None cares for Campa Cola compound type cases

Campa FinalThe Worli’s Campa-Cola compound buildings demolition case brings many prominent questions which needs answer now. Authorities can’t afford to take time to address these questions as these questions are not related only to Worli’s Campa Cola compound buildings but to all urbanized, semi-urbanized areas. And also these questions are related to nexus among politicians, government officers/official & builders/developers. This nexus is the main cause of misery for the people who invest their life saving for a roof over their head. If these questions are not answered right now then the Modi’s big dream of providing a dwelling to each family by 2022 will never materialize.

What an India family wants? Just Roti, Kapda aur Makan. In a country whose 66% population is without basic amenities and whose most of the population has been denied their just & rightful demand, partly by poverty, partly by the nexus, is ready to explode if this nexus is not busted now.

Most of the people know the history of Worli’s Campa Cola compound. It is supposed to be unauthorized in the light of present law. However, no one is asking how this build of such a magnitude was built without interference of the local law enforcing authorities. Why no officer questioned at the time when the building was being constructed & stopped it there & then? Why resident were taken for ride by the builder? Moreover when occupants started living in the so-called unauthorized building, why they were provided all civic facilities? I wonder how & why their dwellings, if unauthorized, were registered and their mutation done.

If you look around, Juggi Jhopadi colonies are made like Worli’s Campa Cola compound was made. First the concerned authorities, may be under pressure from local political boss/builders & huge money offered to cooperate, allow to grow JJ Colonies & then try to demolish them. When they try to demolish such colonies, local leaders start demonstration & the government, eyeing big vote bank in JJ Colonies, authorize Juggi Jhopadi Colonies. Delhi Government did the same & other state governments are not far behind.

But the question “how such buildings & colonies are build” is not being examined here. If some colony & building is unauthorized then firstly it should not be allowed to be constructed & if constructed, should be demolished immediately. This is Law on which Supreme Court has given its verdict for Worli’s Campa Cola compound.

The question is being examined here that if such situation arises, what are state/centre government duties? What is their Raj Dharma?

As we know there are nearly hundred thousand building are unauthorized in Mumbai alone. If we count only metros like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc, there may be some 10 lacs building & 5 lac JJ Colonies which are unauthorized. In Delhi NCR, nearly 5 lac group housing are mushrooming with blessings of politicians & government officers. In Greater Noida Extension alone, hundreds of group housing buildings are coming up without proper & all mandatory permissions.

During election, Modi use to name something like Jayanti Tax which, according to him, being charged in Delhi before granting environmental clearance. We hoped that such Taxes will stop after there is Modi Government in Delhi. But, alas, no government is more powerful than government officers sitting in air-conditioned offices. The same Environmental Ministry stopped the work of group housing societies around 10 KM of Bird Sanctuary thus hitting lacs of investors & their hope to get a roof over their head. Can Modi & the minister concern dare to ask officers concerned that what the hell they were doing since last many years when the construction activities started in the area? They must further ask them, if officer’s ruling is correct as per law, why they should not be sacked & sent to jail for their late decisions? And finally the government must ask itself how they are going to compensate the investors in all such cases.

If the investors go to court & court decide in their favour, the investors may get their money back with nearly 18% interest, at the most. But can any Court give them back the years they waited to get their dwellings? Can any court decide to give such compensation that they get a new flat in the same budget, as they planned to purchase that particular flat? No..perhaps not.

Hence the need of the hour is that the present government which is free from coalition pressure must bring such law with immediate effect, if necessary through ordinance. The law should/may have the following salient feature. Don’t say Centre can’t may law in Building construction cases as they are “State Subject”. I am asking to incorporate/add in IPC these laws.

Whenever there is case like Worli’s Campa Cola compound type case arises, the following steps shall be taken immediately within reasonable time under IPC

  • The present & prospective occupants shall be provided alternate flat/dwelling of the same size & market cast or +18% which ever is more, at the alternate place in the same city at government cost.
  • The expenditure done by the government, in such cases, shall be recovered from the Builder & officers with 100% extra penalty.
  • The concerned Builders & the family plus relatives should be black listed forever. The builder should face life term in jail with hard physical punishment
  • The government officers, involved in such cases, shall be dismissed & sent to jail for life.
  • The properties of such Builders & officers should be confiscated & auctioned publicly.
  • If any politician, if found involved, should face the same punishment as of Builder & officers.

If Modi government shows it political will to arrest this Builder Mafia then & only then Modi may hope to march towards his goal of 2022. However there is little hope that any government will do anything against these Mafia because Builders Mafia Money is nothing but actually black money of Big-Big Government officers + Big & Small Politicians backed by Land Mafia group. We all know that “None cares for Campa Cola compound type cases” 

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  • Suresh Srivastava

    Very hard hitting & candid post by Pradeep Shanker. Sometime I wonder how Pradeep Jee can be so much bold.
    Sir dowse your pen fire otherwise know what I mean. Many people are behind know that.
    Ignore my advice & keep writting.
    God may bless you and to your pen long life.

  • “But, alas, no government is more powerful than government officers sitting in air-conditioned offices.” यह जो लिखा है आपने इसमे भारत का वर्तमान और भविष्य सब आ गया .
    आज बहुसंख्य भारतीय गैर कानूनी रूप से बंधे घरों मे रह रहे है ,कानून ही ऐसे बने है के कही न कही “गलती ” निकलना चाहिए … लोगों का स्वाभाविक जिवन आचरण, जो किसी को नुकसान दायक नही है,कानून के दायरे के बाहर जा सकता है….सर्वकश न होते हुए भी.
    इस विषय मे आपने जो सही सुझाव दिये है,मै आपको लिखित रूप मे दे सकता हूँ और आप चाहे तो हस्ताक्षर भी कर दूँ, कभी भी लागू नही किये जायेंगे!
    यह देश उनका है जिनका पैसा इसमे निवेश हुआ है …. हमे हमेशा सवाल केवल इस लिए उठाने है कि कही उनके चलते चलते नागरिकों पर और अधिक अन्याय न हो या दिखावे के लिए ही सही दो काम हमारे लिए हो जाये …. मेरा “आशावादी” इसी मे संमिलीत है और यथार्थवाद भी !!
    धन्यवाद एक और अच्छे लेखन के लिए …

    • Thanks for appreciations.
      I fully agree that my suggestions will not be implemented as they will hit at root on which our democracy is being run by mafioso. But something has to be done to lessen the ill effect.

  • Nothing can happen in this country.Only rich will rule.Let these residents lie on the floor and shud die underrollers.Namo shud take action.We have put so much trust in him n he can do by simple saying No demolition. Railfare increase will die its own death if he saves Campa Cola society.

  • Unfortunately,law laid down by the Supreme Court from time to time is not being followed by authorities.Supreme Court laid down law for all pissible circumstances.We are basically lawless society and conscious of our rights and obligations towards the well being of the society.I am amazed how people are mortally scared of Law Enforcing Agency in US/CANADA.Any small dustraction attracts heavy penalty which is enforced strictly and the politicians do not interfere/heard by the Authority.God bless our country.