The Good Soul

The Good Soul

by Pamarty Venkataramana

Yes! That’s all there is to one’s life at the end of it all – the birth, the trials, the tribulations, the tests, the triumphs as also the uncertainties attached to existence before death itself comes knocking all upon a sudden .
That’s the big deal about life!
Nothing else matters. Rest is all also morose – as the obituaries and the anniversaries of remembrance! Not jealousy; not envy ; not selfishness; neither the selflessness of kindred ones . Never the flirtations or the jolted love episodes either!
Certainly not all possessions accumulated or the assets bandied about – be it physical features of a persona nor the lifeless huge edifices structured from bricks and mortar !
So,what then is this feeling of ‘friendship’ and how does one assume the tag of a ‘friend’ for all that surfeit of ‘friendliness’ on invisible social media ( such as twitter-handles) does not lead to begetting a real ‘friend’ in reality. Often not,of course?
The souls reach out. Hands of friendship are stretched. Heart is kindled. Mind is at ease as well as at unrest as and when the very thought occurs or passes ( even if only occasionally) about another human being. Not necessarily platonic but could be familial,patronising or even agonising as of a beloved’s pining away!
But,why does not an impersonal friendliness exhibited online translate into a true friendship or why cannot such a friendship convert into becoming a real friend in real life?
The answer is not far to seek. The accursed are ones whose acts of mercy, kindness and compassion are misread by the other .
Blessed is one who can look beyond the materialistic world and hatch on to the cry of a soul to mingle as a soul !
This apparently, is the main reason for spiritual people ( those inclined to explore,adhere to and practice pursuits of spiritualism in it’s one form or the other to bond together even if they have been total strangers hitherto or, hail from diverse backgrounds is life’s journey!).
But then,one hears the amused repartee of a reader who mutters that even those devotees of Bacchus who use the word -‘spirit’ in a more worldly form and sense, bond faster than fire and wind can bond & that they becomes me fast friends quicker too!
To that,I would say being a friend isn’t as transitory a act as the passing of a nightmare or a dream and the recurrence of night or day : being a ‘friend’ requires attachment as the umbilical cord has to the mother and her child !
No circumstance or adversity can wean away one’s good faith and trust reposed in another. This commences,comes,grows and rests with an innate faith in one’s own
So,in order to be a friend of another or have another as your friend , one has to necessarily be a friend of one’s own self !
This is only possible when one recognised the presence of a good soul within one’s own being and furthermore that one’s existence ceases with the exit of that soul-presence from oneself.
Any book of religion which does uses ornamental language but misses out on the Soul,the Being and the Presence is short of the truth,the way and the life of Mankind!
In order to ensure that there is only peace and harmonious co-existence of one and all ( as equal beings ) in this material world , one has to recognise,acknowledge and worship the presence of the soul within one’s self.
‘Namastey’ is not just any utterance but the repetition of awareness of a soul being present in another person and worship of the Supreme Soul who manifests via every such other souls as oneself!
To those even more evolved, the soul is present not merely in humans or animals and plants but also in the forces of Nature as well as the Universe ( such as the wind,fire,earth,air and it’s fragrances ).
The even higher evolved ones can communicate with inanimate objects too .
Extra-sensory perception emerges from
a honing of ability to connect with friendship of the Universal Presence of the Almighty !
‘God’ is an English word. Developed by Christianity to the hilt. So-called ‘godmen’ have done a hit-job against their Souls and which act of sacrilege would not curry favour with the Master of All !
‘Allah’ is again used to describe the formless One but those subscribing to that doctrine seldom restrain themselves from self-indulgence or twisting circumstances to meet the carnal instincts or daily livelihood.
‘Bhagwan’ and ‘Eeshwar’ are most definitely the closest synonyms there can be to describe every Being’s best friend – during and after a lifetime ; birth after birth. Until the accomplishments of ‘the Good Soul’ help it to be immersed, megged and mingled into the Supreme Soul – the ‘param-Aatman’ !
Salvation, moksha and nirvana – being rid of pain,anguish and sufferings of mortal lives happens .
So,the shortcut to reach that glorious state of freedom is to be a Good Soul!
The be-all and end-all of human existence!!
Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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