Freedom in Power

Freedom in Power

By Pamarty Venkatarmana

A momentous anniversary of a historic day. As India celebrates Independence Day today,we tread timeline of world society with great hope,self-confidence and courage in the proud fact of having as a head of Government,one who rose from an ordinary,humble origin through the grassroots to higher echelons of leadership. By dint of hard work,dedication,purposeful struggle and a disciplined,tenacious lifestyle. Indeed it is important as well as unique for us to begin our tributes to all those martyrs and great freedom fighters who gave up their lives,properties and peace to free our ancient motherland yet again from the yoke of foreign colonialism ,plunder,loot and unwarranted suffering. As a national character exhibited over the centuries,we are a spiritual land who venerate Mother Nature,bow to forces of Universe and regard all existence as one Creation, one World, one Humanity.

That was our original culture and remains our present cultural composition. Amidst the diversity of languages,traditions,dietary habits,costumes and dialects, we respect the national anthem,the national song,the national bird,the nation’s heroes and everyone is welcome to join in celebrating life across our beautiful country. It is certainly true that this very innocent looking habit of welcoming absolute strangers in search of food for survival or to feed their soul clouded by materialism had led us to undergo many vagaries and treacheries inflicted,be it by the nomad desert invaders loosely dubbed the Moguls or by those merchants called the Dutch, Portugese,French and the East India Company brigades of the Englishmen.

Then,post independence era continued the dubious patronage accorded to a race which was cause of division of the Indian mainland into different South Asian nations by departing British colonial regime. Pakistan-east and west were carved for those who sought to swear by crescent moon and solitary star of Islam in a fanatic manner,disregarding the secular,purely Hindu culture of co-existence with all & sundry under the Constitution of India. But,a dubious,eerie,evil policy of ‘minority reservation’ & haj subsidies was begun by congress governments whose leaders like jawaharlal Nehru ,though prefixed ‘pundit’ was originally Muslim refugee family from kinsh,the Iran-Afpak region.  Added to this was the dictatorial act of alloying huge chunks and parcels of lands,across the country, as long term leases /grants to Churches by departing British commanders . Compounding the ugly scenario of bringing about a great divide between truly native Hindu population and these privileged extra cultures was the act of free ,perpetual allotments made to Parsis ,Sindhis and such other refugee communities by Nehru regime.

What was however highlighted was the caste system in vogue over centuries in traditional Hindu society,based on ‘division of labour’ in society and a ten years period was set as time limit for extending special consideration of listed castes and tribes in the society. In order to enable and empower those who were exploited by landlords and so called ‘upper castes’ . Add to this,the sudden creation of a cauldron of cultures knit together hastily against a common foe ,the alien exploiters and looters of enormous wealthy,resources:so difficult was it to weave together a national spirit of acceptance of a self government which at the same time,extended the rule of a foreign yoke whereby lease rentals are continued to be paid to sovereign of the British monarchy.

It was in this backdrop that Sardar Vallabhai Patel conceded to closed door request made humbly by Mahatma Gandhi to relinquish his majority vote (lone vote against him and in favor of Nehru was Nehru’s own vote cast in a poll conducted for the post of first Prime Minister of independent India), in national interest. There was a compromise formula evolved to have a rotational basis for the position with Sardar Patel taking over baton from Nehru in third year. Patel died suddenly after Nehru took charge and he remained the P.M.for sixteen long years ,until his death,due to disease.

Independence came at a heavy price,viz;partition of the country. But, what aggravated the cost of compromising national interest for immediate freedom and peace was the dictatorial program of Congress who patronized the ‘communist agenda’ after Indira,Nehru’s daughter hijacked ideas of nationalization of banking,insurance industries and land ceiling laws for both urban and rural areas. She went further to perennially extend the caste reservation policy and in company of Muslim paramours like Mohd.Yonus ( and only insiders knew bohemian ways of the widow P.M.) ,placated Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid, perpetuating Deobandi school of Wahabi Islam in utter Pradesh ,which eventually spread to other regions. Then came a time when she was assassinated by Sikh bodyguards and her son who married an Italian barmaid rescued the son of Mohd.Younus,from death penalty in the USA by exercising State position to prevail upon the President Ronald Reagan pardon the criminal. Net result,a visit by Pope John Paul II to Delhi and soon,Vatican had it’s tentacles extended throughout the corridors of power in Indian Government circles. Rajiv too was assassinated by LTTE Tamil gureillas of SriLanka in Indian territory and the role of mole MPs continued. Meanwhile,a big brother nation,China was offered the seat given to India in the United Nations Security Council by Nehru and he incensed the red commie neighbor by according refugee status to Dalai Lama of Tibet.  Angry Chinese bear adopted Lilliput country Pakistan and nurtured it to make it the fire being breathed out by the dragon power against a peace loving,mighty Indian nation.

Even as this scenario continued, Prime Minister Narasimha Rao had been installed as a compromise PM by the Congress on Rajiv’s death. Left with a formidable national debt, he opened up the closed economy of India to the world. As one who witnessed the unveiling of the real,modern economic nation which is India ,one is aware of what a peon-like status was enjoyed by his successor in office,later got magnified as a Gulliver by paid media ,acting to a plan . A proxy -P.M. presided over a series of unfortunate scams . Net result – total frustration ,countryside. Leading to the May,2014  landslide victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party with Narendra Modi at the helm …

Freedom in Power

Freedom in Power

In his first Red Fort speech, PM Modi informed the nation of ‘there being several governments within corridors of an elected peoples’ Government’.. In the second, he raised many overtone the social problems and stressed on need to treat girl child as lovingly as the male child. Electricity, sanitation, cleanliness were stressed as urgent measures of cleansing the societal environment. A lot has been attained in that direction. Laudable !

Now,in the third year of his captaincy,India witnesses a growing unrest in foreign shores,be it the great American polls or Europe with an exodus of refugees or the Middle East inflicted with oil terror , religious wars and a crusade for supremacy by the fourth estate over all other institutions in modern society.
Yes,our national character is to rally behind an elected leader,follow his/her vision faithfully and face the consequences ,good or bad…

On August 15,2016 ,we are faced with three specific threats to the Indian nation,as under-
One, from within the country – by paid media moles who,given a chance,are out to blatantly create unrest,riots,mischief and mayhem,ostensibly at dictation of foreign lay masters.

Two, from criminal gangs going scot-free despite several scams and indictments by courts ,be it fodder scam,telecom scam,coal scam,arms purchase deals or real estate and money laundering rackets.

Three, from a fragile foreign policy vis-a-vis Pakistan,a rogue State overrun by terrorist outfits and supposedly,corrupt nexus between local bigwig politicians and local army brass.

The third has many external factors like freedom for people of Balochistan and U.N.resolutions to be implemented before peace dawns on that front. What is however required is a sterner treatment of infiltrators nabbed in our territory and to seal borders. Strict vigil becomes a sine qua non. And, more confidentiality in realm of anything concerning defense,space research,technological breakthroughs, on lines if North Korea or China and NASA. The acts of jumping to the world press or local MsM – moles and chest thumping has taken it’s heavy toll on peace of our country,so far.

So,what is the single-pill formula or magic mantra for addressing the first two threats mentioned above?
There are those who cry hoarse about uncle-judges syndrome, phone-bail,midnight session by Apex- court  ,etc.but these are all aberrations of a system gone awry over the six plus decades of an irresponsible congress government. An immediate measure could be to introduce the NJAC Bill in an amended form. Then, there are those who read through the lines and openly scream that ours is,by definition in the Preamble ,a ‘sovereign,socialist,secular,d emocratic republic ‘ and hence,there can be no scrip for any communist or religion based fundamentalist political party to exist or participate in the democratic processes. Election commission,as the Comptroller & Auditor General,remains a toothless constitutional body. Real changes that can have far reaching ramifications may begin with an amendment to the Indian Citizenship Act to lay down conditions,situations and an automatic process for the ‘ disenfranchisement ‘ of a citizen who violates constitutional declarations of ‘justice-social,political,economic’.
However,the true solution to break the Gordian-Knot is to bring in an Uniform ,common civil code.

The CCC ,alone and by itself,can transform the thought-processes as well as the way people begin to act as equals before law ,under law and exist by the law. Different attitudes,differential thinking and discriminatory behavior by Muslims or Hindus and Christians as well as by those other segments as NRIs and PIOs would dissolve into the uniform code. As one Indian ,regardless of religion or faith in existence of an Almighty or plural forms of God Almighty. The cross-currents of belonging to Arabia albeit eating,living,growing,breathin g off the Indian soul would stop fleeing through veins of the Muslim population. As one who has dealt with umpteen numbers of Indian Muslims ,including deceased owaisi,senior in post Ayodhya scenario and the legal heirs of last Nizam of Hyderabad as well as those of Mir Liaq Ali Khan who fled to Pakistan to become it’s first Head,etc,one reaffirms the faith that the argument and classification of a ‘desi-muslim’ and ‘traitor’ will evaporate once these sections of our nation are integrated by a common civil code with rest of Hindu,Christian,other segments of population. After all,every sixth human being on this planet is an Indian. But,how Indian are we within India?

Likewise,automatically,all laws,procedures,rules and policies would bow to the concept of a single nation and uniformity ,both in practice and in thought,shall prevail.

India’s 70th year is much more powerful. We are standing on the edge of a historical turn of events,world across.. Hence and therefore,it is necessary to link our thoughts today to the ancient traditions,culture and happenings which defined the shape of our nation ,ever since we became a free nation in 1947.

We had a sense of new birth of freedom since May,2014 and it is for PM Modi Ji to ensure that modality rides religion and narrower considerations of to eat beef or not to be vegetarian are overwhelmed by a mandatory instinct to sing the national anthem in all schools,institutions,functions ,by every citizen. To faster the national spirit of being Indian becomes the immediate task of his Government in a crucial juncture of his first tenure. Revamping cabinet or other dear tents  to place the right man on the right job may wait but it becomes compulsory on his part to grow as a statesman from a popular national leader by injecting diplomatic skills ,in every which manner ( as was done to ensure passage of GST Bill in the Rajya Sabha ) to introduce a Bill for bringing about an uniform civil code. Even the Honorable Supreme Court in the ShahBano case of 1984 had ruled comprehensively for the CCC ,which was ‘killed’ by minority politics of congress through an uninformed,weak,reluctant politician,viz; then PM,Rajiv,via a Bill to supersede the effects of that landmark-ruling.

Real facts. Real politics. Real development. All these are possible only if an uniform civil code is passed by the Nation’s Parliament. It will be the single biggest contribution to the country’s independence by PM Modi . All else gets relegated to ancillary efforts. Failing which,every right thinking citizen and political scientist would but only wrote a memoir of a golden opportunity wasted away. The dreadful consequences of playing into hands of those cautioning weaker stance on such a crucial issue are best not spoken by one who believes the present honored Prime Minister is an optimist and a go-getter.

Many are nationalists. But, how many are envisioning a nation as nationalist as the best of those around the world who boast of one common,uniform civil code. The nation’s character is both a weak trait as well as our strength. For this and future generations, of Indians.

In a zealous way should we establish a national order. Where hearts are interlinked,minds knit and bonds fortified. As one nation. One,independent nation.

Free the shackles.
Bharat mMta ki Jai ! Vandey Mataram !! Jai hind!!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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