As ‘Raja-Dharma’ beckons

As ‘Raja-Dharma’ beckons..!

     By – Pamarty Venkataramana

There was a time in the world when the most enlightened societies of the Oriental East turned ‘rebel’ and a tryst with Communism became a fad to match romanticism of those who envied the absolute power of the Monarchy. Likewise, out in the Western Hemisphere, the several revolutions weaned them away from a popular Papal-Clergy control over laymen.

It was, however, the French Revolution which sprung the notions of ‘liberty-fraternity-equality’ to the modern day world of much ‘democracy ‘ and the concept of a ‘people’s government’. The Republic is as old a concept as recorded Greek history and city-states were the original sovereign lands that today’s global order basks in.

Yet, is it indeed a ‘free’ – world?

Those who split a sub-continent after plundering it for nearly two long centuries,find their homeland being run over by a culture alien to their professed religious,cultural and moral fibre.

Then,there are those who openly profess to be ‘free’ lands even as their desert-driven old habits die hard. On the other side, we have a land of rising sun which has moral courage to ban entry or smuggling in of a patently violent cult. The big bear ‘dragon-land’ though, hugs red shade of communism. But, the Mao brand and Marx brand of communism has undergone a most modern transformation of ‘communism’ peppered by the demands of a modern-era post-1989 reprisal of the infamous ‘student-revolution’ that was quelled with military tanks literally rolling over the mass of young protesters.

And, then there are ‘big brother’ countries that boast of undiluted democratic principles yet,are grappling with many a ‘law & order’ problems within their enormously huge territorial boundaries. All in all, the world today is one facing cultural shocks rather than ideological wars.The new generation everywhere is indecipherable to those who seek to patronise them.

It is no longer a fight for gender equality or equal rights but a battle for existence and survival of the human being in every composition of population-groups. Added to this is technological-revolution where advancements have rendered most people lazier and wily than ever before.

In the result, Governments have been at a loss to comprehend the limits for exercise of much-touted ‘freedom of expression’ leading eventually to a mayhem in minds of the general public.

Back home in India, a most significant metamorphosis of all times occurred post-2014 polls when much-acclaimed Modi ji era of ‘good governance ‘ started infusing a new sense of belonging and affinity towards the dispensation among all sections of the multi-dimensional society.

‘Diversity’ was always united in India.

The cultural roots and a most humane spirit of co-existence helped keep bonds strong among the majority Hinduism with lesser numbered Islam, Buddhist, Christianity and such other groupings of a most ancient civilisation of the planet.

‘Ignorance is ignorance’ , however,and so, a bunch of anarchists have been ranting – crying hoarse in a bid to provoke the peace-living establishment which has endeared itself to a billion plus strong nation. They are the psuedo-intellectuals and paid-moles of foreign spy agencies who feel a sense of false bravado guarding their bodily forms and fuelling their corporate firms,to spew poison – just as bushfires engulf large tracts of green forest lands in certain parts of the world.

‘Evil’ is the best definition of these imposters of dead and gone great philosophers like Marx and Mao : they masquerade as powerful movers & shakers of the world even as countless millions toil and work hard day in and day out.

They have handlers overseas with a few souls who are hapless,ignorant,imbecile,lazy vagabond sleeper cells spread across the length and breadth of the country. ‘Policing’ being a ‘state’ subject, coordination between central intelligence and several state departments becomes a testing task.

Compounding the problem is the diverse political ideologies followed by regional satraps and those manning national law & order.As such, a most daunting task. It is also a studied fact that remote areas where natural resources such as minerals are abundantly available,these ‘maoist’ outfits rule roost.They capitalise upon violations made in local area governments by semi-literate representatives with vested interests and wickedness ingrained in their genes.

Hence and therefore is it a matter of great satisfaction for all peaceful citizens of India when there has been a swoop on those that are engineering violence against the Constitution and the all-embracing peaceful Nation.

Anyone who cries -‘ wolf 🐺- wolf 🐺 ‘ at this purely legal measure must be viewed with suspicion and the needle of suspicion can swing towards politicians turning ‘actors’ with false rhetoric – be it in Kerala, Andhra,en Bangal, Delhi,Telangana,Chateesgarh, Nagaland, Punjab, Kashmir, Tamilnadu or any other part of India.

These political beasts would seek to hide behind their home-bred flocks but a stern disciplinary-action with only the ‘rule of law’ (not technicalities of law ) can yield desired results.

The action of arresting a few wanted quislings has much bolstered the spirit of countrymen.

Let there be no let or laxity in pursuing the Dharma of a Government.

‘Raja-Dharma’ demands the end of tyrannical forces for the well-being of all population in the land. Ironical as it may be but emotions cannot subdue the need to tread the ‘rule of law’ !

Or else, Karma which turns a full circle would swallow the very existence of those that spread hatred on imaginary grouses and wrongful injury.

India has always suffered by foul play of ‘divide and rule’ ; by evil machinations of unseen middlemen and power-brokers.

Stop this genocide perpetrated by subscribing to psuedo-ideologies and let there be an internal ‘surgical-strike’ against all anti-India,anti-social and anti-constitutional elements.

May the Force be with Honourable Government of India.


Jai Hind 🙏

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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