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When we look back at the last decade of Indian Politics and Governance, we see a story of repeated and reprehensible incompetence of the Government at the Centre in ensuring stability and Development. On the other hand. we also see the meticulous build up by the BJP Ruled States like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. There is no reason to repeat the long list of Scams that the Congress/UPA Government has been able to produce regularly and unfailingly. There is also no reason to list the repeated electoral victories of the incumbent governments in the BJP Ruled States based on their performance. These are all known. To all and some of those who know all this pretend to look the other way and decry the success in the name of ‘communalism’. The People have become habitual of this. The false allegations do not register any more on the ‘once impressionable’ minds.

But in 2014, the reason for NaMo to lead BJP to majority is much more than just Gujarat. Where is another man in the firmament of Indian Politics who can dare to say that he cannot be frightened into subjugation by the Ruling UPA as they have been able to do with the likes of the regional satraps elsewhere? Where is the Leader other than him who can Promise – not more subsidies or more freebies but a respectful life for all. Where is another man who can say “Justice to all, Appeasement of none”?

These are not mere statements. These have been the aspirations of every peace-loving, freedom-loving person in India all along the years that saw nothing but crude political manipulations and cheap appeasement for votes. Three generations after the attainment of a so-called independence every Indian has been given an identity which is not Indian. There are no Indians in Independent India. There are only Muslims, Sikhs, Jains (of late) and Christians, OBCs, SCs, STs and many others. There are Punjabis, Tamilians, Bengalis, Marathis and many such. There are North Indians and South Indians. But there are no Indians. Such has been the tremendous achievement of Divisive Politics in these 66 years of Freedom. Among these, there stands a tall figure of NaMo who can call for Unity. The only identity of every citizen of this country should be Indian – that is the dream that NaMo has been able to spread. Not only has he been able to make the Indians Dream, he has brought the people to believe that they actually can realise the Dream of Unity.

Undoubtedly, there are forces within and outside the country who feel threatened by this upsurge of ‘Nationalism’ in the people. In a country ruled by a party called Indian National Congress, being ‘Nationalist’ is a crime against ‘Secularism’. Yes, you can be a Nationalist only if you are an Indian. Since there is no place for any Indian in this country, how can there be a place for a Nationalist? The fear of Unity is driving all the so-called ‘Seculars’. ‘Secularism’ has been a tool for ‘Division’. These Seculars have been successfully robbing the Indian of his identity and giving him another identity which makes the people look for ‘gains’ instead of ‘opportunities’ based on his segmented identity.

So, NaMo must become the Prime Minister because only he can restore to the 120 Crore people of this country the Identity of being Indian.



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  • In India live Indians! Congrats sir on this sharp to the point blogpost.

  • I totally agree with the author…..I hope people of India understand the importance of Modi as Prime Minister and BJP lead NDA government at the center and vote BJP…..I end by saying #TrustBJP and #VoteBJP

  • Right reasons..But we Indians use fail at the time of election & vote for “Punja” 🙁