Cost of a Glass of Milk


Howard Atwood Kelly born on February 20, 1858 at Camden, New Jersey, after few years of Initial Education, Howard went to University of Pennsylvania to complete his BA in 1877 and completed his MD in 1882 soon after completing his MD he started his career as faculty member at McGill University, later he went to Kensington where he became expert in Gynecology.

Dr.Howard Kelly

Dr.Howard Kelly

In 1888 Dr.Howard returned  back to the University of Pennsylvania and  became associate professor of obstetrics ,It was in 1889 he was hired  as the first professor of  Gynecology and obstetrics at Johns Hopkins University and Gynecological surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr.Howard was fond of innovations, in his 30-year of career at Hopkins he created new surgical approaches to women’s diseases and invented numerous medical devices, he was one of the first to use radium to treat cancer, In 1913 he helped found The National Radium Institute to extract radium for cancer treatment.

The brief introduction of  Dr.Howard Kelly is to share an inspiring incident happened in his life,


Dr. Howard was on a walking trip through Northern Pennsylvania, one spring day he felt so thirsty and badly wanted water to drink, he stopped by a farm house for a drink of water and knocked the door, one small girl opened the door and asked Dr. Howard what he wanted, Dr. Howard replied that he was feeling thirsty and needed water to drink, looking at Howards face little girl felt that he was tired too so the kid brought him a glass of fresh milk, Howard felt surprised and felt so happy seeing the love and helping nature of small kid, he thanked the kid and left.

Many years after the incidence, a patient came to his hospital in critical condition, When Dr. Kelly heard the name of the town where the patient came from, an inexplicable light filled his eyes. He immediately went to see the patient and recognized her at a glance; the situation of the girl was critical and needed an immediate surgery, Howard determined to save her, he went back to the consultation room and did his best to save the life of the girl. After a long battle, he finally won and became successful in saving the life of the girl.

The girl was recovering from the surgery, Dr. Kelly requested the hospital accounts to forward the final bill to him for approval. He looked at it and without any hesitation he wrote something on the bill and had it sent to the woman’s room. The woman got the bill and was afraid to open it for she was so sure that the cost is high but when she finally opened it, something caught her eye. At the corner of the bill were words she hardly believe her eyes. It is written:

                                “Paid in full with one glass of milk”.

The incident may be old and small but the message is evergreen, Cost of a Glass of Milk was a “ life “, many of my friends share with me that they were cheated or humiliated in life but the incidents like this shows us “whatever you do whether its good or evil, it will surely bounce back in one or other form”. Let us too take a pledge that we will not hurt, cheat or insult anyone in our life and shall help the one in need. Finally let’s say a big wow for Howard Kelly and that little girl. !!


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