Reset planet Earth

Reset planet Earth 🌏
– Challenges before Mankind in 2018


– Pamarty Venkataramana

Mankind has risen from being yet another animal to being a permanent species orbiting space by dint of technological advancements and sheer co-operation.

Competition amongst the many classes and countries of the world remains in the eyes of the eel-like press-media folk who thrive on sensationalism and darkness,apart from the arms-dealers who desiccate on apple of peace to fatten their huge waistlines and purse-strings.

It is co-operation which underlines the harmony and co-existential presence of the United Nations organisation.Asian giant India does not complain that it contributes the most number of troops for the peacekeeping forces. None objects to the United States of America walking out of the Paris climate accord or being a defaulter in subscriptions to the United Nations.North Korea goes about it’s dangerous game of testing missiles even as China who supports this tiny threat to world peace stays on as a permanent member of the United Nations security council.

No League of Nations. But,all in league. Polls in one large country are supposedly influenced by other distantly-placed lands. No land is at peace. Every which land faces a situation where its population seems to be at war with the establishment. No political system appears to be best suited for the society that has chosen to be governed by it – be it a monarchy in the Middle-East nor a constitutional monarchy in Europe and be it the world’s oldest democracy or the largest constitutional people’s democracy of the planet!

What ails Humanity?

Absence of a tangible opposition or is it the strongmen who turn into weaklings being dependant on corrupt others that destroy the fabric of governance?

All is not darkness. Newer technologies replace existing ones . So much so that fresh,clear,clean energy methodologies are soon going to disrupt the world dominance of fossil-fuel little countries which have been playing ‘big-fish-eat-small-fish’ games with the bundle of currencies and lesser economies with much larger populations.

An emirates which has no oil resource but a tax-free tag enjoys patronage of the whole world whereas the second most populous country with a huge talented human resource availability and abundant natural resources supplying large labour-force to the former land,has no value for it’s currency in said such littler island -emirate. Visa-on-arrival facility is accorded to those from ‘advanced nations ‘ but this is not reciprocal to this other important nation. India , more specifically!

Diplomacy succeeds but diplomats fail. Doctors are angels but angels are invisible.Leaders are made by systems but societies fail to break the jinx of the post – World War Two tag!

The world of internet era is a wholly different universe . Applications on smart phones run lives of the young as well as the aged . Life is both simpler as well as far distanced from the earlier age of two super powers and Cold War political games.

There’s climate control to deal with . The information wars and propaganda games are run by paid-media agents, around the globe. Nature has an all-round edge and control over mankind. It is but the oldest folly of political outfits everywhere throughout the evolution of the human race across different civilisations to assume that man is superior to Nature.

Whenever Human Nature has excelled itself over trials,tribulations and devious thinking of mortal beings in seats of power,there has been a leapfrog prosperity!

This new year -2018 is one such happy turning-point in the history of mankind . For,there will be a tide of growth,development and prosperity of good forces over evil systems . Wicked ones would perish mysteriously and globally. No scapegoats would be arraigned and existing loopholes would be plugged or entirely new regimes of law would come into force in order to help usher in order .

Equally placed humans on one ‘little-large-planet’ will be awakened to the truth that no longer can a bogey called ‘religion ‘ blindfold them to a common destiny shared by them and the monsters must go away to bite the dust of history as did the dinosaurs all those ages ago…

Positivity. Pro-active programmes. Pure souls.These are the signs of the year that would be a watershed in the history of mankind.

Wishing each and every Human-being on this beautiful planet a happy life : let there be no person who sleeps with a hungry belly,without a roof to protect oneself from
elements of Nature or for lack of proper,affordable medical-care or a judicious redressal-system whenever wronged. Crime must end. Good must overrun evil. This can happen only when every individual who complains about the faulty system from afar turns righteous himself or herself.

The existence of a Judiciary in India or the United States of America permits the raising of hue & cry by groups,lobbies or individuals but such an outrage isn’t possible in communist lands or a pure monarchy or in terror-lands like Pakistan.

Corruption and lack of cleanliness in public domain are the twin evils of establishment in our democracy riddled by an uncanny way whereby almost illiterate members in the Legislature override the clear dictates of our Constitution to divide our society on artificial lines of castes ,tribes and minorities. This must be remedied .

All is well . There is hope. There is faith . We need the courage and the vision . We need learned leaders to govern. This new year shall but bring in the much dreamt- about ‘new – age Humanity’.

The challenges are stepping-stones to a happy society and a betterment of mankind. As a whole. As individuals- men and women . Animals and climate . Worship Mother Nature.

Reset planet Earth 🌏!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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