Apostles of Peace a.k.a. R.S.S. Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh

Apostles of Peace a.k.a. R.S.S. Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh}🇮🇳 


India is a civilisation. Since ancient times,the blessed land has witnessed several kinds of metamorphoses and yet, has survived the onslaught of evil monstrous invaders as well as beastly behavior you tyrants who tried subjugate the natives of Bharatvarsh!

It’s avatar as a democracy is only few decades old and certainly,it has not been any political party or bunch of opportunistic leaders who have helped retain the incredible and indelible image of one Indian civilisation. A culture which extends across every land on the map of today’s world for one would meet a person of Indian origin every which place.

The charm lies not in the huge population nor in popularity of its cinema, drama or cuisines. And, the secret is not a hidden one either!

Before we proceed to examine this secret, it behooves us well to notice a few instances in recent past which throw light upon the utter failure of diplomacy or government-level actions to unveil India in its fullest splendour and glorious might to the whole planet!

On a visit to a country ranked number one in peace & labelled as an advanced country, the spouse of an industrialist-associate expresses shock on seeing we Indians dressed in suit-boot-tie and exclaimed-‘ oh, but aren’t you all snake tricks and primitive folk?’ She was a medical doctor of repute in her country!

One had to quickly mention to her that the back office of her country’s foremost commercial Bank was in our great city of Pune as well as that the unique mail her nation was using with much elan was developed in the backyard of our office in Pune! She literally was amazed and swooned at this bit of startling news!!

On another visit in a Middle Eastern country, the white garbed gentleman guffaws to say-‘ oh, yeah! Your nationals can never get visa on arrival or free entry as long as your lost cousins on either side do not do a homecoming and reunite with your India!’ .

Instances galore. Most westerners and people in other regional parts of the modern world little realise that India is not primitive nor all slums and shabby areas inhabited by touts in tourist centres.

Whose fault is this all? Whose duty is it to ensure that the paid media moles of enemy lands do not spread the canards about molestations and petty crime being the normative societal behaviour of India ?

Who is going to cry hoarse to explain to each and every foreigner that India is not about evil stalking at all nooks and corners but comprises of scientists, inventors,innovators, educationists, philanthropists, thinkers, seers, sagacious souls, artisans, farmers, industrious housewives, bright students, philosophers as well as humanists?

Who, oh who?

The soldier stands guard at the frontiers and defends against invasions. The doctors attend to sick patients. Leaders are of course busily engaged in politicking. So, who then are the ones who act in civil defence ? Who rush to serve the needy and helpless people during natural calamities or manmade havoc situations?

Who are these class of selfless people? For one, they are all patriots whose heart beats for the good of the motherland. They are volunteers. Not mercenaries or buccaneers of any ‘salvation army’ or ‘missionaries of charity’. They are not bearded ones that seek to brainwash impressionable minds for praise of a dead and gone human being.

And yes, they are not any battalion of disillusioned or wronged ones operating from hideouts in jungles. And, most certainly not some flash mobs or event management stuntmen sponsored by some greedy business house or dynasty.

These are indeed ‘apostles of Peace!’. They are the swayam sewaks of RSS – the most revered body of patriots who serve and help the nation without seeking money or money’s worth and without calling for attention or fame from fake media lords or applause from the public in the form of votes!

There have been many sad words spoken about these angels who are god-fearing,nationalist and humble in their outlook as well as demeanour by ones representing vested interests.

Who preserves Dharma and culture of Hindu rashtra? By no means those who, for monetary and other gains,would alter the religion of their ancestors and quite a few of them,not shy to even mortgage interests of the nation which harbours and feeds them on equal (and often a privileged status of belonging to a labelled minority or reservation quota)!

R.S.S. is as alien to the common voter as are the corridors of the Rashtrapathi Bhawan ,in the sense that both exist and both are read about in the newspapers and telecasts speak much about both these mantles of patriotism.

Why is it that late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi donated one of the first ten television sets in India to the R.S.S?

Why is it that her late father, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru attended and donned the classic uniform of the R.S.S? It is as historic a picture framed for posterity as the flag – hoisting from ramparts of Red Fort.

Whither the culture of India? Who keeps fighting for a preservation of its heritage?

It is not any one individual but the anonymous composition of its organisation which has almost ordinary citizens of diverse backgrounds and skills with the singular aim of upholding the cause of Maa Bharathi!

The galaxy of past leaders and eminence of current heads are but as stars in the constellation of a great civilisation called India.

What plagues Indian polity today ?

Those who got support from the nationalist force have apparently renegaded upon the simplest of promises to turn pilgrimage-centres like Kedarnath, Amarnath and Ayodhya into one great national tourist circuit. No voice is rising from the establishment against patently discriminatory laws such as control of temples of Hinduism by government while there is a free let loose policy with respect to churches, mosques, dargahs and other places of worship of other minority religions. There is no common civil code. There is none to officially assert and uphold the cry for preservation of ethos and values of the joint Hindu family system or yagyas or the playing of the all venerable Gayatri Mantra five times a day in public places!

So much so is the decadence that even singing of Vande Mataram or the national anthem (Jana Gana Mana ) has become banal in localities infested by the ‘tukde tukde gangs’ !

It is against such an alarming backdrop that we must view the patriotic force which R.S.S. represents. The spirit of Bharat Matha should permeate the hearts and minds of every which individual who breathes upon the air,water,soil and resources of this peace-loving, most humanitarian land in the universe !

We, the people of India salute these angels  of peace and wish that every political leader who has benefitted from the goodness of R.S.S. or who has rubbed shoulders with these unsung, unknown soldiers of peacetime would bow to their spirit humbly and reset their path of actions directed towards national well being.

The arrogance of anointed political animals must end. Either they alter their attitudes or be ready to lose baton of power. No individual is higher than the nation. Whether or not any politician bears this in mind, R.S.S and the Indian Armed Forces shall mind the internal culture and the discipline at borders, forever!

As they rise, so shall the foes be felled.

Jai Hind! Vandey Mataram!! Bharat Matha ji Jai Jay Ho !!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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