Create ‘shared-future’ in ‘fractured-world’

Create ‘shared-future’ in ‘fractured-world’


by – Pamarty Venkataramana

Agreed . The world today is a fractured one – as viewed by many world heads of State and those umpteen number of successful globe-trotters that keep bandying about their intentions to unify the world as ‘one small marketplace’ .

But,which is the ailment that prevents the multitude of wise men and dynamic women that run a government from devising ways and means of generating finances from resources abundantly available instead of rushing with a begging – bowl ,so to speak,seeking foreign investments in every sector of economy?

While the most advanced countries are in dearth of qualitative human resource ability,across spheres of economic activity, and have been engaged in fast battling societal pressure-points to restore a peaceful-order, there are developing-countries who have leaders and policy-planners hell-bent on remaining subservient to foreign masters who had plundered them for centuries and left them in habitual,perpetual awe of their former masters’ dominant strength and supremacy !

Was Hitler a freak leader of the world? Or,does every statesman who attests to the development,deployment and sale or purchase of nuclear weaponry a clone of that dictator ? Don’t these gentlemen and women of power too enjoy basking in the power to push the button any which time they perceive a threat to their continued existence as people’s ‘ representatives?

Be that as it may, one is definitely assured that so long as a lunatic does not head any such State of nuclear feathers, nobody would dare to exercise the so-called ‘first option’ .Peace, therefore , results.And,prevails.

Now,having overcome the inherent fear and inhibitions which stalk the less developed nations of the world today, is it not essential for a strong nation like India to design its development?


Firstly, by creating a ‘shared future’ for its citizens before daring to speak of sharing the future with the ‘fractured-world’ outside!


History is testimony to the fact that this great nation { India } was sub-divided and destroyed into different countries and land parcels by mischievous buccaneers and merchants from western shores and medieval desert lands.

Worse still is the fact of the country being struck with the ‘caste-reservation’ bogey continuously dogging , plaguing and eroding the good work of its nationals cumulatively as well as individually.

This needs to be urgently repaired by ushering in an uniform civil code – so that all citizens are born equal , live on equal terms. Besides , hard work and merit must both achieve the accolades they deserve. The ‘shared future’ begins from this vital change.

What next ?

Time and again,I have drawn the attention of the nation’s planers to the manner in which Dubai has come to be viewed as a different planet on this planet!

How did a fishing hamlet which has no oil being drilled turn into a much-preferred destination for residence – purposes as well as trade,business and banking ventures?

Certainly, a most interesting case-study.

Indian diplomacy has come of age in the Modi-era in that a sleeping giant has woken up from its slumber to begin to restore national pride among the comity of nations.

But,nothing beyond it.

There are several countries who have been offered ‘visa-on-arrival’ facility in India but Indian passport-holders are still meted with ‘cattle-class’ treatment.
So much is left to be done and desired also on the currency -exchange front.

We find our national-currency regarded as less than ‘waste-paper’ in even desert lands which once used Indian Rupee as the legal tender even after the Emirates were formed !

So,what ails us all? Ennui ? Shamelessness? Helpless submission to rogue – politics ?

More than the constriction in the throat,it is the restriction on interpretation of a most comprehensive Constitution which has proven to be the undoing over the last seven decades of ‘political freedom’ and a quarter-century of ‘economic liberation ‘ from strangulation of the closed economy!

A ‘fractured-world’, therefore, is the right reason for India to come of age , mature as a sovereign nation and begin by embracing the dragon brother-nation on the north eastern-borders rather than letting the Liliput-land on the western frontier consume all its attention and fiscal gains.

The details can be left for another day as and when the powers-that-be are willing to shed their egotist , short-sighted mindsets and welcome ‘fresh-thought’ and ideas to reset the lost tempo of developing good relationships on the geographical zone of politics !

So,how does this much publicised theme of Davos-2018 [ ‘creating a shared future in a fractured world’ ] demand a fresh perspective for Indian nation and its billion-plus population?

Let us ponder without malice or prejudice to the innate ability,potential and capacities of our generation of India!

Revamp the entire banking-structure. Let banks be participating in projects as shareholders rather than distress-partners. From the very commencement of a project being aided .

Replace existing policies of restrained fiscal freedom and the kho-kho like game plans of imported chiefs of the central bank of the country. Why deny the countrymen of affordable ‘gold-bonds’ and more stable Government bonds? Why only devise ‘election bonds’ . After all, administration is more a key to gross domestic product measurement than the process of electing a government!

Monetise all the vast resources of the land belonging to both the Central Government as well as different State Governments and very wealthy individuals who have pledged full support to the nation -building schemes of the Prime motivator today,Mr.Narendra Modi. Let him exhibit courage and vision to bring to book corrupt leaders of opposition ranks and in the industrial arena.

Dig out all those thousands of crores blocked by the central bank and court/frozen accounts. Convert in a productive manner for national weal. What is the role being played by foreign branches of national Banks and overseas back-offices of our private sector banks?

Crony-capitalism must end just as coalition-politics should be thrown into bin of history. Parliament should play a pro-active role in the simplification of laws and leaving lesser discretionary powers to bureaucrats and judges.

Let there be unanimity on several injunctions of the Constitution mentioned in the ‘directive principles of State’ policy . Spread the fervour of ‘One Nation-One Spirit-One Law’ beyond the virtual realm of social-media .

Chain the mainstream media vagabonds.

Educate and disseminate the general public about the pros and cons of succumbing to existing ,detailed and incapacitating system.

All this will go a long way to enhance social security among the poorest of the poor as well as those residing in rural and remote-regions of the country.

Formulate . Devise . Design. These are the mantras for a revolutionary system of raising adequate finances to erase external-debt & reign in inflation on domestic sphere.

This is just a splinter-solution to address the fractured-world syndrome.

To the nation,I bow. We comprise of most hard working souls and the suffering of the masses must be replaced – not by newer regimes that spew hatred against the existing dogmas of governance but by increased happiness-quotient of the Nation . As a whole . Which is most certainly possible only by invoking the right to independent thought and unbridled action to raise standards of living,currency and the nation!

In the clamour for supremacy, the strong have fallen and so,the weakened must arise to balance Nature’s inequitable distribution of wealth and resources.

Our Constitution directs that justice – social,economic and political prevail!

In a fractured world,the spirited ones must ensure a righteous good governance uplifts the value of human lives . Not the suppression of will- power and right to administer one’s currency in the best possible manner !

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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