Idiots of The Nation

Idiots of The Nationblack

I am not sure whether Einstein’s theory, Newtons postulates are correct or not. I don’t know how the universe was created. But I am sure about one thing that “Idiots of The Nation” are spoiling our great nation. Before modern era, these idiots where just idiots. After our country was became “Independently Secular“, these idiots became “secular idiots“. With passing time, these idiots became greedy and they cultivated lust for power, money. And in quest of power & money, they became hateful towards anybody or any organisation who represents India & its belief. Idiots of the nation tried their best to demolish all institutions pertaining to original Indian religion.

For these secular forces aka the idiots of the nation, India was a place of uneducated tribes, it never had any culture, Ramayana & Mahabharata are myth &  Lord Ram & Krishna are mythological figures. They forget that India had two famous universities Taxila & Nalanda when other where trying to learn ABC. India discovered Zero & decimal system when rest of the world was trying to solve simple mathematical problems. While rest of the world called numeric as “Hindsa meaning Indian” these forces gave credit to Arab, the donkey ridding nation, for developing it.

The father of these rogue elements, JL Nehru expressed such opinion in his so-called great book in “Discovery of India”. Lo & Behold, the idiots of the nation take this book as gospel truth. Even Gandhiji treated “Gita” as a great book but not the way religion holds it.

For offspring of Gandhi & Nehru, Babari Mosque, Gyanvapi Mosque and Mosque Janambhoomi Mathura are realities but Ram Lala Mandir, Baba Vishwnath Mandir & Krishna Janmasthan Mandir are imaginary creation of Hindu hardliners.  One can’t & should not question the some religion’s faith about “Birth of a boy from Virgin Mother” nor one should question somebody faith that their book is God’s book which can’t be corrected but at the same time no one should question Hindu’s faith about their deities. But “forces” do it everyday by making fun of Hindu’s ritual. They insult Hindu’s Gods by making nude painting and filthy remarks about them. Hiding behind “freedom of expression”, they “celebrate Mahishasura festival” and abuse Goddess Kali. Don’t they do it?

The tale does not end here. For them, India was not enslaved in 11th century when Islamic rulers invaded India. For them, our slavery started after we lost the battle of Plassey in 1757.  You can’t find any justification for their moronic thoughts. Can you?

Not only they are wrong about when India lost its independence but they have wrong information that India became independent in 1947 as well. Because only rulers changed their face in 1947. The white became brown but they continue to plunder India unabated as before. English were replaced by English educated moron who changed their attire into Italian mafia later on. It took another 67 years to gain semi-independence in May 2014. Yes, it is semi because some in govt still have the same mindset.

With passing time, generation of these moron changed, so changed their style. Those who were jailed in 1962 & 1965/1972 wars, question integrity of Modi who treat every Indian as equal. It is paradox that those, who openly support separatist movements, are known as secular progressive intellectuals. Those, who support bloody Maoist, are treated as patrons human right. Those, who put every hindrance in India’s progress, are known as environmentalists. But those who die for the nation, those, who keep service above self, those, for whom nation is their Dharma, are known as backward, regressive, uneducated, fundamentalist. For them, the past government which showed their ass to Pakistan & China at occasions, question present government strategic when our jawans fire back or when India partners neighboring counties to stop China’s expansionist policies.

Dear Friends, in last 67 years, these “Idiots” have their third generation. This generation is more educated, more tech savvy, more articulate in expression & consequently has more lust for money & power. They work as “NGO”, foreign funded “NGO”. In name of reform, they want to grab constitutional power. They go one challenging  even President & LG over their political decision. The sad part of this story is that even courts are passing uncalled for remarks again LG & President knowing well that courts have no power in formation of government unless it is proved that such government is formed by using unfair means. For “NGO” party, it is wrong, criminal & unethical if BJP takes support of some MLA in forming government but it became holy alliance when this group formed “49 Day” government by taking support of Italian ruled party.

In another case, these Idiots of the nation are making fun of present government by calling Modi as protector of Black money holders. What a fun? They never questioned Mafia government which kept black money issue on back burner for 4 years. They forced SC to pass unruly remarks against present government & forced the court to order to give names of black money holders. Fun is that government informed SC that list has already been given to SIT, appointed & monitored by SC. But orders are orders. Government present the list in sealed cover. SC did not even opened the cover but passed it to the same SIT which had the same list long back. It is beyond my little wisdom why SC asked for the list, why it did not verified government claim about the list given to SIT and why it did not made the name public? What was the purpose of SC? If it showed its irritation for not disclosing names the why it backed from making the names public? 

A loud thought :: Is it possible that these forces are helping black money holders by dragging the government in the court?

Many morons question the manner in which the present Modi government is working. but the same people never dared to ask any question from “Accidental Prime Minister” and “Magic Queen” when their team was plundering India. They never questioned the same government when it defied SC for 4 years by not appointing SIT. They never questioned slave government when Uttarkhand was flooded & relief material could not be sent because “The Prince Charming” was busy in hair cut.

I don’t know that whether all methods of Modi govt are correct or not. In fact all can’t be correct. With time, Modi government is bound to make mistakes too. But I know that Modi’s intentions are 100% honest. A man, having honest intention, succeeds even if he adopts wrong methods. A man, having dishonest intentions, never succeeds. 

On behalf of our nation, I appeal all “Idiots of the nation” to come into senses and start loving the soil which is giving them food & shelter.


  • विवेक सिंह

    बहुत सटीक अभिव्यकति । इडीअटस की संज्ञा बिलकुल सही है इन छद्मवेशी देशद्रोहियों के लिए।

  • Please correct “Price Charming” as “Prince Charming”

  • sureshbahadur Singh

    एक बेहतरीन बिवेचनात्मक लेख जिसे हर एक को पढ़ना एवं समझना चाहिए .

  • Well analysed. I was wondering at the way Judiciary and Legislative at cross roads, L-G intention being questioned, President being forced to act fast, such this, such that. Let there be calm. Delhi President Rule is upto Feb. 2015. this is as per law. L.G has ample time to decide.

  • BRAVO.An innovative article,a big slap on the face these destroyers of the nation.They are unpatriotic,knowingly trying to harm the nation.I condemn all their actions.A picturesq presentation bythe author.