A Private Affair

A Private Affair!

By Pamarty Venkataramana

Keep the traditions going as ever before. It is a few misogynists and a bunch of imbeciles in charge of propaganda machinery that pulverize customs tested over ages and centuries to the dust on ground. Their high ‘modern’-thinking is gross,to say the least.

Take the case of ‘Karva Chauth’ which is variously observed as ‘Attula Thadhi’ and such other festivals all over India ,the common theme being a whole day of fasting on a certain pre-determined auspicious date of the celestial calendar. This is observed apparently, in celebration of the wedlock . Where the better-half prays to the magnanimous Sun and divine Moon for longevity of her husband. In effect, of her life-source so to speak. For,the husband has traditionally been the bread-winner and acknowledged head of the family-unit, who shouldered all responsibilities of members of a household. In the same diligent fashion as a housewife upheld her duties to tend to the children and dietary requirements for nourishment of her family members, herself, included..

A tribe of perverted minds have twisted the scientific logic and metaphysics involved in the practice. Perhaps, their blocked minds could be unlocked by directing their self-professed scientific attention to the recent award given by the Nobel Committee for path-breaking research on study of few bodily cells being eaten up during observance of fasting regimen, thereby saving the one fasting rather than any excuse for the fast!

A general apathy towards humanism, spiritualism and universal-ism has become an universal feature depicting the unfortunate down-slide in personal values as well appreciation of commendable insights into Hindu traditions, carried forward from ancient , re-Greek & pre-western chronicles of human civilization.

In India, this has occurred primarily on account of infestation of educational institutions, mainstream media and cinematic field by illiterates, semi-literates and wholly anti-Hindu sentiments wielding hatemongers ‘ band of evil minds, set at demeaning every tradition, festival and gaiety .

So much so that the Islamists in backyard of our country assume all Indians drink cow-urine as it is a proven means of vanishing few cancers in human body and the Christian crowd in European, other lands believe that just because they eat beef as an everyday dietary intake or their tourist crowd is ferried to by lanes of slum-areas ( as part of missionary -tourism ) to watch stray cattle eating posters off mud walls ,a few decades back, it is holy to kill cows merciless. Little do these minds realize that often times, nowadays, world over, buffalo meat or dog meat is passed off as beef by butchers and eatery-establishments.

Another distortion of truthful state of affairs of the mind which result in disastrous misgivings, misconceptions and mischief is that most of these critics of Indian tradition to regard the Cow as being holy creature ( on account of the life-giving, life-saving, nourishing milk to urine component )  are good scientific, health-conscious folk that have turned vegetarians on medical advice to safeguard own health needs!

Oh, the hypocrisy of mankind !

It comes only second to mass illiteracy and insecurity felt commonly amongst all adherents of desert religions . That is, of religions which emanated from the desert-regions of the planet : resources are scarce; fear is rampant; life has to be in groupings, tribes, sects, mobs, communities …




Scientific research. Findings. Connecting to the Vedas . Of ancient Bharatvarsh (INDIA) !

On a different note, it is not uncommon for educated ,learned women who are ‘career-women’ too, to observe the fasting ritual for longevity of any which person they admire. So, trash the filmy scripts and make-believe fasts of politicians who wage blackmail on society by way of token fasts and hunger-strikes of a few hours.

Anything done in love is peaceful and a lovable enterprise. It’s a private affair. This, fasting regimen.

Oh no. This is by no means a monologue of the mind besotted with charm and beauty of re-discovering magnificent advancements made by forgotten, unknown and soon to be dismissed greatest ancient civilization of Indian continent.

Nor is it an outright criticism of those innocent, gullible folk who are less learned, less informed and less honest ,that reside in so called advanced corners of the globe today and dismiss all achievements of Hindus as superstitious beliefs, pagan worship or mystical myths.

Let the Government in power resort to a wider dissemination of the powerful traditions and family values inculcated via karva Chauth and Rakshabandhan or Navaratris and Makara Sankranthi, to, in turn, fetch more tourist traffic, tolerance and understanding of the beneficial effects, even as a ripple it spill over on to rest of the world today!

Those who stay silent knowing well about the positivity of the entire exercise are as guilty of treason towards world peace, family harmony and future of the nation ,as are those bigoted morons who view, for instance, the Karwa Chauth, as a gender crime against women en masse, by Hinduism.

Utter nonsense can only be dismissed by spelling out hidden truths of traditional festivals, customs and a smile explanation can be by asking these loose characters as to why they celebrate their birthday only a set date on the calendar which gets repeated every 365 days…

Long live Traditional values !

Vandey Mataram!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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