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Pamarty Venkataramana(PVR) is an eminent international lawyer & life member of the Supreme Court of India Bar Association. He is best known as chief architect of many a national treasure saving court-Battles.
Here’s a quick rapid fire interview press reporter, Khushboo Agrahari took of this son of India.


Interview Nizam case –

Khushboo Agrahari Q1. Can I ask you about the demand of few Telengana politicians to shift the Nizam jewellery collection to Hyderabad? Is it a right claim?

PVR Ans. The fabled ‘Nizam jewellery ‘ is now national wealth of the Government & Republic of India.

Parochialism should end in this country. What’s the difference between razakars who sided, killed innocents at instance of Kate nizam & them?

Q2. They want it housed in Salarjung museum at Hyderabad. Is it safe?

Ans: Most definitely not. Please go into parliament records. Things have vanished. Many replicas substituted. It’s a house of horrors. Not marvels

Q3. Where is the wealth now?

Ans: It’s housed at RBI vaults in New Delhi. Used to be at HSBC, Mumbai vault during pendency of the Nizam jewellery cases.

Q4. How did ownership shift from Nizam to Govt of India ?

Ans: After a long court battle. Where eventually SC directed first option to ‘purchase’ to GoI. Parliament assented. Ownership shifted to GoI.

Q5. So, Govt of India paid huge sum to acquire it? How many items in the collection Sir?

Ans: Yes. GoI is the absolute owner . None else has claim over this national wealth. Originally, 173- items of rare, precious, antique jewels.

Q6. Who was PM when GoI purchased it?

Ans: P.V.Narasimha Rao, father of modern Indian economy!

Q7. How was the treasure shifted from pvt bank in Mumbai to RBI, Delhi?

Ans: By a defense aircraft. Very few were in know. Led by then Defense Minister of India.

Q8. Who was the defence minister then?

Ans: Mr.Sharad Pawar (a Padma Vibhushan today)!

Q9. Why do you oppose a permanent exhibition at Hyderabad? After all, locals claim it a heritage?

Ans: GoI acquired it as a national wealth to pledge it at the @WorldBank if required. It’s worth 75- years of national debt. Fabulous asset!

Q10. So,an exhibition will only fetch ticket money?

Ans: Besides, render it prone to further burglary, mischief by evil vested interests. Security costs avoidable burden on State Exchequer.

Q11. You were the chief architect and even braved a physical assault for not taking bribes in the matter? Right Sirji?

Ans: Yes!

Q12. Who did you represent to save the national wealth ?

Ans: Eldest grand daughter of Late HEH The Nizam -VII, Late Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, viz; Princess Fatima Fouzia & family members.

Q13. Who were trying to sell it to outside interests?

Ans: A board of trustees led by few male members of Late Nizam’s family. All anti national elements !

Q14. Who were they trying to sell it off to ?

Ans: It’s legal history now. Prominent were reps of sultan of Brunei, queen Elizabeth, Christies, Sotheby’s, Fugitive ganglird Ibrahim at Dubai.

Q15. Who heads the Nizam Trust ?

Ans: The Secretary-Finance, Govt. of India is the ex-officio Chairman of the Nizam Trusts. Whoever holds the office becomes the Chairman.

Q16: Is it true that you got passport impounded of the sons of Nizam, a few judges, officials, the matter?

Ans: Anybody who acts contrary to national interest & commits a contempt of court deserves the treatment by court of law.

Q17. Are there cases still Nizam estate related pending in courts of law?

Ans: Yes.

Q18. Any living witnesses to your stellar fight against anti nationals to safeguard national treasure Sirji?

Ans: Oh yes. PMs like ABV ji, few mantris like Sushmaji, LKA ji, Guv Vidyasagarji, CJs, Press Gentry, etc. Modi ji was busy in Gujarat politics. Yes!

Q19. Aren’t there many heirs to last Nizam ?

Ans: All other claimants are fake, pseudo, false. The whole estate is no longer private & belongs to the Govt. of India. Press knows not truths.

Q2. Is there more treasure belonging to late Nizam and devolving on Govt of India Sirji?

Ans: There is! Parliament Act details all. Babus & @narendramodi ji unaware. Else, it can feed all poverty alleviation & infra projects of India.

Q21. Can you enlighten us, SirJi?

Ans: It’s only for PM to be briefed about. Not for public consumption now. Let us discuss some other time, please. Have to go now. Thanks. Jai Hind

Thank you PVR Sirji for the impromptu interview. Appreciate all you have done for the nation and its people. Jai Hind!

Khushboo Agrahari

Khushboo Agrahari

Khushboo Agrahari is Jaipur Based Journalist.
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  • Excellent job was done by PVR whose was attacked by goons and was seriously injured too… But he came in the court having bandage all over & argued and own the case.
    India can’t replay Sh Pamarty Venkataramana for his selfless, goal oriented services.
    Well done PVR and well done Khushboo Agrahari.Keep it up