The story is of 1920, there was a newlywed couple who lived in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the young housewife’s name was Josephine Dickson and her husband was Earle Dickson.

                      EARLE DICKSON

Earle Dickson was a cotton buyer at Johnson &Johnson, Josephine used to work at home to keep their home beautiful. She used to get cuts or minor burns on her fingers daily while working; Every time she cuts or burn her figure suddenly she used to call Earle Dickson through phone and ask him to treat her finger. Earle used to rush home, would cut pieces of adhesive tape and cotton gauze and gave it to his wife and asked her to apply and used to come back to work.

This became his routine, getting call daily, rushing home, treating her, back to work. Earle’s boss became angry seeing this; he started to deny permission, but her routine of getting cut in hand never stopped. Finally, Earle hit upon an idea, He sat down and prepared some tape by placing squares of cotton gauze at intervals along an adhesive strip and covering them with crinoline.

Now it became simple, whenever Josephine gets wound in her hand, all she had to do was cut off a length of the strip and wrap it over her cut. The cotton gauze had turmeric in it, so it was an anti septic. It had worked, Josephine used to cure her wound herself and the new tape used to cure in faster way.

First Band-Aid Box
                   First Band-Aid Box

One day his boss asked, why he was not going home now, he told his boss about his new invention. His boss got an idea

as no one has this type of product and decided to produce it, soon the first adhesive bandages were being produced and sold under the world famous BAND-AID® trademark.

Just in a matter of month BAND-AID® became world famous, it was sold at large number across the world. Earle was given the position of Vice President in the company, where he stayed until his retirement. Earle Dickson may not have realized what a cutting edge product he was inventing, but it certainly stuck around.


The story ends here; the moral of the story is “Not invention is made accidentally” but “love can make u create wonders”... 

We too love our dear ones, who knows even we may invent something like EARLE DICKSON……

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