Tie-breaker !

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

One has been receiving many calls and messages from well educated youths of the country expressing dismay that the baton of power is going to pass back into the hands of the old hag party of India.

My answer is only this : Despair not.

The manthan is on. The mahagatbandhan is evidence of it.

Dark clouds of self-doubt have definitely engulfed the society of hopefuls as the
-‘ absolute majority ‘ has only ‘aye-ayed’ the Bill meant to end suffering of women wedded to Muslim men who discard them from matrimonial home & wedlock by merely uttering their intent to divorce thrice.

The terrified women are bound to send a word of gratitude to their unseen, mighty Allah for yet again sending the kafur brigade to protect their existence (& to continue to pro create unabated by law or spouses). A hidden agenda to outnumber populations of other minorities like the Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Jews and atheists and turn majority Hindus into a minority in the very land which was carved to let all humanists co exist in peace. Pakistan that was formed to house fanatics and extremists of Islam anyways has been overtaken by masters of the rogue State (dragon State and oil State ).

The Goods and Sales Tax law has been only other significant legislation passed by the August Houses.

Not a whisper about rebuilding the Abode of the Lord Sri Rama at Ayodhya or resolving the monstrous atrocities being perpetrated upon the rest of India continuously by depriving them of a right to reside in or buy any property in Kashmir valley!

The apex court though has stepped in to ensure that more and more acts of citizens are taken out of the ambit of ‘State responsibility’ and erstwhile sacrilegious actions as adultery, same gender wedlocks,live in relationships, attempt to commit a suicide are all no more ‘criminal’ and State saves its sums on prosecuting any such ‘hitherto violators’ of law.

Rest of the period had been marked by ‘dirty stable gang’ quoting fictitious taxi drivers to spread canards about the dispensations and the ruling establishment itself focusing upon a midget of the opposition to convert him into a larger than life leader and just as Jesus Christ became more popular after his crucification, likewise the good got nothing lad-neta has been touted to become the David to fell the Goliath!
Council of Ministers is an arrangement of convenience with coalitions between internal adjustments: as such, consensus of what the ‘Yes Minister’ coterie of bureaucracy prompts has become the style of governance.

As for the unseen social media bunch, their often not so very sociable attitude has distanced the supporters of the establishment from them. The cacophony created in public platforms and television studios by dimwit spokespersons lends a ‘dirt & mud’ colour to the entire scheme of things.

Are the novices at administering policies going to continue to bungle upon a golden opportunity provided by the nation?
Are we, the people going to yet again turn into scapegoats and curse the red herring called -‘Nota’ or omitted voters for poor turnouts and extend sympathies towards the cheerfully exiting leaders voted out (as in recent past)?

The youth of India are the top influencers of campaign in the coming general elections. Middle classes are as the air in the atmosphere-unseen and taken for granted by all & sundry parties in desi politics. So, it is in the interests of both the country and the ruling dispensation to nurture them by offering them an opportunity to pick tickets for contesting 2019 in total contrast to trends of the past. Such a declaration must come well in advance of at least four months as it was done in announcing the prime ministerial candidate for the last polls. The loose temptations of political outfits to sell these tickets to contest,to highest bidders or goons with muscle power or dynasty should end. There must no longer be hypocrisy of patronising minority candidates to up the ante of upsurge against the majority(that has cost them dearly in State elections-be it Maharashtra or elsewhere).

Unless they turn honest, the all powerful duo of Modi-Shah will but see the ghosts of the past surfacing and exhumation of a buried coffin would but be the first task of Madam (the madam of all madmen in this wonderland). The larger damage will be inflicted upon the nation with all anti national forces and anti social elements dancing to the Bollywood noises of ‘tukde-tukde’ and ‘Allah ho Akbar ‘ . Even the silent oppressors,the pseudo inheritors of Christianity in India, would be converted into extremist ‘religion’ by evil sects of a ‘peace loving,all merciful ‘ desi Islam! Armageddon?

Hence and therefore, it is high time for all those who distribute tickets for upcoming polls to wash their faces, wake up from stupor of arrogance & narcissism, to return to truly reshape the destiny of a billion plus suffering countrymen whose heart beats for India but are being oppressed by faulty policies of haphazard management,hollow manifestoes and derailed policies across the spectrum of society.

Those voted out of power may still retain their spot in history books but the present lot comprises of largely deadwood political animals with a host of health ailments. Let these also-rans be retired. Just as referee of 2014 had declared a margadadshak group,let that be expanded to form a club of retirees.

Youth of India today possess the dynamism, energy, vision as well as sense of purposeful mission to restore Dharma and Spirituality in this great,ancient land. End the ‘in-perpetuity’ habit and in the least,pilot a Bill for bringing in an uniform civil code and leave it for debate by the Houses of Parliament.

This will be one face saving, graceful act of this Government to command a much larger majority at the hustings. Much depends upon the exhibition of will to protect majority Hindus rather than continue to appease minority others . Otherwise, the script of the opposition has become clear: foment communal riots and who else but the present day silent killer of all ideologies , ‘Behanji’ would romp home to occupy the mantle.

Bedlam, logjam and civil unrest would follow.

There is no choice but to choose to be loyal to your loyal voters. Not only seem to belong to the large majority of the country who have thrust greatness upon you, beloved Prime Minister!

While in this topic, enough has been said to make it seem as if the prism is the source of light and not the kindness of the Sun itself!

India has undoubtedly turned its trajectory from a nosedive to steady growth upwards,rightly so! Yet, the excess of publicity to one individual and shrouding real growth in ugly cases of mob lunching, gender violence and statue politics has marred the image of being a just and sagacious regime.

More than the ecosystem of bureaucracy, judiciary and aya Ram-gaya Ram self obsessed leaders, the psyche of oneupmanship must end. For the good of one and all .

We, the people owe it ourselves.
Do not despair. Those who were appointed will not dare to disappoint now. It is a matter of habit and habitat more for them than the homeless and the poor masses.

Unify, unite and stop spoiling the performer with flattery. Let there be a better choice for people to elect able leaders and only then can a dynamic cabinet emerge . India deserves stability of foreign policy and internal direction.
Let there be a new awakening and may the Force of Modism brighten the path.

No more scamming the people of India.
All world looks up to us.
Awaken them now..!

Jai Hind!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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