In India we begin and end our day hearing NEWS either about secularism or about individual freedom, most of us blame democracy pointing its loopholes, not long back just few weeks before many tongues started to preach about Democracy to India.  Soon after the controversy of the movie “The Interview” I developed interest to know about World’s  most Secretive country. I thought to share my little knowledge which I collected by reading books and watching number of documentary, let us begin with few unknown and surprising facts and rules. So folks welcome to

   “Democratic people republic of Korea” ( DPRK) or “North Korea”

This cinematic story of DPRK starts after World War 2 when Korea partitioned into North and South, North Korea was handed over to Kim Il-Sung who was an autocrat.

1) Kim Il-Sung born on 15 April 1912, so North Koreans think world has started only after his birth. Now it is 103 in North Korea not 2015.

Kim Il-Sung

Kim II-Sung

2) North Koreans don’t have religious freedom, if anyone including visitors found having Bible they will be subjected to huge punishment.

3) After Kim Il-Sung, his son Kim Jong-il took control of DPRK, now his son Kim jong Un is the supreme leader of DPRK

Kim jong Un

Kim jong Un

4) DPRK follows 3 generation prison camp, ie., if I commit any crime me with my entire family and next 2 generation should die in horrible prison Camp.

5) DPRK has 21 style of hair cut people are supposed to select one of them.

6) Every house must have photos of the 3 supreme leaders in their wall, apart from which no other photo should be hung on wall.

7) There will be surprise visit by local police to house to see whether the Photos of 3 leaders are cleaned daily.

8) Every house will have radio and there is no off button for it only they can reduce volume.

9) If anyone found speaking about west or about South Korea, they will be executed.

10) Visitors are allowed after strict process rarely Americans get chance to see DPRK

11) No one supposed to carry Mobile/Holy book to North Korea.

12) A group of Visitors are provided with a guide and no one should go out without their permission.

13) No tourist can capture picture in DPRK without guides’ permission, only selective cameras are permitted. If found capturing picture of people, one will have to face tough punishment.

14) All tourists must visit the statues of leaders and offer respect.

Statues of the Leaders

Statues of the Leaders

15) Only elite class (official) in North Korea has permission to stay in their capital city “Pyongyang”

16) 25 out of 100 will join their armed force; they have world’s 4th largest army.

17) Children of elite class (those who served for Korean War and kids of officials are permitted to attend school.

18) Students will study only about 3 leaders and their adventures.

19) Only few can access internet in libraries but the internet will show only about North Korea.

20)  Visitors are allowed to stay in 105 storey hotel, where no one is permitted to visit all floors except from where he is left to stay.( Even lift button will not work if you access to restricted floor)

21) Complete history has been faked by leaders in citizen’s mind that DPRK is best country in world.

22) Tourists are not supposed to speak to locals.

23) Visiting Kim jong il’s body is most popular attraction in Country.

24) Few people who understand the truth about their country try to escape to china through border but Chinese treat them as legal immigrants and handover them back to DPRK, there they will be executed.

25) DPRK is the only country which has US naval ship captured during Korean War which they show to every tourist as pride of their success.

26) DPRK has only 3 TV channels which always telecast about their leaders.

27) North Korea has worst GDP in world (half of Bill Gates net worth) but as people don’t know about other countries they feel they are rich.

28) South Korea treats North Korean defectors (those who successfully escape from both DPRK and china) as legal refugees.

29) To attract South Koreans North Koreans built a city at border town but it is haunted today.

30) All roads are named after 3 supreme leaders.

31)  No one including visitors are supposed to fold the NEWS paper as it contains picture of their supreme leader.

32) An American ran across the border in 1962 ever since then he is staying there

33) Only officials should use vehicles

34) Wearing Jeans is crime.

35) At 6.30 in morning an alarm rings in all towns, roads indicating to start their day.

Dear Obama if you really have soo much concern about people of other country please help people of DPRK to come out of in-humanitarian rule, Even after North Koreas’ declaration that they are ready to attack US with nuclear weapon you never got guts to reply them. You literally failed when a 80 year old US citizen was detained and sent to prison camp for reading Bible in DPRK but you speak about secularism in India.

Indians love Abdul Kalam more than other president, Sharukh/salman/ Aamir are superstars in youth mind, when Tibetans are routed from their mother land only India had guts to give them place to live, and we have national holidays for all festivals irrespective of religion unlike US.  Because we are secular!!

Dear friends these are very, very few rules of DPRK but all I wanted to make my friends educate about the difference in democracy understood by different countries, always love to enjoy the freedom and always feel proud that we are INDIANS




Sh. Ranganadhan.S (Twitter account @Ranganadhans) si still a student but he is very keen observer of life. He has already written many beautiful stories for this blog “Yug Vani”

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  • Very well said. It’s horrifying for the readers of India who is living in a so called pretended secular place. 🙂
    No Indian would want to go to N Korea any more as the description gives horrifying thoughts while reading.
    But I had a thought on this, What if someone from a more secular country than India gets to read statements like this about India? (For eg: On cast system, dowry, men dominance, Politicians constant corruption stories, Riots happening in the name of religions or casts, Murders happening in the name of political parties, Fights, murders, violence and riots happening against injustice in India, Killing people only because they ate beef, Threatening to kill people if they speak about insecurity inside the country, People dying out of hunger and barrels of milk is wasted in religious centres, Army killing and dying for no reason other than because of some lines drawn on the world map and consoling their family saying they were the real patriots…)
    I think the people from that peaceful place will be much horrified reading these facts … ryt? If it is to compare, lets compare a peaceful place with any other countries more than comparing it with countries fighting to become the most prominent country in the whole world suppressing the freedom and rights of citizen. You might think there is no peaceful place like that… Well then lets be… Why to wait.. there is no process… it has to be now. Lets make love important than money or prestige, and peace follows.
    You may say I’m a dreamer or a nut case…. Even I think that way… but I’m not the only one. 🙂 Lets not pretend less violence as peace… peace is no violence, not less violence. peace comes when all the comparisons, competitions and greed is dropped… peace is there always.. we just have to be ourselves instead of being a Muslim, a Hindu, a Christian, a Buddhist, an Indian, a Korean or anybody from the crowd. We just have to be our self. To say yes to the crowd out of fear and ignorance is foolishness. Lets not blame any other country… lets not praise also… Lets Live, not pretend.
    I hope some day you will join the dreamers.
    So happy to have read this blog. 🙂
    Thank you.

  • Thank you 🙂 it was useful

  • Sorry Ranga. I missed this beautiful post. Keep it up.