Would India Care?

Would India Care?


The startling revelations by Ex-CAG Vinod Rai in his book “Not an Accountant….” and his conversations with Arnab Goswami coupled with press report of TOI of Sept.12,2014 would force you to ponder whether you really care for India.The sum and substance of accusations are complete sale off of our national resources,be it 2G or Coal or Commonwealth Games or Air India purchase of Aircrafts or Augusta Helicopter Deal etc.The central figure who was responsible for all the squandering of resources appear to be Dr.Man Mohan Singh the Puppet Prime Minister of India for 10 long years.

All the bucks stopped at him but he cared two hoots for it,continued to enjoy the bribe he was getting for letting his puppeteers plunder the nation.He was neither blind nor deaf nor dumb.Whenever his integrity was targeted he spoke and spoke very loudly that he was completely clean but it was his coalition dharma which tied his lips. He knew nation was being plundered but he maintained stoic silence and allowed plunder to go on.

Sri Vinod Rai says:

Photo Credit :: Pixabay

Photo Credit :: Pixabay

     “There is no question of targeting him.For 2G and the Coal case.he was the PM and issue reached him. He was certainly in the know of things.In the 2G case all the letters written by A.Raja indicated what he was planning to do and the PM,unfortunately, gave very routine reply to him.

       On the coal issue , it goes to his credit that the moment the then coal secretary Parakh made it known that the screening committee procedure was leading to windfall gains,pressure and lobbying, he understood………………………

However,I hasten to add that despite having agreed upon to change the procedure to Auction in principle,the Coal Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh did not do anything to stop windfall gains,pressure or lobbying as he was himself under pressure to allow such windfall gains,pressure or lobbying. Would you believe, 218 coal blocks were allotted without a penny coming to the state exchequer. Most of the allottees are just sitting on the coal blocks without working on it and the Puppet PM continued to import millions of tonnes of coal.This was the wisdom of economist PM.

Now let us take the case of purchase of Aircrafts for Air India.The Board passed a resolution to purchase 28 Aircrafts but at the nudge of the Minister Prafull Patel 68 Aircrafts were purchased at the extra costs of 38,000 Cr.The Air India came under the debt of 97℅ which made it completely unviable. As there was no need of so many aircrafts,they had to be sold at the rate shirts or trousers, Buy One and get Four free.Five aircrafts were sold for the cost of purchase price of new aircraft.Such a huge plundering was done in Civil Aviation Ministry without any intervention from PM.

Similar things happened in Commonwealth games,Augusta Helicopter deal etc.but the PM would not even care to look at those allegation.On the contrary,he did not allow Suresh Kalmadi to be removed from the Games till Games were organised.

If my memories serves me right,Dr.Subramaniam Swamy had accused openly Sonia G ,Karunanidhi and A.Raja having made huge money in 2G scam.There was no ripple on the face of any congress leader.They shamelessly continued to defend the leadership.Today also I heard Sanjaya Nirupam and Sandip Dixit abusing Sri Vinod Rai for having named them for putting pressure on him to exclude the name of PM.

These bizarre things can happen only in India as India does not care for it.Had it been any Western Country,Dr.Manmohan Singh would have landed in jail for all his acts of ommission and commission. But we do not care for it.Neither we will get the trail of money where they have gone or there will not be any action against Dr.Manmohan Singh.He would continue to live on tax payers money throughout his life.

Photo Credit to: Pixabay & Media Calgary by Zamanta

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