Yes, It is Islamic Terror

Yes, It is Islamic Terror

isis-flag-350_102014055624The heading “Yes, It is Islamic Terror” may look very offensive to many-many readers. But it was necessary to put it straight without camouflaging in nice & sweet coated words, as per fashion of the day.

This heading “Yes It is Islamic Terror” is neither meant to offend Indian Muslims nor to appease Hindu hardliners but to diagnose the disease because unless you diagnose the disease correctly, you can’t find medicine for it.

What we see happening in West Bengal, West Asia, Kashmir & some other parts of the country, is nothing but organised terror activities by Islamic organisations, in the name of Islam. As NIA discovered, these terror outfits have used Madrasa’s network extensively. It may be noted that when last month a BJP MP said that Madrasas have become breeding ground for terrorism, there was lots of hue-n-cry in the media by the opposition parties. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and other Central intelligence agencies discovered 150 jihadis linked to Bangladesh module as evidence of the cover-up by the West Bengal Police in the Burdwan accidental bombing case. Pieces of intelligence received from various sources detailing the Simulia Madrasa terror apparatus reveals that suspected terrorist Shakil Ahmed prepared self-motivated modules who have gained expertise in making IEDs and carrying out terror strikes as independent operatives. Prior to this, many terror outfits were discovered at many places in India, mostly belonged to Islamic organisation.

Now let us have a look at West Asia situation. Be it Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, ISIS or ISIL, all are running terror outfits in the name of Islam. They are killing their own Shia brothers, raping their own sisters & mothers and destroying lives of their own kids, just in name of Islam. And here, we are saying, “Terror is terror, it has no religion.This statement is true only if there are few stray incidence of terrorism. But we can’t accept this theory when it is organised, when it uses place of worship or place of learning. Can we?

Who can deny that Boko Haram is not Islamic terrorist outfit? Who can deny ISIS is not an Islamic organisation and is not killing Shia & Yezidis? Who can deny Al-Qaeda does not target only non-Islamic places? And if you say, that Islamic terror is reaction of 2002 riots, then I would say that you are blind and idiot. Al-Qaeda is rooted firmly in India. Show of ISIS Flags in Kashmir can’t be taken as small incidence. No person other than Islam faith have any interest in these organisation.

Indian Muslim Brothers & Sisters, though it is getting late but it is not absolutely late. It is more than wake-up call for you all. Only you can stop these miscreants. How you can afford civil war between Shia-Sunni? How you can afford to destroy your own young generation in the name of religion? Don’t worry about Hindu fundamentalist. Let Hindus take care themselves & we, Hindus, would see that they don’t succeed at all. But take care of terror activities breeding in Muslim society. Don’t allow these murderers to take shelter in Madrasas & Masjids. Don’t listen them because their interruption of Quran is flawed as you, yourself, say that Islam preaches peace. So how can the call to kill Shia, rape women & shoot kids can be Islamic? Think over it.

Accept by heart that “Yes, It is Islamic Terror.” Once you accept it, solution would appear immediately. It is your call now.


  • Islam the religion of peace has become a religion of terror.You have written well to prove this point.They are harming Muslims more than people belonging to other communities.Now Islam is receiving reprimand from leaders from West.Not that all Muslims are terrorists,most of them living in West and in India are peace loving but these terrorists outfits make people creat a doubt in their minds.Islam has to mend itself.