Encounter With Pakistan

Now the question is “Is it not an opportune moment to dismantle the training camps in PoK?”
We have been missing the opportunities to dismantle the terrorists camps where terrorists are being trained to carry proxy war against Indian civilians. We have capabilities to strike the camps and the world community will not object to such acts. After all Israel is striking those areas in west Bank and Gaza Strip.Why can not we do it?

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It appears Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by PM Narendra Modi is picking up and gaining momentum all around. Even the President of India has joined the movement and came out with brooms in his native village as well as in Rashtrapati Bhavan. It was a good gesture on his part to support a noble cause to clean India. My society where I live also looks much cleaner. Some of the roads on which I travelled after the launch appeared much cleaner. Suffice to say that the mission has become a mission for the nation.

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I hail PM Narendra Modi for launching his visionary mission Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission) as part of his vision “Make in India“. He wants to convert India a global centre to invite the world to come and invest in India as the image of dirty India is a drag on investors to come to India.It is not a matter of pride for any Prime Minister of a country to start this kind of mission as it presupposes a unclean India.

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Would India Care?

The startling revelations by Ex-CAG Vinod Rai in his book “Not an Accountant….” and his conversations with Arnab Goswami coupled with press report of TOI of Sept.12,2014 would force you to ponder whether you really care for India.The sum and substance of accusations are complete sale off of our national resources,be it 2G or Coal or Commonwealth Games or Air India purchase of Aircrafts or Augusta Helicopter Deal etc.The central figure who was responsible for all the squandering of resources appear to be Dr.Man Mohan Singh the Puppet Prime Minister of India for 10 long years.

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Seniority for CJI’s Appointment?

Seniority for CJI’s Appointment? TOI (Delhi Edition.DT.24 August 2014) carried a write up by Markandeya Katju J. Former Judge of Supreme Court of India and presently Chairman of Press Council of India wherein he says that for appointment to the office of Chief Justice of India, “Merit should be the criteria and not the seniority“. He quotes many examples of […]

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