A Smiling Heart

A Smiling Heart

By Pamarty Venkataramana

Wealth. Gold. Ornaments. Jewellery. Fineries. Possessions. Sweets. Lights. Crackers. Festivities. Joy. Raptures. Celebration. Gifts. Presents. Return gifts. Sharing. Caring. Expressions.

⁃ the whole of Festival of Lights can be essayed through these catchwords.

Yet,there is more than all the flowerpot crackers, the bursting of little, noisy bombs and

bustling laughter booming across drawing rooms and party halls or club houses.

The gathering is symbolic of human spirit – of communism, communalism and proof of being a social animal.

Where there is plenty, there is always a predominant act of giving, sharing, caring. And,these are the hallmarks of being human.

Humane nature of man turns mankind into a mass of humanity.

The kindness of man is reflected in such compassion, tolerance and unification of society.


The ladders of hierarchy, strata in society and so-called ‘below the poverty-line existence’ are all imaginary.

Laid down by pipe-smoking planners of policies, dependent upon little-caring hoi-poi mandarins of governance.

Neither care for brutal realities of parsimony, miserliness and hoarding mentality of neo-rich .

Nor do they bother about inequities in distribution of natural resources for public weal.

These are the ‘Narakasuras‘ of our times.

Spirit of Diwali has a lot to offer in lessons from Hinduism as the planet’s most advanced, ancient religion.

Not surprisingly, there are so many Diwali-parties thrush outside Indian shores well before the festivities begin in motherland of it all.

So much of gaiety.

Happiness shared.

Few though, artificial,inane, even insane.

A majority however join the intent and purpose of the festival that can be likened to solitary festivals called Xmas of Christianity and Ramadaan of Islam, when tythes and zakad are annual rituals.

The less fortunate feel equally wealthy to partake of the light and sound show exhibited around their humble hearths.

The richer folk feel good, playing God in being gentle, kind and loving as the divine beings they worship,in gratitude of a good lifestyle.

Having said this, what exactly is the wealth all of Diwali is about?

It is more about celebration of spirit of life and being alive ,to live & let live as it us about liveliness of a duration of time stated together, with family, friends and strangers, welcomed home : into a paradise of Earthly life.

Real wealth and purpose of the festival is celebration of kindness,joyous existence and contentment which arises by sharing with others.

In the same manner as those down south in Tamilnadu recall how a deadly demon named Narakasura was killed to end his tyranny, by Lord Sri Krishna or as others up north in fond remembrance of return of lord Sri Rama victorious from battle against evil foes, to be coronated as King of a righteous rule, that all good triumphs over evil is the perennial lesson passed on ,in perpetuity, to future generations.

Unless all that is accumulated over a nine month period of harvested gains is distributed now, there would be no charm in leading a life of renewed efforts for reaping a fresh harvest .

Hoarding is bad. Holding is good. Sharing is ideal. Saving is safe. Giving, though, is the best act of man.

To the needy.

To the loved.

To the hapless.

To those seeking.

And,not just to a beloved one or the self.

All this results in abundant blessings.

Such is the grace of Almighty, call as Rama, Krishna or just an universal Force.


We are equally blessed.

Wealth of life.

We all have a Soul.

All souls reside. Within ourselves. To reach out. To direct. To lead. To aid. To abet. To breathe life. To pour lives. To outlast storms, of the mind, body and Nature’s vagaries.

Will all lost minds set on self-aggrandizement, loot and corrupt means of hoarding material wealth recognize these simple truths of life and attain salvation on the occasion or would they be consigned to accursed, imprisoned state of mindset?

Choice is personal.


Light a heart. Enlighten souls. Light the lamps .

More, the merrier.

Candle. Lantern. Smiles. Presents. Money. Gold. Emeralds. Rubies. Diamonds. Clothes. Utensils. Vehicles. Books. Foodstuffs. Any which way!

Happy festival, world. May each one all light up the soul present within. Begins, we seek to lighten others’ burden of existence – temporary, transitory, fragile!


A smiling heart is a sine qua non for celebration of Festival of Lights, Diwali !

Yet, forgivance is the greatest pre-requisite for enjoying this spirit of giving, sharing, caring.

Submit to Divnity.

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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  • Pranams to the Blessed Self,

    What a joy ti behold , light our life within, besides lighting others’ + live, let live, share & care with fellow being in a complete sense of humanness.

    Excellent interoretation, provided by you, as a enlightened soul.

    Let this world of Human pack off, “the Naraka Asura” within & encompass others by live & affection with the joy of life.

    Let this spirit of “Diwali” spread all around.

    Humble greetings to you & the memers of your family, on this happiest occasion.

  • Excellent post…Happy Diwali to you Sir