Right to Education

And in case it is only the Sherlock in me which is imagining a clever plot, then I request the government to ensure that these children get admission in government schools without facing any hassles or humiliation. The families of these kids cannot afford private education and that is why they come to schools like ours, where they somehow save every drop out of their buckets to pay us Rs 300 – 400 each month. If the government does not want us to help them with fulfilling what is actually their duty, of imparting free education to every child, then they need to take a good look at themselves and clean up their system.

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The NaMo Army

The NaMo Army a self-motivated & self-driven team that rocked the social media with NaMo chant, is such a group out of many groups who raised NaMo chant. These 8 people are engineers and entrepreneurs, none of them officially associated with the BJP. Strange as it may sound, the team started working in isolation and it was only at a much later stage that its efforts were recognized by the BJP.

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Who saved Jessica?

Janani Srinivas

Ms Janani Srinivas (Twitter account @jananisri77) is a homemaker and takes active interest in social welfare and blogs on topics like spirituality, and national interest. Her other hobbies are Origami, music, dance, astrology. Her husband is in IT and they have one daughter who is in school. She intends to travel across the globe and share relevant experiences and learning.

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Who saved Jessica? People come across our path for a reason, although we don’t know at that point of time and what important role they will play in future. It was a cold boring winter evening in Texas and I was waiting in my car at a red signal. Humming slow  songs from my car stereo was soothing my mood and […]

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