When Narendra Bhai Modi by his frequent interviews recently on various channels was trying to carve out a path “Love All ‘Hate None” philosophy of BJP, certain leaders of BJP such as Giriraj Singh a candidate from Nalanda in Bihar and Dr.Pravin Togaria ,VHP President are spoiling the path which can not be accepted by any sane person. Giriraj Singh said that those who oppose Modi should go to Pakistan. Togaria incited Hindus to take ugly step to punish Mr.Ashgar, a Muslim businessman who purchased a property in Hindu area in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. These erratic statements have agitated the mind of every peace loving citizen in India. They are out and out a reckless statements which can not be supported by any Modi supporter.
Narendra Modi was very eloquent in stating that every citizen of this country has the same right which he has. He assured all that he hates communalism and only good governance and development are his Mantras sacred to him. He has been maintaining that his book of religion is Constitution of India meaning thereby the nation will be governed by Constitution which speaks about a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic. Are these two leaders not aware of the goal of our Constitutional India? Were it not their zeal to terrorize the already terrorized Muslim community?
I hold poor Muslim community most unfortunate as a community which has remained most poverty stricken, education starved community inspite of having voted to Congress for most of the period. When they think of shaking off the image of Vote Bank, they are terrorized by secularists to compel them to vote for them. Recent Judgment of the Supreme Court on Muzaffarnagar riots that UP government was negligent in stopping the riot at the initial stage is an indicator. That is how several governments have let loose riots on them to secure their votes. After Muzaffarnagar riots, it was being perceived that they would never support MSY as they failed to protect them in as much as they were inflicted with indignity and humiliation but MSY has succeeded in securing their full support in his favour. Similar story prevails in Bihar where Muslims have polerised in favour of RJD-CONG combination. They can not even dream of good governance and Development where their aspirations could come true. They have to languish in the same pathetic conditions.
Narendra Modi laid bare his vision for every one where every one irrespective of caste, creed and religion could taste the fruits of his good governance and development. He was going to demolish all these barriers and percolate the success of his hard work to the weakest of the society.People had started believing his words as he was one who had risen from the dust, people had started identifying themselves with him. But then these spoilers try to pour cold water on every ones aspirations. They are real culprits of the society whose utterances have to be dismissed out right and with all contempt at their command.
Nation has suffered a lot in the last ten years,nation has been pushed to the brink of total collapse. People suffered oppressive politics of UPA, Economically our nation has been ruined, national wealth was allowed to be plundered by the Prime Minister who always maintained stoic silence. After this dark age created by UPA, nation was making endevour to take a leap forward and grab the opportunity which was being promised by Narendra Modi. Country is feeling suffocated and strangulation, they saw a ray of hope in Modi`s promises At this juncture, these spoilers have to be forgotten like a nightmare. It is fervently hoped that the words of these spoilers are dismissed as a bad omen and only Narendra Modi`s words have to be remembered.


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The author Sh. A.K. Srivastava (@aksrivastava232) is Senior Advocate in Supreme Court of India, New Delhi where he is practicing since last 40 yrs. He had been Advocate General of Govt. of Sikkim & was Hon.Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association for two years( 1991-92,1992-93).
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