[color-box color=yellow] (a semi-fictional account by the author goading upon all right-thinking Indians to vote right in a mixed-up scenario of evil versus goodness, faith versus foul play , immaturity versus sagacity) [/color-box]

elecAh! Come election time and my expenses increase by the hour as D-day approaches!
No, I am not a contestant though I keep getting bombarded by calls for becoming the unanimous candidate from every other political party worth it’s recognition under law of the land. Neither am I a canvasser or due-hard political fan ; nor even fan of the ‘snakes and ladders ‘-game being enacted by cheap skunks under the label of ‘politics’.

Yes, I am a ‘king-maker’. Nay, not the kind that invented ‘crony-capitalism’ as a passé expression for hi-tech era of political gamesmanship. Nor, like that tribe of caste-mongering,venom-spewing mongrels of religion which appears to rule roost in our ancient land of new-found vistas for corruption,recognition,election!

I am from a forgotten race ,of ‘ex-royals’!

Indeed, those were the times when the monarch ruled for the people ; was revered by the people and he reigned as the embodiment and personal representative of God Almighty: he ,who could grant boons – be it to ensure that extra measure of food-grains or to provide a roof over the head of every lowly ,hapless being that chose to inhabit the kingdom .

Nature’s calamities visited all lands even in that historic era but the response to such common sufferings was led by one guided philosophy . There was no threat of patriotic missiles or missives of the paid -media sabotaging artwork of good governance. Society had it’s classes and divisions based more on the calling of a person than the origin of birthplace or economic paraphernalia sported by the possessors.

All in all, it was a one-man show : Sovereign reigned as a patron-saint and subjects saluted his every move ,aimed at peace,prosperity and amity !

Lady Mountbatten,it was rumoured ( and later chronicled ) had more say than the millions of satyagraha/ freedom fighters or their mass leader, Mahatma Gandhi over the change in course of History of the Indian sub-continent ! Whatever be the reality behind the scenes, we ,the ex-Rulers no longer came to be worshipped as descendants of Gods themselves.

Under a new Constitutional set -up, we and our clan became one with our erstwhile subjects : all men were deemed equal and everybody was a citizen enjoying the privilege of ‘equality before the law coupled with equality of all laws’!

Times changed. Thinking changed . Altruistic principles of the Kings came to be enshrined as ‘directive principles of State policy‘ aimed at an ‘inclusive-growth’ but changes in the world across the seas brought about tremendous alterations even in the very concept of a ‘ democratic people’s republic ‘!

With advent of the internet era and hi-tech diplomacy ,philosophies aged and brigand-like ,upstarts came to be eulogised as leaders of the New State.

It is against this backdrop of things that I received a mail from my domestic help living in a village in the South Indian State of Andhrapradesh listing out all the ‘essential items needed urgently to go out and cast her vote at the ensuing general elections’… An illustrative array includes a new gas stove, twin cylinders for domestic LPG consumption, refrigerator,washing machine,LCD television set, Yamaha motorcycle and laptop for her son , a license for setting pisciculture-unit by her husband. This is not exhaustive. It ends with the much-talked five thousand rupees each for the eight voting members of her family ..

Why am I looked up to for all the histrionics of an election season ?

Because,the successors of beneficiaries of a popularly prosperous reign by the then Ruler remember the largesse enjoyed across the ages . The candidates face the fact that at least three lakhs of eligible votes in the constituency comprising of at least fifteen modern day villages would follow my word of advice as to or nog to cast their previous vote for a particular election symbol or candidate !

And, true to tradition, I ensure that all their wishes are fulfilled by these aspirants before the D-day arrives. Such is the well -entrenched system of adulation,adoration and ardent support for appeasement that even as I am bogged down by some pressing professional assignment beyond the Atlantic Ocean, I find it a way to provide succour to all those teeming hungry bellies, sad hearts and toiling masses of the motherland .

No, this is not refined corruption but governance re-defined!

A time to reflect has arrived . The hour of reckoning is here. Elections -2014 will be the watershed period for Indian Nation.

People know not that evil plays upon weakness of the wavering,gullible minds whereas goodness falls prey to such weak-kneed vacillating minds . Half -faith is no faith .

Mischief of evil will but boomerang in course of time. Truth undergoes it’s turmoils , tests and hardships . Yet, evil shall but be decimated as the hour of reckoning arrives.

All in good time folks.

Vote right . Steel your spirits. Stay confident : be focused on the good conscience .

All the noise and dirt being smeared by evil on good Samaritans of the society will not diminish the light that shines bright : no make-up there and, no messed-up lifestyles either!

India heads towards a new age of awakening,awareness,enlightenment . All those drenched in arrogance and self-aggrandisement on account of accumulated ,Ill-gotten wealth are but bound to watch the reenactment of Titanic ,in real life .

Satyameva jayatey!   Truth alone triumphs!

Vote right ,Indians!

Jai Hind!!

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Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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  • vasundhara agrawal

    excellent post…giving voice to the thoughts of millions…prophet is back again with his fair creation…welcome sir

    • Much obliged . All India must rise up as one voice , in testing times , as in victory . Jai hind!

    • Madam. This is my fifth attempt at posting this thank you note . Yes, every Indian citizen must raise voice as one nation to set right the derailed train of development . Many thanks for your encouraging words of appreciation. Jai hind!

  • Jai Bharat…..Vote BJP and Trust BJP….Ab ki Bar Modi Sarkar……

    • NaMo represents the aspirations of more citizenry than those that oppose his bud for power. Jai hind! Save India.

  • Indeed, not just the contesting candidates of evil doers but every other person in the society who gloats over ill gotten wealth and demeans honesty and humility is but bound to bite the dust – when good triumphs over bad! Jai ho!!

  • Wonderful post.

  • Shashank Chowdhury

    Great Words ‘ Reenactment of Titanic in real Life’ .