such issues should be National Issues. No political party worth its name should use such issues like stone to hit each other for their petty interest. All political Parties should sit together & find workable solution, cutting all political line. But Last Monday

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Six Nails gone Three to go

So, the Party is on the verge of Death. The elaborate arrangement of a coffin comes in the Form of a General Election. A timely preparation for the coffin induces an administrative need of a nine-phase voting schedule. Each phase acts as an effective nail in the coffin. Six of them have gone in. Three to go. Three weeks to go.

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A Zoological Survey

Gross national income, per capita income, real value of Indian rupee around the globe and happiness quotient of leading a wealthy lifestyle are key factors to be borne in mind before pressing the button on the electronic voting machine. Big fish eating small fish trend must disappear with the NaMo-tsunami hitting the mainland post of governance in our country!

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