Sphinx and Phoenix ! [ ‘Leg-before-Wicket’ politics ]

Sphinx and Phoenix !
[ or, ‘ Leg-before-Wicket’ politics ]

By – Pamarty Venkataramana

Prologue :
Battling a terminal disease in a remote town of the dark continent today,watching cricket on telly or playing marbles on twitter forum is the solace one gets. Yet, some mischievous handle hell-bent on causing suicide before the disease kills the already suffering patient,has prompted this piece.

(The epitaph acts as the cornerstone of a life dedicated to public service. Alas but true).

* * *

The Lbw is one of the most interesting decisions for any umpire in a cricket game to establish his forte to judge well,as also declaring the finesse of a ball well bowled.

Today,the third-umpire exists,aided by technological-gadgetry in assessing the length and angle of both the bat and the ball vis-a-vis the stumps.

Only an ace-bowler or wicket-keeper can estimate the blunder of the batsmen who gets out in this fashion or the exactitude of the masterly bowlers that bag these wickets.

A classic instance in desi politics has been the manner in which an over-zealous leader of opposition from India went abroad to admit ‘lack of knowledge’ on a specific question posed about the border fiasco with China.

And,to think that,he was,all the while crying wolf,non-stop,while on home-soil.

Besides,even as stand-off between the two mighty neighbours was on,this lad of a politician was meeting the envoy of China.

Similarly,his mother who had called the Honourable Prime Minister of the day unspeakable names for well over a decade,was recently caught saying that she was not aware of the persona of Modi ji.

Leg-before-wicket again !

Society has been witnessing a most tragic trend of misunderstandings and mischievous play instigated by other handles acting in a cavalier manner to pit friends against each other and create virtual gang wars .

Peace loving , do-gooders are being made scapegoats. Or so,it seems.

This must end.

One would request ‘good-conscience’ to hold sway over such unbecoming ‘volte face’ by those who have only gained and never lost by the services of a kindred soul.

Returning to the national firmament of geo-politics,regional satraps must support the ‘one nation-one election’ idea mooted and try to set aside differences of status,creed,religion and boycott those with fissiparous tendencies : only then can the present generation leave a legacy of love,compassion and co-existence as one civilisation ‘ to future generations. . !

Leg before wicket is one of the most truthful decisions which exposes the weak armour of poor batsmen & bats-women.

Truth shall triumph.
Satyameva Jayatey!

* * *

One has been a record holder of hat-tricks, in a cricketing-career that lasted until law-college but the tricksters one has been encountering in law-practice ( especially post-twitter age ),has me thanking Almighty for providing the sense to keep an actual record of all the pro-bono services rendered – be it to issue a historic notice,on behalf of an unknown ‘patriot’ handle of twitter to a street journo who denigrated the honour and dignity of the nation on foreign soil ,or in rising to the S.O.S-plea of another unknown twitter-handle,who was in a court-tussle with an estranged spouse.

The mail-records and documents speak for themselves in both of these cases.

They , ( neither )have not been paid a single rupee and neither have been in contact over three long years.

As such,threatening and vulgar tweets posted by them only expose their liability for prosecution under law for such vicious behaviour,on imagined grouses.

In fact,in the case of the latter handle’s spat,another handle who was supposedly a sister-handle of that woman-handle,has submitted a SOS-plea against the said handle which record is subsisting .

Which read by itself speaks volumes about the malice and guilt of the delusional-handle,which again,is also ‘self-explanatory!’


Of course, a ‘ hit-wicket ‘ will be the last nail in the coffin of the brute batsmen (& bats women). Law has its natural just,ways. Beware, anti-social elements!

Jai Hind 🇮🇳 🙏

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
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