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India prides herself as the largest democracy in the world. There are three broad pillars of Indian democracy: the legislatures who make laws, the executives who enforce laws and the judiciary that interprets laws. The laws regulate a number of activities like criminal offense, civil cases, taxation, trade, social welfare, education and labor rights.

Even when laws empower citizens in a large number of ways, a significant fraction of the population is completely ignorant of their rights and privileges. As a result, common people are afraid of going to police and rarely go to court to seek justice. People continue to live under fear of unknown laws and a corrupt police.

A number of attempts have been made to bring the knowledge of law to the common people. The Government of India took active efforts to present all laws along with their amendments at and all court judgments at Similar efforts have been taken up by other privately owned websites.

While it is commendable to make law documents available to common people, it is still quite difficult for common people to easily find the required information. The first problem is that acts are very large and in most scenarios just a few section of laws are applicable. Finding most applicable sections from hundreds of pages of law documents is too daunting for common people. Secondly, laws are often vague and one needs to see how they have been interpreted by the judicial courts. Currently, the laws and judgments are separately maintained and to find judgments that interpret certain law clauses is difficult.

In order to remove the above two structural problems, Yugvani has started this page with help of Indian Kanoon & other online informative websites. It achieves them by breaking law documents into smallest possible clause and by integrating law/statutes with court judgments. A tight integration of court judgments with laws and with themselves allows automatic determination of the most relevant clauses and court judgments. Hope Yugvani helps you in your search for Indian laws and their interpretations.

Law Cafe caters demand for latest judgments from Supreme Court of India & different High Courts, tribunals etc. This page also deals with some common & useful laws. Please see below icons; click them to read further.

Supreme Court of India


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High Courts

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  • I always get somthing new to know whenever i read the articles on yugvani.
    It Is Really Helpful For Law Students Like Us.
    All My Best Wishes sir.

  • Nothing opened on my mobile,may be because second window can not be opened on my mobile.It would be a good idea to have this site provided it is populerised amongst Lawyers so that by one click they find the case law.Wish you good luck.

  • Sandesh Manroa

    Sir!! Something new yugvani is going to start it seems.

  • Ingnorence of law is not an excuse.Every one is supposed to know the basic law.Keeping this in view,some features must appear daily to educate people.Latest Judgments of the Supreme Court and High Courts should appear so that people who read Yugvani gets latest informations.Keep some practicing lawyers on your panel who can pass on their write ups every day.
    Kindly also start another feature on RealEstate which people are attracted to regarding in and around Delhi and Noida,Gr.Noida.

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