Nehru’s Fickle Mind

Nehru’s Fickle Mind

           ch2 I was just 13 years old(Born in 1949) in 1962 when China humiliated India. I hardly recollect the details of what happened then except that there was a sense of fear and anguish during that period. I was living at a small place called Sonepur in Saran District of Bihar. Sonepur then was famous for its longest railway platform in India and biggest Cattle fair in Asia. We had description of Sonepur in our school curriculum. It was a huge District for Railways. My father was in Railways.

At the break of war with China, people started talking about the casualties suffered by our forces, sale is news paper had increased,newspaper then used to fetched from the A.H Wheelers stall from the Rly.platform. My father had deputed me to fetch newspaper from the Rly Station every morning. At the newspaper stand,elders would elaborately discuss about what happened in the war a day before and the casualties suffered by our forces. Except vague recollection I do not recollect the details of war. However, I have read several books on Indo -China war and know much more than a common-man but not from my memories of those days. The second source of information’s used to be collected from Radio which my father used to hear regularly.He used warn us that now the news bulletin is going to come so we were supposed to maintain silence in the home.

ch1The other day I finished a biography of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel written by Sri Balraj Krishna, a well researched book on Sardar Patel published by Indus Source Books in India in 2012. The book discloses startling information which I wish to share with my friends for which purpose I have written this blog. At page 238 of the book Dr. Radhakrishnan‘s statement appears wherein he said as follows about Nehru:- “The people listened to Nehru, while Nehru believed the Chinese” His was a lost mind,and he suffered physically too. He was not the same,:ever youthful and sprightly. But he did not want to leave his seat of Prime Ministership. He preferred to continue in that pathetic state of mind and body till his death at the end of May 1964. Had Nehru listened to Patel, India’s power and prestige would have been far different. Nevertheless, some may console themselves with the thought: Destiny governs the lives of individuals and nations.

Crestfallen after humiliating defeat, Nehru confessed that he had been touch with the realities in the modern world and living in an artificial atmosphere of our own creation. Nehru further admitted that he “did not trust them one bit……they are arrogant ,deceitful, hegemonists and a thoroughly unreliable lot.we can not trust them at all .They are inimical to us…….”

Same is still true for Chinese till today and PM Modi has started a true and realistic strategy about China when he started visiting all the Nations unity of which may send a signal to China to behave well in future.

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AK Srivastava

The author Sh. A.K. Srivastava (@aksrivastava232) is Senior Advocate in Supreme Court of India, New Delhi where he is practicing since last 40 yrs. He had been Advocate General of Govt. of Sikkim & was Hon.Secretary of Supreme Court Bar Association for two years( 1991-92,1992-93).
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  • Please share more about Sardar Vallabai Patel and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. We want a reliable news about these two personalities from reliable persons.