Game of Warlords

It is a rustic habit for people to gather wherever there is a commotion. Sociologists would confirm you that it is a primitive trait of mankind, an animal instinct. Bibliophiles will assert that it is a natural character of humans to be curious. Criminologists will vouchsafe that it is a an attribute of bad blood – being rebellious, arsonist, anarchist. Astrologers and pundits of genealogical charts will nod their heads in assent – hybrid children more often grow up to become blood suckers rather than better adults.

Nature has many shades , warm, cold, wet , damp, rainy , spring and autumn. Mankind has evolved across river valley civilisations to the stage of jasmine war and aap-mushroom fights. Indian nation was carved when the colonial rulers beat a hasty retreat ,with little foresight about the shape a post – internet era globe would take .

AAP is a proxy war being fought by the enemies of a strong India via disgruntled Indians from within the motherland but with external support in terms of finances and technological network. A most horrendous happening if there ever was one after the diplomatic blunder committed in giving refugee status to one man banished from his homeland, leading to a most fire spitting dragon – power nurturing a little mouse into a gigantic terror-land. Added to this was the short-sighted disregard of a landmark ruling in the Shah bano case by the apex court of India suggesting an uniform civil code for India. Compounded to all these Himalayan blunders was the fiasco of waging a battle against those very foreign troops who were trained by the elite Indian Army in Sri Lanka .

Then came the sudden opening up of the Indian Economy to foreign investors changing the complexion of business even as red tapism and an improper mix of religion and region began to upset the concept of a Republic led by one Constitution. Coalition governments became the way of governance with minion local parties holding sway on matters of national importance and worldwide ramifications.

The greatest economic depression witnessed by modern world led to a complete downsizing of industries across the globe and the miseries of citizens world over became unspeakable. One witnessed -‘I am homeless’ placards being held by people seated in most advanced nation of the world as economy after economy went burst in other regions of the world. The poorest and most involved ones in Africa saw a spurt in guerrilla warfare activities but the economy of a struggling sub -continent held on : India was relatively ‘saved’ owing to the long established policy of ‘nationalisation of banks & insurance sectors’. Hard working people laboured hard to make both ends meet. A bludgeoning middle class segment kept the activity going. The poor were reconciled to their fate since they have no taxes or overheads to worry about. Wealthy sections indulged in unethical acts of hobnobbing with nira radia like non local lobbyists to further their positions of comfort, luxury and plentiful spending.

The divide between haves and the have-nots became wider . A general sense of ennui engulfed the minds . On the one hand, lowly criminals grew up to become most powerful puppeteers of governance via political outfits whilst on the other end of this spectrum of a plural society were the self- righteous , law–abiding honest masses who either believed in existence of an Almighty God who will give them deliverance from all miseries and sufferings and a growing multitude of atheists and fatalists.

The defeatist-minded were rapped meticulously by a sinister campaign ostensibly launched for eradication of menace of corruption from Indian society but the flash mobs soon changed shape and form like the amoeba the whole stage-managed showmanship was !

A war had broken out !

AAP announced the existence of warlords within the country. Those who were thumping their chests, wielding brooms, begging for online donations proudly and in wanton,gay abandon began to abandon their moral scruples and declared anarchy to be their religion of governance .

Thus, in a widely admired democracy !

The due was cast. A certain lowly ex -government servant as usual became the head as projected by his foreign paymasters. Self-aggrandisement became the way of his short stint as Chief minister of a capital-State and he fled from responsibility. Even the forty plus tenure was sufficient fir the trouble monger to further deride established institutions of a democracy and disillusion the common citizenry.

His gambit however failed because neither the other biggest ally of the anti -national groupings nor overseas puppeteers reckoned with the rustic better senses of the natives !

People began to see through the game plan of the warlords. These in actuality were motley crowds of street rowdy elements, factions of anti social elements and those seeking to replace the corrupt regime in order to usurp such wicked powers and enjoy the might of their predecessor in offices of position!

Mafia !

Oh , anything which is anti -law , anti -god , anti -peace is ‘mafia’!

AAP is nothing but another incarnation of a mafia engaged in disrupting powerful systems of democracy, stability, uniformity – on one pretext or the other, in guise of political unrest . Be it under the label of majority-minority divide, religious denominations or caste -rid faction fights ,across several spheres and layers of the plural, largely illiterate society of India .

Arise, awaken all unsuspecting youth, housewives, factory workers, shop keepers, casual labourers , professors , priests , doctors, lawyers, and even the unemployed (who however enjoy the privilege to cast a vote) to this plain truth : AAP is mafia in disguise of a political outfit !

Energy is currently the key subject of contention for all politicians in our planet . Same us the case in our country . Gas & oil exploration, exploitation of river waters , unbridled mining , felling of forests , lack of a national grid on electricity , water, sales tax, food distribution measures are the major bones of contention – for global MNCs that wield wide power across the seven seas .

AAP is no aberration . It is a proxy war being waged against self reliance , self esteem and self confidence of All Indians. Consign AAP and it’s make believe leadership to the dust bin of history. End the menace ,without further delay.

Vote NaMo : deal with personal ghosts later but elect NaMo immediately to plug the fatal leak of sovereignty noticed when unsuspecting ,gullible, frustrated folk voted for candidates of AAP.

India as a strong nation is the need of the world , not just every Indian citizen alone .

Law and order cannot be placed in the hands of madmen or misguided dummies of governance – who do not know what is right and what is wrong ; what us suicidal and what is pragmatic ; what is governance or the purpose of having a uniform civil code under a constitutional democracy !

End AAP ‘s proxy war against the peace loving citizens of India .

Do ponder over the substance of the plain truth : mafia is out to destroy the nation after it raised it’s ugly hood in other forms in earlier avatars .

Save India .

Jai hind !


pvrThe Author Pamarty Venkataramana is a distinguished international columnist whose columns appear in prestigious magazines and sites, worldwide. He is an eminent jurist , well acclaimed speaker at world universities, he hails from India. His published books of spiritual poetry are -In A Blink , Chasing A Shadow, A Master’s Piece . A dozen more under print. Dubbed ‘Prophet of new-age Poetry‘, he is a nationalist at heart and presides over Boards of companies spanning diverse sectors as health care, IT, hospitality,airlines,publications,education,bio-technology,project consultancy ,etc.
PVR is co-founder of Centre for human security studies , a world think tank and an Ambassador of Peace designated by UN-led bodies. They can be reached on twitter with handle- worldbank@musicaltrees He heads PVR LAW and may be reached at-


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Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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  • Well recounted near past.Kejriwal and his AAPians are lumpen lots,a rabid anarchist,created a party to abandon well crafted agitation against corruption.He has muddied the political waters,carrying on ugly politics,hanging around Modi and Gujarat to earn lime light.Thanks for exposing him.

    • Wish somebody from the NaMo camp in Varanasi or elsewhere will make coupes of this expose and distribute door to door slog with their own manifesto papers. All that loudspeaker house is din whilst these words of truth would be eye-openers. Jai hind!!!

  • Sir!!Brilliance in every word of
    the article. The blunders and wrong steps of the party who has ruined the Nation.This party has given birth to Bhassmasur in the name of Aap.PVR Sir,You have unfold the sinister design of Aap to degrade the Nation with the help of forces who don’t want nation to become self sufficient.Well said ,Sir.Now duty lies with citizens to vote for the Nation.

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      It takes enormous courage to call a spade a spade and nail the coffins of corruption, disorder and anarchy in such a peculiar age of the world as the times we live in.
      Awaken the general public and more particularly,the youth and housewives and semi literate sections of voting community .
      Save India . Vote NaMo . Jai hind!

  • …Totally agree with you on all counts …The AAM Admi party frightens the daylights out of me, everyone is autocratic and self serving but here there’s a bull on a rampage and he is blind and deaf ,a bully above all judicial concerns.
    ….The Congress is a laugh, and their ties to Apron-strings make them ludicrous.
    …You say Modi…..I’d agree if he said sorry for all the transgresses during the riots. Another thing he’s fantastic in Gujrat but does he have an inkling about India?

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Jai hind! Spread the good word. Vote NaMo, save India.

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Am in fill agreement with your self doubts. NaMo is like first aid to heal a fallen dignity of this vast land. His advantage lies in his leadership style, not prowess or mass following. Definitely, a nation as ours that has turned more parochialist than nationalist ought to turn the chosen leader of masses into one who mouths Vande Mataram and bharatvarsh more than my Gujarat …will happen..else, he will not become a legend people are moulding him out to be.
      Coterie of corruption must be broken . These shackles can only be done if a new order such as the strong willed, ambitious NaMo is given the baton. Not an impostor of governance like AK. Jai hind!

  • Excellent Post…….thoroughly exposed AAP……..Thank You….I fully agree….

  • It is the bounden duty of every patriotic Indian to come and vote against all these anti nationals on voting day.

  • Yes, united efforts to bring the awareness among the voters that AAP is a mafia must be done as a dedicated attempt to save the nation and more importantly to save our own.
    Wonderful expressions!

  • You tore AK’s antics to pieces. Most wonderful read!

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Truth appeals to every right thinking citizen of the world good Sir. Thanks & Regards,PVR .