The most under-utilized resource of our lifetime . Certain societies have this as the most wayward chunk of their existence . Few others forcibly ensure youth are strength of all compulsory conscription into underutilized manpower called army . India has no set plan for its youth .

In fact, being a largely conservative society of unwieldy proportions and pluralistic ways, youth in India are still either ‘studying/pursuing higher studies’ or dependents of their parents post educational-qualifications being attained. Meaning thereby that a typical lifestyle of this class of the society will be to wake up, catch up on social media ties , throw away offerings of found at home, order fast food on the call centre numbers of eateries, dress up gaudily, gang up at joints, while away a whole day stretching up to late nights at the movies or bragging about each other’s trophies at gamesmanship or addictive habits acquired and cultivated ‘in company’ and fall asleep ‘dead drunk’ . This certainly comprises of at least one fifth of current youth habitual lifestyle in our homeland.

There is yet another extreme who are illiterate and race off to work places at dawn and toil hard until dusk, in company of gibberish, slang words and acquiring ‘rich habits’, be it of smoking cigarettes, sipping beer or alcohol of any kind and returning home feeling ‘Ah, I slave and work hard all day long !’, pat on back and fall asleep in either contented stupor or worrisome nervousness of dreams to ‘make it big one day!’ .

And then of course ,we do have the remainder of youth who are diligent in studies, have an ambition to join the band wagon of the ‘ brain drain train ‘ or a ‘ cosy ‘ job with an MNC operating within the country, get married , raise children, become ‘ successful ‘ in life! Or so, they seem to imagine the purpose of life – material wealth and worldly pleasures !

Yet, youth-hood is the real time phase of mankind. Many have lost a life trying build one in this crucial stage of growing up. Advanced nations mean that basic comforts of life are available as a natural means in these grossly under populated parts of the world. Migration, unmitigated has resulted in development of a ‘free-economy as well as a crop of newer law & order problems !‘ . These are found battling to cope up with such stress on their otherwise orderly economies.

Under devolved economies are societies where youth are a ‘ spent force’ by the time they mature into self sufficient forces of life . Developing country is as much an anachronism as it is to say that a pupae is a creature distinct from a butterfly !

Youth hood must not be wasted away, as has been happening in recent decades of our motherland. India has by far the most potent force in its hard working, ambitious, bright and by far intelligent as also industrious youth force. More than the crop of leaders manning governments as elected representatives, it appears to be the mafia which has infiltrated all levels of governance that appears to have recognised the powerful segment of society dubbed as -‘y o u t h !’

It is the singular reason why more and more are sought to be weaned away by irresponsible mass media tools of cultural degeneration, be it watching unsavoury, deceitful episodes documented as soap operas or getting addicted to consumption of drugs or even worser ways of turning into criminal methods of wasting away. They are perishing and miss out on growing up as mature adults – the ‘future‘ citizens of a nation.

Personal esteem is lost, self-confidence a forgotten virtue and future doomed. Net cumulative effect is the destruction of resilience, a national characteristic of this mighty land . Evil wins, good perishes!

Such has been the tale of reality in our country across generations of governance by coalition teams of political parties. This diversity in unity must be halted.

India needs to grow and evolve as One Nation.

A specific instance will be an eye opener for NaMo and his team who aim to set right the rot they point out has resulted by the UPA in power over two consecutive terms of office. The head of the most powerful nation in modern-day world had goaded upon his native citizens to emulate the naturalized Indian students who were less on habits and more stronger achieves on academics owing to their competitive spirit. Within a month of that speech in a distant land, a serf -like minister in charge of education in our country, who was a gross failure as an ethical lawyer in his previous avatar, clamped a new policy in India which makes final examinations an optional exercise for high school and intermediate level students .

Result? The element of competitiveness is eliminated from the young and vulnerable minds of school students resulting in a recalcitrant approach and automatic self-destruction : not merely of these youth but of an entire nation.

Natural resources like river waters, unused lands and mineral deposits are in any case not being used in the most productive of socially useful manner. India boasts of its vast human resources power, even ahead of China or Europe, across the world by don’t of its sheer qualitative human skills .

With the advent of such draconian ministers letting loose anarchy in policies that engulf all Indians and the present generation of youths, it is but certain that it would not need pin prick like incursions from across the seams of the line of control or transgression at will by another angry neighbour like communist china to destroy the fabric of the Indian Nation. Ominous but a real, present danger !

Youth is not just about dancing, dating or drinking like fish. It is not about becoming dipsomaniacal about lifestyle or agnostic and atheist. It isn’t rebelling against established, age old, time tested societal mores or religion of humanism that is the hallmark of Hinduism as the world’s most ancient religion and advocates co existence, tolerance, kindness towards one and all beings. So much so that what is bandied about as ‘idol-worship’ by detractors in fact is a worship of mother Nature : nothing pagan or beastly about it but environmental awareness as a natural lifestyle!

Youth of today are the most vulnerable lot. General elections are round the corner. Disgruntled, ill-informed or lethargic ones must not disillusion the bright, able and nobler lot of our youth. They must be led by the front by a statesman who can become a surrogate parent. Under our societal system, excessive love and affection showered by doting parents and elders of the family results often times in a blinding of reality of ‘spoiling the child!’ . These are no longer days of -‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ but ‘rouse the adult in a child’ which alone can ensure that youth are the mainstay of real progress, evolution , growth and development of our nation and eventually, mankind .

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Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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  • Youth-The passionate, the powerful, full of life, full of dreams, Full of Energy!

    Just, need thoughtful and right experienced hands to show them right path, to motivate, to let them utilize their energies in the right way, with right vision and right approach!

    It all starts with roots, Family then Society then Country as a whole. If there is right upbringing on part of family to make children understand (not force) difference between good and evil, that too not by words but by example set in terms of actions, which i feel is the best way to make anyone learn anything.

    Another way to utilize Youth, is delegation of responsibilities, smaller ones, should be given 1st to experience them the area with depth, to make them understand the way to handle pressure and with all hurdles, they should still be able to see their Goals, if this kinda motivation and approach be followed, then, no one can stop India to become Powerful in World!

    As like Sir, i also, have lot of words to write, but, preserving that, for Sir’s next Article!!

    Starting a day with such a Power-ful Article is a Motivation and Blessing, Thank you Sir!!

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  • Simply marvelous. Analysis of what ails India vis a vis world nations is presented in the subtlest possible words.

  • Stupendous article…..I fully endorse the views expressed and also very well said by Yugvani editor…..yes, It’s time to take things in right perspective specially for the young and restless(Youth)……Thank you……Mr. Pamarty Sir…..

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Glad you endorse the views my friend. More and more youth and columns ought to carry the message of this essay . The ripple effect will result in a stupendous youth force of India . Jai hind!

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Glad you endorse the views my friend. More and more youth and columns ought to carry the message of this essay . The ripple effect will result in a stupendous youth force of India . Jai hind! Thank you .

  • Whole of my life,so others also,had been thinking,that I utilized my youth at the minimum.Time wasted could have been utilized in better productive manner.Because of explosion of population,state cared less for using youth for betterment of nation.I am pinning hope on Modi who promises to utilise the youth in positive manner.For that reason.youth are attracted towards him.I hope for the better.

  • The PVR comments connecting youth & self-esteem is the need of the hour.

    • Pamarty Venkataramana

      Youth are the bridge between past and future , for themselves as also the society. Guide them right . Steer lives . Peace will prevail.

  • Pamarty Venkataramana

    Youth must not be misled to believe that life is poured for youth hood to be spent on activities of recreation and procreation alone. Creativity raises it’s head at that stage of life and inexperience has the advantage of lack of feelings of fear, despair and despondency. Hence, right time to strike a balance between ideals and lifestyle.

  • Pamarty Venkataramana

    Much obliged . India should nurture , groom and raise youth power as the real hidden energy of the land. Else, all policies fail miserably, as has happened until date.

  • Everyone talks about India, its democracy & politics. But generally people forget the most valuable asset of any country i.e. YOUTH.
    Those who have only dreams in their eyes are Children.
    Those who have stories of their past deeds are Old people.
    But who have Present in their hand are YOUTH & we all need these Youth to safe-gaurd Nation’s future.
    The writers has rightly & timely pointed out to harness the capability of Youth & canalize in right direction immediately. For this Yug Vani congratulates Mr. Pamarty Venkataramana.