Women as Vanguards

Women as Vanguards

By Pamarty Venkataramana

Interesting to notice the theme of the very popular ‘Mann like baat ‘ radio programme of the prime minister of India in the first edition of 2018 being dedicated to the ‘praiseworthy womenfolk’ .

India, traditionally,has been a civilisation which held women in reverence and worshipping them in guise of many festivals marking their presence in multi-faceted roles – as mothers,as sisters,as daughters,as worthy ‘platonic ‘ friends & companions called gopikas as well as in several other myriad forms or occasions , was commonplace. Even the poorest of the poor households followed the tradition in their own manner and means!

But,where then did we digress from the worship of a woman held on a high pedestal to the fallen state of society where devadasi system,dowry system or sati system prevailed as bad scars in a beautiful,harmonious societal make-up of joint-family system of living ?

Were only the gory moguls and the avaricious western company of merchants the cause of this slide in moral standards or,were the tyrannical few who held sway over decision-making process of the State and ostracised remaining as ‘non-entities’ not considered as a part of the ‘living elite’ the first villains who were directly responsible for vanishing of Sanskrit that divine lingua francs and of the ancient scriptures whose manuscripts on tamrapatra and such other robust media of heritage have been stolen and stashed away in European museums and a few micro films shared as reminders of the glorious past of India ?

These are important pointers for us to root out the hatred against womenfolk in a by and large male chauvinist society that got derailed by a Muslim duo who plagiarised scripts to help dark film-makers further sully the image of women in Bollywood conspiracy that has successfully altered and destroyed even the original Hindi language with corrupted versions of Urdu and footpath / illiterate spoken tongue hijacking the national language.

Thus,there has been a sinister plan which has got unfolded even in so -called ‘independent India 🇮🇳 ‘ since seven decades of the modern-day world led by a United Nations Organisation.

So,it was but quite appropriate for the Honourable Narendra Modi ji to seek to begin his new year agenda by reminding the nation of the stellar role played by women of India !

Having said that,one will be failing to do justice to these wonderful miracle – folk if one does not point out that every one of the unsung women awarded the prestigious national honour of Padma award scaled the heights without any help or support from the Government at all.

But,these very establishments jump in later to claim dignity by showering praises and wrapping them in golden shawls!
Yes. Each and every woman of the land is a force by herself . No doubt we as a conscientious society are re awakening to this truth of mankind !

Marches by women across America in recent weeks reminded of be of those held on streets of Washington D.C. in early part of the last century. Why is there so much of labelling,branding and naming of the ‘vulnerable ‘ gender despite the shapes of so many freedom movements and landmark court -rulings worldwide?

Let us begin from homestead. It is a matter of honour that most mothers in our country are dedicated housewives whose rigorous daily regimen is no lesser than a career woman ‘s and their daughters as well as daughters in law look towards the tertiary sector of maids,drivers and nursery schools to aid and assist their daily lifestyle in bringing up their children. Or,to run their lives in an orderly fashion!

Which are the three stages of a woman ‘s life in these gruelling times ?

One,it is of -‘self-sacrifice’ .

Two,it’s of -‘ self-enabling’.

Three,it is about -‘ self-fulfilment’.

So,unless and until these three stages are addressed,no social programme or grant announced by any Government of India or the State Government departments would prove to be successful!

Woman empowerment assumes meaningful,purposeful existence only when there are ground -realities of sanitary-napkin to tampoon to sanitizer supplied free of cost and of very high quality along with any ‘maternity kit’ or such populist political agenda followed .

Lip-service of political animals and beastly political-mechanism would do little to better the lifestyle of that privileged portion of society . It is not just the social -butterflies , busybodies or page-3 women or activists walking the streets over one issue or the other that must benefit from the measures. Every girl born in the remotest regions of our vast country must reap the benefits and privileges of living in this glorious part of the planet Earth!

It is only a woman-driven society which can scale heights in the distant future too . No same-gender wedlock patronising society can perpetuate human civilisation other than ensuring the dissemination of social/security benefits to all population.

So,it is of the utmost urgency for India to ‘walk the talk’ and ensure the passing of a long -stalled legislation to provide 33% reservation for womenfolk in both the Houses of Parliament as also State Legislative Bodies.

Women empowerment does not begin with praise of self -made ones from the pulpit of red fort or end with accommodating the few who catch the eyes of those men in seats of power.
Self-sacrifice makes a mother and the housewife !

Self-enabling happens when she mounds her children into adults having a good upbringing of emotional security and individual character !

Self-fulfilment happens when she is in turn not forced to face the ordeals of domestic-violence or workplace -harassment on a daily -basis !

Only such a state of society as worships womenfolk through its many policies can be said to be marching towards the age of ‘self-empowerment for women ‘ .

Otherwise,it remains an empty euphemism of pot-bellied,evil monsters called politicians!

Are we prepared to worship ‘womanhood’ as did our wise ancestors and dear elders do ?

Jai Hind! Bharat Mata herself is significant of this culture of ours. India is a motherland . Not a dictatorship or a fatherland.

Women are the vanguards of all society !

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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