kalamIt was months I wrote my last article, It was decided and also communicated to editor that I will be back to work from 28th but really a bad day to restart my weekly column. Yesterday our favourite Abdul Kalam sir left us leaving a big vacuum in heart of society, I decided to write a tribute to the great son of  India through series of articles, to begin with I am sharing my old article which was published 2 years before.

Whenever I hear Abdul Kalam sir’s name I remember 3 incidences which he quoted many times in his speeches which always motivates me, I wish to share those incidents.

Incident 1:

Rameshwaram is a place in south India , Rameshwaram together with Varanasi  is considered to be one of the holiest places in India to Hindus, According to Hindu mythology, this is the place from where the Hindu god Rama built a bridge, across the sea to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from her abductor Ravana.

There is a river in Rameshwaram namely Rama theertha, every year there will be kalyanaotsavam. Priests will carry idol of sita and Rama in a small boat across Rama theertha. Once while carrying this idol in boat, because of heavy wind sita’s idol accidently fell into water, people who were present there were in shock, suddenly a man jumped into water and brought the idol back.

The man who built the boat and the man who saved and brought back idol of sita was same a Muslim boy. He was fore grandfather of  Dr.APJ Abdul kalam.

He was offered modal maryadai (first honour) in that kalyanotsavam. Even today Dr.Kalam sir’s family will be honoured one day by temple authority. Another Interesting thing was all masjid in Rameshwaram did special Namaz on that day and prayed for safety of sita’s idol.

Incident 2:

Kanchi  is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu , It is Located on the banks of the Vegavathy River. In Hindu theology, Kanchipuram is one of the seven Indian cities to reach final attainment. Kanchi Mutt claims that it was established by Adi Sankara in 482 BC, beside to temple there is a Masjid which has 300 years history. Thousands of devotees used to come daily for both temple and masjid, it was very difficult to control the traffic for the police so it was decided that the masjid should be shifted to other place. Soon after listening to this News, kanchi paramacharya Sri Chandrashekara Saraswati opposed to this decision of govt and stated “ The morning call for Namaz by Masjid is also call for me to do my pooja” and started Mouna vrat till the decision was withdrawn.

Incident 3:

 Dr.Vikram sarabhai was searching for place to establish new research station for ISRO after searching alot finally he found a place called Thumba in kerala.

But he found it was impossible to setup a station there because of  St.Mary macdolin church and Bishop’s house which was situated in place he selected. Dr.sarabhai thought of asking once and sincerely asked Bishop that , can he handover the church and his house to ISRO so that he can setup space station, Bishop asked him to come next day’s morning prayer as it was Sunday.

Dr.Sarabhai went to church early in the morning, after prayer Bishop addressed crowd,

 “Dear children, famous scientist Dr.Sarabhai is here today, he want us to handover our church to him for the purpose of setting up of ISRO station, There is no difference between science and religion, Both science and religion work for welfare of human, for this good cause can we handover our church to him?” for one second entire crowd became silent, by next second everyone replied at once “Amen”. Bishop happily handed over the church and his home today its space station.

KALAM sir With Children.

KALAM sir With Children.

These were few of many incidents quoted by ABDUL KALAM sir, He  grew amidst many such incidents hence he is,was and will be true Indian, Kalam sir is a man of vision he stands tall beyond religions. Only few in earth gets death while doing their favorite thing Kalam was one such. It’s really hard to replace a person like Abdul Kalam, even though he may not be physically with us today but his teaching and life will remain inspiration for centuries.

KALAM SIR, RIP = Return If Possible!!


Finally it’s our duty to say,

                                              “ABDUL KALAM, BILLION SALAAM…”

The picture shown at the top is the intellectual property of Sh Manoj Kureel and is being used with his permission.


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