Vociferous for Voiceless

Vociferous for Voiceless

by Pamarty Venkataramana

Darkness epitomizes Light. Light encompasses darkness.

Societal mores have changed society . Politics hasn’t changed it’s scar marks.

Is Government light or darkness in reality?


Jalikattu, the traditional bull fight from southern state of India, viz; Tamilnadu has, in recent years, become a banal sport in minds of mass media who have set sights on extermination of Hinduism ,the mainstay of the great Indian Nation. To them, the mass killing of goats, cows and other creatures including camels and peacocks for meat consumption by the followers of middle eastern religion of Islam is not a cardinal sin. Nor a crime to be denounced by their lot. Nor, do they murmur or even whisper at wine being distributed as prasadam at churches across the length and breadth of the country ,every which week, by pastors and ardent worshipers of Jesus Christ and Christianity.


The ‘whip’ being cracked by the ‘high command’ of a political party registered with the Election Commission of India is the epitome of decadence of constitutional propriety in our times .

How can the entire process of ejecting representatives of the people be nullified at one stroke by dictatorial tendencies exhibited by the top brass of almost all parties, without an exception? Cutting across ideologies, manifestos and numbers.

Aren’t they making a mockery of the whole electoral process and peoples’ democracy ?


Declare this an unconstitutional practice. Let each and every parliamentarian or legislator speak out on all issues affecting the lives of constituents they represent. They must not abscond from paramount duty of attending the session on all days, throughout, conscientiously.

Debar political parties who crack the whip on matters of voting in the August Houses of Parliament!


The mighty Sun sends out it’s shining rays, light and warmth of life to all creatures on Earth, irrespective of their wealth, physical features or race, creed, caste, social status. Regardless of them wasting away a life or living life to the fullest brim of ability, utility and span. Neither the peasant, poor farm laborer or an innocent tiny tot seeks out or calls out to the Sun for replenishment of energy, life or dose of sunshine, daily. But, the Sun spreads it’s shine, Rays and life-energy across the whole world, without any discrimination or differentiation.

Let the apex Court, the Honourable Supreme of India too dispense justice to all citizens crying out for justice, without having to reach out through pyramids of courts, advocates and classes of advocates such as advocates on record, briefing advocates, senior (designated) advocates , clerks and arguing advocates, etc.

Let litigation be affordable. Let not litigants pay up for so-called costs of service of summons to witnesses, parties, etc. at stated nominal charges of two rupees, etc. in an age of cashless payment mechanisms where charges far exceed the stated fee levied by statute.

Such idiosyncrasies and atrocities committed by the antiquated legal system can be rectified if the Honourable Supreme Court had five zonal Benches to hear roti ur appellate cases even as the prime Bench is stationed in the nation’s capital and will be addressing itself to solve points of law and jurisprudence rather than be bogged down with clerical and sub standard issues of law, litigation and poor rulings passed by subordinate courts as well as High a Courts at different State levels.

Supreme Court must justify it’s status as a pillar of our sacred Constitution!


Executive comprises of diligent,honest,hard working servants of the Government. Yet, these patriots are being far out-numbered by evil,corrupt slaves of greed, lethargy and ignorance.

It’s a shame to notice, experience the gross ill behavior by those holed up in important posts of the Government, cutting across ranks, levels and designation.

There is a definite cartel working as agents appointed by the Government who charge you per page to submit the attested documents to the External Affairs Ministry and to pick from the ministry’s offices and return these to you from their own offices. Each page is treated as a separate document for purpose of charging.

Why cannot the Ministry of External Affairs open a single window at Delhi or respective State Secretariat offices to receive directly from the citizens and return these, free of charge to citizens?

Is it asking for too much from tax payers, students and poor workers fending for their families back home after slaving in the Gulf under horrid, hostile conditions?


These are but a few glimpses of things wrong with our country’s existing systems.

Mere demonetization to end terror-financing and fake-notes industry does not usher in a happy society.

Life needs simplification.

Emulate an advanced nation like the U.S.A. where Government focuses on foreign policy, space development and social security instead of letting the systems view the citizens as wrong-doers, with suspicion and meted out with pure harassment, day in & day out.

Internal terror confronts the innocent, the honest and the diligent citizens, everyday.

Across every rung and sphere of governance.

Psuedos, fakes and crooked men and women man these slots of government who are either outright wicked, corrupt or worse than imbeciles . A few are insane as well as arrogant and maniacal in their approach. They have robust unions headed by work evaders and leftist outfits to intimidate the hapless citizens as also diligent colleagues.

Until and unless these inequities of our much derailed systems of governance are remedied first & foremost, we will soon fragment into the dustbin of history.


When voices are stifled, voiceless voices scream for succor from moles & tyrants holed up in corridors of Government making dummies out of peoples’ representatives as well as a just system of law and order!

We, the People or are we, the Voiceless ones ?

Wake up, Heads of State before the Achilles heel springs up a David to beat the Goliath!


Vandey Mataram!


Jai Hind!!


Satyameva Jayatey!!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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