India dares Power hungry Congress

India dares Power hungry Congress

powerIn recent election Congress party lost and lost very badly. It happens in democracy. Sometime people choose you & sometime they throw you in dustbin. After all, public is real king in democracy. The winning parties are appointed by people for five years as 125+ crore people need someone to administrate their country in smooth way. From 2004 to 2014, people choose UPA-I & II lead by congress party & this year they choose NDA lead by BJP. Who knows what Indian public does in the next election.

Now instead of deep thinking to find out the real reason for their resounding defeat, congress is giving all sorts of lame excuses. Congress must understand that Indian Public does not want to analyze the reason for their defeat. It is up to them to find out the real reason for their debacle. But congress who ruled India for nearly 60 years in two-three phases has become so used to the power and deceit that it has started thinking that they have divine power to rule this country and telling Indian Public that some great conspiracy have dethrone them. Dear Congressmen! To whom you are fooling except yourself?

The present congress party is not even pale shadow of Indian National Congress. Long ago Indian National Congress expired & Congress(I) took its place. The present congress party is most distorted version of Congress(I) formed by Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She had better vision of India but at the same time, she was not tolerant to any opposition even in her own party. She started to have her own kitchen cabinet which took all decisions depending upon mood of Sanjay and/or Indira Gandhi. By and by, Indira Gandhi, assisted by Sanjay Gandhi, demolished all democracy in her own party. The same mannerism was adopted by her son Rajiv Gandhi. After his untimely death, his widow Mrs Sonia Gandhi adopted the same tactics to control the party, its cadre & treasury.

Some of the main reasons of congress party’s total defeat are:-

  • The concept of Only “The Family” has divine power to lead the party.
  • The control of “family” over each & every matter in the party.
  • Absence of democratic norms in the party.
  • Non performing, power hungry, utterly corrupt & bookish leaders in the party.
  • Arrogance of being ruler.
  • Loosing touch with ground reality.
  • High price rise.
  • And above all, scams, unabated plundering of national wealth & resources without any check.

But leaders in congress parties & their allies are not able to accept these reasons. Instead of accepting public verdict humbly, they are falsely spreading propaganda that the reason of their defeat is not due to misgovernace, high price rise, arrogant attitude but due to high pitched, high cost election campaigning by BJP & Modi ji. They all also telling at many forum that Modi has mislead Indian Public by promising impossible dreams to them. Do they think Indian Public as fool?

In spite of their resounding defeat, which reduced them to 44, less than 10%, in Lok Sabha, Congress Party has not lost its lust for power. They are as power hungry as they were before. When Congress Party won in 2004, SoniaG passed the PM’s baton to Sh. Manmohan Singh & collected all applause for her sacrifice. But everyone knows that she was the real PM but without any responsibility. All blames for bad work fell on Dr Singh while her chamchas in the party credited all good work to SoniaG & her son RahulG. Funny part of this story is, SoniaG & RahulG never refuted this chamchaagiri rather enjoyed buttering to the fullest.

If she was so indifferent to the power & practiced what she taught to RahulG(Power is poison) then why now she is seeking “LoP(Leader of Opposition) post in Lok Sabha even without being illegible for that. Can she & her party, a party full of jokers, can explain how she can be appointed as LoP without changing relevant rules?

If she is so concern for welfare of Indian Public & wants LoP in Lok Sabha to conduct some important business, like appointment of Lok Pal etc, why she does not bring a “Private Member Bill” to amend appointment of LoP rules?

SoniaG & her party would not bring this bill but challenge speaker in the court like her real chela Arvind Kejriwal who did all nautanki for Lok Pal bill but did not introduced it in proper manner.

Mrs SoniaG & All other defeated Political Leaders ! Kindly listen पद चाप of the time. This election has proved that (1) India has refused to get divided in the name of religion, caste & creed. (2) India Public refuses to be beggar any more. (3) Public wants to work & earn respectable life for its family. (4) Public has got the sharpest eye for seeing through the नियत of all political parties.

Not only Congress but all parties, including the present rulers, must take the lesson & work with honest intent(नियत) because without good & honest intent(नियत) even the best policies are not good. Good words without with good intent(नियत) are not good at all.


  • Well written. All true about conmen.They deserved the thrashing.Looted the Nation still hungry for LOP.Shame Enjoyed reading. What you sow you reap.So जहर की खेती बोई थी काटो भी वही!त्याग की देवी।Lol
    Pleasure to read was mine.But Author name is missing.

  • काश यह लेख कॉंग्रेस पार्टी पढ़ ले और समझ भी ले

  • Suresh Srivastava

    A very hard hitting & eye opener post.