Return to Civilisation!

Return to Civilisation!

         By Pamarty Venkataramana 

It is an irony of sorts that a Republic celebrating seventy plus years of freedom from the last foreign yoke is yet again beginning to focus on the class of citizens called as a -‘farmer’.

It is a well established fact that India has been an agrarian economy over centuries of wisdom and ancient knowledge. Rulers ruled to protect farm lands, preside over harvest festivals and to safeguard the kingdom from pests and hostile beings. The farmers would cultivate the land singing and toiling their way with happy spirits and loving care. There were no locusts called artificial multinational corporations out to destroy your crops nor spread epidemics of despair and despondency through adulterated pesticides or spurious seeds and fertilisers. There was no false enticement to lure away youth to far off lands across seas and mountains to tinker with gadgetry of binary computation nor moolah of white collared vocational pursuits fetching purchasing power with plastic money. That was a glorious age when bullocks and men ploughed fertile soil to grow green, healthy crops; womenfolk had a happy time raising children, cooking sumptuous meals and being housewife without vagaries of being a ‘career woman’ . These observations are by no means belittling anyone but portraying a truthful picture of one harmonious society in the not do distant past.

Not everyone in this generation has a barmaid as an ancestor and not all are descendants of nomads, shepherds or desert gypsies. In fact, a vast majority of us are descendants of the ‘farmer’!

Agriculture has been the mainstay of our culture. All festivals are seasoned with the harvest festival commencing January.

Milk and vegetables were aplenty. Paddy, pulses and wheat were surplus.

Even the domesticated pets were fed with all kindness and generosity. Cow was venerated and all society was filled with joy and merriment of evolved souls. 

Today’s India is an unbelievable contrast. Urban society has overtaken rural traditional lifestyle as being rustic and old-fashioned. The invasion of technology has turned entertainment channels as the main source of knowledge and direction for living. Farming is by and large considered akin to an Englishman’s coolie’s job. Forward looking political outfits too are busily bandying about apps on smartphones to farmers and agricultural income is exist from tax. Farmhouses located in and around cities are regarded ‘agricultural income sources’ too. Mass propaganda is rampant about the tragic incidence of suicides by farmers. But socio-economic factors that have led to such a rank degeneration of our country are never deliberated upon- either in fear of losing mantle of power or out of a disdain for abject poverty faced by farmer community who are governed by local goons and National defective policies . 


Unless and until the preamble to the constitution of India is read and understood by law makers in India and unless the grass-root governance system is repaired fast,there can be neither social justice nor economic justice . 

Political justice revolves around setting right the priorities of a central budget. This essayist has been a strong advocate for allocation of at least 25% of union budget for the agricultural sector which currently stands at dismal lowly single digit figure.

Defence procurement has caught fancy of warmongering and fatalist leaderships who have been blinded into opening up 100% foreign direct investment in sensitive sectors as publishing,broadcasting,space & defence fields.

Remedy this Himalayan blunder. Urgently.

Next, remove personal taxation of individuals across all strata of society to introduce the by now,well publicised transaction tax. All things considered, neither does the cost of tax collection justify the exercise nor the multiplicity of litigation and animosity generated in society by dint of discretionary powers used (abused?) by even lower level officials only proves to be counter productive. 

Governments are not turned to tax the voters nor do these man made creatures of law survive or prosper by taxing a person. 

Agriculture should no longer be used to propagate sycophancy nor perpetuate the clan of a certain committee head. As is being done currently in India. 

Reach out to the farmer. Not through one hour public rallies or bi monthly radio broadcasts . Let more agricultural universities be started and experienced officers conversant with local soil,weather, field studies and the subject of agricultural growth walk over to every farmland and educate them about right crop to grow,timing, methodology and even supply non spurious seeds .

Organic farming has caught fancy of business houses who are again exporting the produce . 

Exploitation of the farmer continues unabated. 

Time to reflect over what each one of us in urban areas can do in order to reconnect with the long lost flavour of an agrarian society.

This essayist has long ago suggested after a former client took over reins of stewardship of the nation,that he address our countrymen to adopt a family of a farmer from their native place : sponsor education of a child of a farmer’s family and support him to buy seeds, fertiliser and enable him to return the sum upon reaping his harvest. The bonding would help in renewal of culture forgotten by this generation that seems hell bent on ruining the future of their progeny and of future generations.

A civilisation has always begun from river valleys and prospered by agricultural activity. Return to civilisation. Else, Planet Earth is doomed as populations turn lazy, warring and due of hunger and lack of crops. Again, not all who eat meat or ‘non-vegetarian’ food can hunt or go fishing in the high seas. 

Before you cheer and pat each others’ backs in praise of a digital age and sending 108 satellites into outer orbit of space to seek re election,do re set policies and ensure that the farmer is not an extinct species. 

Happy Farmer’s Day !

Jai Hind!! 



{ There is a whole set of prescriptions available to transform India but those in saddle of power little bother to listen. Ponder why? India 🇮🇳 must arise, awake}.

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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    Its a good attempt and those who thought about it.. realy thankfull to everyone behind this beautifFull projects.