Lord Shree Rama: Lamp of Life

Lord Shree Rama: Lamp of Life

By Pamarty Venkataramana

Lord Shree Rama is the epitome of righteousness and obedience to DHARMA.

Those unversed with the verses and scriptures of arguably the planet’s most richest and very ancient civilisation called BHARATA ( ‘India ‘ ) do not understand the meaning of the word-‘ Dharma ‘ .

Such ‘ignorants’ often dub Ramayana as a mythological work of fiction or as akin to one of the many dead & gone prophets of desert – risen religions of nomadic tribes and Neanderthal man-like mindsets in the contemporary tech-driven world of hype, bytes and neo-history.

There are psuedos who climbed seats of power that have dubbed Rama as being a  ‘cultural issue’ and ‘Hinduism ‘ as being a ‘way of life’ . These are all motormouth aping and echoing words uttered by shallow preachers and non-practitioners of Hinduism in its unadulterated form or by those donning wigs of wisdom to camouflage bald, empty minds. A heartless lot that knows not what ‘Dharma’ or ‘writ of good conscience is!’ …

Lord Rama is widely believed to be the avatara ( embodiment) of virtuosity and good governance so much so that his saga epitomises an obedient son, a loving husband, a brave warrior, a leader beyond compare and above all, a dispassionate judge for whom the thought of the ‘lowliest of lowlifes’ held weight and respect.

It was on the promise of rebuilding the abode of the Lord at his birthplace that a pair of politicians charioted to power with the bugle-cry -‘ Jay Shree Rama!’ . Their mass popularity is testimony to the sentiments of the great Indian nation which was carved out as ‘India,that is Bharat!’- the constituent embracing Hinduism whereas two bits of Indian mainland , hugging Islam were carved out as ‘Pakistan’-a Muslim land, by the departing British colonialists.

However, despite an absolute majority in the Parliament the Honourable peoples’ representatives have chosen to let the Lord stand in doorways or docks of court halls even as they paint their lives and names in golden letters and multicoloured headgears in annals of history of Indian civilisation.

Hinduism is not ‘a way of life’ . It is the essence and meaning of being alive as well as living to lead life as human beings. It is ‘Spirituality’ itself. It isn’t a philosophy either as western writers have seemed to reduce it to – either out of a limited exposure or understanding or purely out of a vain attempt to demystify or turn Gulliver among Lilliputian lands into just an ogre with a myopic sight (and, no insight at all into the realm of ‘Mitya’ that is life or reincarnation and life after death).

Lord is Almighty – the Supreme Soul of all other souls in the universe . A prophet is a mortal being. Both cannot be equated. Lord has devotees. Prophet has disciples. Lord of Universe is omniscient, omnipresent and His Presence is felt as an innate strength, confidence and spirit among every worshipping human being. Prophet is a dead and gone mortal. Such is the distinction between these two ‘concepts’ fundamental and germane to the existence of ‘existential religions’ of mankind.

Same applies to the Indian sub-continent too.

Viewed in this context, any right-thinking citizen of India would feel the urge to stop voting for hypocrites and sycophants of spineless politicians who seem to thrive upon legal fiction and a fictitious fight in court rooms to perpetuate pre-Independence era litigation between inheritors of the responsibility to keep alight the ‘lamp of life’ in Ayodhya-the abode of the master of the nation whose majority subscribed to the faith of Shree Rama. This is the plain truth of today’s India.

Natural justice and Mother Nature supersede the writ of any elected Government as is repeatedly evidenced by  mankind. Knowledge and righteousness are virtues of humanity which shine eternal, reflecting the aura and magnetism of Lord Shree Rama.

It is as reprehensible for India to allow vilification and sullying of the proud image of ‘good governance’ by banishing Lord Shree Rama from his abide in Ayodhya as it would be a carnage to let adherents of Judaism or Christianity to occupy the Macca-Madina complex situated at Saudi Arabia.

A simple explanation such as this layman’s would exemplify the sacrilege and sinister, mischievous agenda being followed by votaries of ‘political correctness’ and  ‘treacherous hypocrisy’, ably supported by buccaneers of moolah and unbridled power in the era of internet & information technology.

Anyone who fails to keep the much bandied promise to re-build the abode of Lord Shree Rama is bound to be dethroned and relegated to the cobwebs of dusty history shelves. And, the one who keeps this sacred promise will rule a lifetime in glory and peaceful co-habitation with a billion plus happy souls. Together, the joys will help generate a must powerful storehouse of both spiritual and material wealth to re-energise the rest of the world (which is fast crumbling by the failure to adhere to Dharma and,embracing ‘adharma’ as a fashionable way to rebel,rant,rave and ridicule those who follow dharma in everyday life as well as the religion)!

A way of life? Nay. A cultural prophet? Not at all. Lord Shree Rama must be given his abode.

Those that oppose this will have to face retribution in an after-life, without fail.

Appeasement cannot be a judgment in a case of title-dispute. Ayodhya is the place of birth. India is his land. Abide and hand belong to His people-those who have India,i.e; BHARAT as their sovereign Republic of the people. Minorities have to co-exist; not hold the majority to ransom.

  • Jai Hind! 🇮🇳 🙏

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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