Season to Reason !

Season to Reason !

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

Who was Christ and how is his life exemplary? Wasn’t there a world of wisdom and great learning ages and eons before the ‘son of God?’

Why is Lord Krishna immortal and much worshipped centuries before and after Jesus Christ was born in a manger of a cold desert ?

How are the travails of Lord Sri Rama epic and are tribulations of Christ comparable?
Was the story of Rama about righteousness and of Sri Krishna more about politics of right and wrong ? Was Jesus not about resurrection as much as about reincarnation of Lord Sriman Narayana as and when adharma endangered universe which was created by Almighty Nature to be breathing a life of Dharma ?

Isn’t Dharma about co-existence and co-habitation of both man and woman,as creations of His image and both flora and fauna entitled to natural rights of existence as does mankind ?

What differentiates Mohammed the prophet believed in by the Moslems worldwide from Jesus Christ? Where do those who condemn the brutal assassination of Ali differ from the ones who only praise Allah as the most beneficial One?

Does the multiplicity of beliefs or the plurality of the pantheon of Supernatural Force in any measure reduce the magnanimity of the Hindu Faith which by far has been studied by scholars of comparative religions to be the most ancient,advanced as well as a ‘lost’ belief system where there is no rigidity or strictures passed by any Order (as do most other widely followed ones)?
Compassion, kindness, mercy, goodness and humanism are the underlying factors of any ‘good’ religion.

We live in turbulent times of climate control, sociological dilemmas and economic upheavals. As such, when the monster of ‘terrorism’ stalks the peace-loving, technological world, it augurs well as a matter of compulsion to therefore define a ‘bad’ religion.

Since a ‘good’ religion forever subscribes to peace,conversely, anyone who believes in beastiality, cruelty and irrationally butchering men as they do the buffaloes and swine they are wont to consume as a hearty meal,can but be dubbed to be a follower of a ‘bad’ religion.

Viewed from a point of dispassionate justice system, the terms ‘bad religion’ and ‘criminality’ can be used interchangeably.
Those who abhor universality or peaceful co-existence are to be chained by rule of Law in a civilised society.

How then are India and the United States ( the largest and the oldest democratic societies of the modern world ) akin to each other and where do they surpass primitive lands which continue to exist on the basis of a theological doctrine and thereby exclude other communities of human beings from leading a life of equality, with their own race ?

It is the spirit of universalism and humaneness which binds Indians and Americans to ideals of a Constitution. Ironic though is the fact of one having a very short and rigid book of principles of Constitution that has stood rest of two centuries but the other nation has a most complex amalgam of edicts which on the one hand assure justice-political,social and economic but has over seven decades seen several amendments.
Being Indian means much more than enjoying the freedom to practice any religion or culture : it epitomises ‘tolerance’ .

Here arises the moot question-‘why then does India get rocked by so-called communal riots ?’.

The high and low of India has been the ability of the majority Hinduism to stretch tolerance to newer heights in stark contrast to the intolerant ( almost fanatical ) attitude and wild reactions of followers of the Semitic religions.

It is an anthropological fact that those who embraced desert cults out of force of circumstances are as much Indian as the rest of their race and nationals. It is only the illiterate and disillusioned,unemployed
ones who either seek freebies crying ‘minority’ or indulge in mob-acts of rioting or instigating multitudes (ultimately found to be fanned by monetary enticements offered as a lure and bait by rogue-States)!

In order to restructure the fabric and design of an ancient land still famous for love as well as a consequent density of population, an uniform civil code needs to be legislated. Every citizen must stay and lead a life of being Indian only as an Indian and those who label themselves as a ‘minority’ or ‘special humans’ ought to be disenfranchised. It is Laws that can re-engineer a society of distortions and contradicting belief-systems.

India believes and lives in the unparalleled thought that -‘ all world is one huge household ‘ and discrimination is detrimental to mental peace as well as social responsibility. The identity should be of being an INDIAN and not a desi Moslem or Hindustani Christian.

Politics has split Indians from being purely a land of Hinduism to separation of Sikhs,Jains,Buddhists from the fold of being Hindus. A more pernicious evil has been the labelling of few as Dalits based on exploitation of their ancestors by few evil landlords as well as priests. In fact,it was the rigidity of the class of those who were scholars of Sanskrit and mystical Vedas that destroyed Indian harmony throwing Sanskrit into oblivion of historical travesties.

One would not be wrong in pronouncing that Sanskrit could have easily weaved the entire sub-continent into one world of one superlative learned,one tongue-speaking race! But,alas..!

Returning to the subject of how few chroniclers have established the missing forty odd seasons of life story of Christ and Mohammed as having reached out to the land of SriKrishna just as Sage Shukracharya ( the chief counsel of the asoora race ) had built the thousand-lingas temple at modern day city of Mecca , it is but clear that ‘breach-of-faith’ has superseded Faith in the ides of Time.

Greed and lust for power by tyrants suffering from an inferiority complex has turned the malaise into a chronic epidemic which has engulfed the globe.

Pigeons of Peace are what we welcome as ones who respect the tale of Yuletide just as we respect Ramadan or Hanukkah celebrations!

Yes, India has a religion of Indian-ness. Music and Lamps ; Sweets and Colourful attires ; Sharing and Donating are the attributes of being an Indian.

To root out the fissiparous tendencies, let the constitution which declares itself to be a people’s’ democratic Republic direct the de registration of political outfits which swear by communism or religious fanaticism besides abolishing regional parties that proliferate parochialism and hypocrisy.

May the evolution of a nation of humanists put a stop to motivated revolutions started by wild bands of red extremists,green fanatics,white buccaneers or saffron robed defenders.

This is the wish a humble soul offers as a prayer this Christmas 🎄 for India! May Blessings shower upon all peace loving humanity. Righteousness be Politics.

🙏 ☮ 🇮🇳

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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