May 26 th,2014 is a red -letter day for India ,and the rest of the world . Not for the fact of a most popular leader of our times assuming the mantle of office of the Prime Minister of India, the world’s largest democracy . But, more because of the heartening spectacle of Heads of States of neighbouring countries attending the ceremonial function in New Delhi. Not to speak of the several diplomatic corps and commonest citizens as well as the rank and file of the galaxy of political parties who supported the candidature of Narendra Modi ( NaMo ) for this most important position of power.

The august gathering is an important political statement made by crusaders of world Peace – to war-mongers, to gun-runners, to every human being suffering from guerrilla-attacks by terrorists, pangs of hunger and divided lines of political thought .

Nations distantly situated from Indian sub-continent like Canada, Australia, Norway , Ghana and USA may not feel the feeling of celebration in the air around us or those in China or elsewhere might dub it even as an euphoria ( false sense of happiness ) at the extreme but the momentous occasion is a statement of truth in the annals of history of mankind .
Humility again becomes a virtue . Humanity attains importance . Governance becomes good governance to welcome one and all .

An open mind, large hearted ness and crystal clear agenda to let industry sail along with policy making initiatives will definitely augur well for the well bring of common man in a given society.

Having the mind of a dictator with heart of a democrat becomes the essential composition of a leader to grow into a statesman . Minimum of officialese is a necessary step in the age of technological supremacy . Less the paraphernalia of government , less intimidating the aura of a government – structure . Under the new dispensation , the edifice of a government assumes might with the provision of more direct interaction of the citizens with their administration. Call centres and robot-assistance or hunting lines getting cut in the middle of a tele-conversation become things of past . A more humane touch to addressing problems of the people becomes the need of the hour . When all world is reeling under the impact of the greatest economic depression, humanism is the mantra for revival , re-development and progress.

NaMo leads India. Statesmen show the way to successors , not merely being leaders or heads of departments. India has through the ages of history of civilisation been the unquestioned leader,in culture , education, philosophy . None in the West or Gulf can deny the fact that treasures have been stashed away after plunderers and looters marauded the riches of India .

No more will terrorists dare eye the holy land of Bharat mata . No longer will peace loving citizens be harassed by newscasts of biased reporting . No more will poverty or corruption be the tag line for describing things Indian. A hard-working Prime Minister aided and assisted by able team of ministers, officials and far-sighted policies will tunnel his way to a bright, new, prosperous, resurgent India .

Once again, India shall but become a formidable force in the comity of nations – for all things good !

On behalf of myself and every patriotic Indian and peace-loving world citizen,I wish mr.Narendra Modi a happy and smooth era of success , progress and prosperity . A golden age for Modern World ,too.

All world is but one happy well-knit family of human beings .

Jai hind!

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Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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  • “All world is but one happy well-knit family of human beings”
    If the above lines be understood, then, there is no chance of any terrorism or fear any where.

    Before anything, we are “Humans”, we should remember that 🙂

    Best Wishes to New Government and to the Counntry 🙂

  • Vande Mataram !
    Jai hind!

  • sandesh manroa

    Sir! Only I will add my wishes from bottom of my heart with your wishes for Namo to all the best to bring the Nation on right track.