The voiceless public: A Republic!

The voiceless public: A Republic!

by Pamarty Venkataramana

Although little knowing politicians, media slaves and others have lent the imagery of military parade, pomp and pageantry to the celebration of our Republic day every year on the 26 th day of January ,it marks the inauguration of our sacred Constitution!

Hence, it is, in reality, a festival to endow power to the people. An occasion for the reaffirmation of faith in the people by a Constitution.

Not vice versa..

However, the tide is turning. .

With the advent of Modi raj, shackles of mind and media appear to be crumbling. Sending a sigh of relief and great hope to all countrymen that had to remain mute spectators to the loot, plunder and wanton destruction of noblest ideals of the great freedom struggle of all Indian princely States to be freed from the yoke of foreign rule. Suppression soon took another form of oppression by a coterie of tyrant politicos, babulog and media moles who collectively projected the Nehru clan as the sole villain of the betrayal of a Republic.

Soon as the present dispensation took over reins of government, truth long hidden by darbari pseudo masquerading as historians and intelligentsia, began to surface. The Netaji files were declassified. The distorted tales of loot plundered from the ex-rulers of the erstwhile princely States began to be seen in true perspective!

But, period.

The public still remains voiceless in the Republic.



A singular instance is the much bandied public to pick & choose Padma awardees bogey !

Is there any constitutional bar to the selection by public, of hitherto, unsung, unrecognized citizens who did the nation proud by their stellar services, in various streams and walks of life? NO.

Is there any constitutional bar to the number of such awardees to be chosen in a particular year by we,the people? NO.

So, in a billion plus nation, a people’s government feels constrained to allow all these achievers, on paralleled, to be contained to a few they pick themselves? SAD.

Contradiction has been a feature of every political party which pleads for votes from the citizens, term after term. Manifestoes are forgotten. No annual report is either submitted by them nor stock taken, of poll promises fulfilled and unfulfilled!

Education for all. This be the mantra to turn around the decadent society manned by mischief mongers and bartered governance by coalition regimes. Not one stands up for values enshrined in the constitution. There is always a hidden agenda and veiled threat.

Justice, Political, social, economic! These are defined to be the goals of the Republic. Yet, who dares drive away those demons and demonesses that plague the peace of all people?

There are those society butterflies who have found a new drug called social media fora, to blow own trumpets, few servile groups thrive as parasites, on boot polishing of the few that outwitted the upright, honest, sincerest poor, weaklings in the system of a Republic. And, there are those other birds that seek green pastures across the seas and come home to roost whenever the weather in adopted lands is hostile!

We, the people!

Justice. A misnomer nowadays.

Justice system has become the flagellating horse for all sins of governance and societal ills. Reason sleeps in wake of mass, vociferous echoing of displeasure in court rulings. But,who rules the courts? How can a republic of a parliamentary democracy let free one sinister bloke who reportedly phones up a Honourable judge in the apex court to grant bail to a known traitor?

Aren’t we a voiceless republic?

The idea of State is for long gone into a limbo. This is attested to by the Modi government clearing a certain known destroyer of public distribution, law and order, sporting systems for grant of a most prestigious national award, only the second highest of our country…

Lest smaller minds assume it is envy that causes a mention of that character in this essay, One hastens to clarify that NO, it’s not envy. But, a pride in the Constitution and prejudice of green eyed monsters cannot derail the firm foundations of our national heritage which rests on trust, affection and spiritualism . Not, on flimsy grounds of discrimination or reservation.

True. How can one forget the amusement caused to pies the query-‘ was our constitution transitory in nature?’

Why else did the wise, founding fathers ,despite all that veto power exercised by likes of Mahatma Gandhi and those who appointed Ambedkar as the chairman of drafting committee mention a set time period for caste based reservations in society and public opportunity?

As a Republic, we stand. We have gained as one nation.

Yet, we the Republic itself has lost!

We, the public are voiceless in our Republic.

Perversion of a philosophy cannot ever become the philosophy of statecraft itself!

Arise. Awaken. Light the flame of knowledge, love, patriotism.

Let not the citizens be strangers to good governance systems. End the politics of cheap populism, dark treachery and sorcery by bureaucrats.

An enlightened republic alone can light up the lives of one and all in the Republic- which is the lone objective of the Preamble to the Constitution of India.

Wishing all India a joyous reminder of who we are, what we are and who our ancient forefathers were!

Happy Republic day,2017.

Jai hind!!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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