Radia-2 under NDA

The image has been taken from google images. Yug Vani is not responsible for its correctness

The image has been taken from Google images. Yug Vani is not responsible for its correctness

Radia-2 under NDA, looks strange? May not if Pawan Kheda is to be believed. If Pawan Kheda, the former associate and political secretory of Sheila Dixit, is to be believed, NDA government too may feel of something like Radia type scandal.

PawanKheda claimed that few foreign companies are trying to “set” deals with present NDA government through a “journalist”. This journalist is known for his close approximate with one BJP leader and has traveled with him many times. As per Kheda this journalist has promised “heave” to these foreign companies under consideration. As per samachar4mediaPawanKheda made this claim through tweets.

Readers may be fully aware about Radia and know how her tapped conversation revealed that some big business houses in India tried to influence UPA government through many sources including some very well known journalists. In fact, further events even shows that something like that happened. It is another matter that illegality or criminality of such influences could not be proved in the court of law. Some journalists withdrew themselves in a corner for sometime while other kept working normally as if nothing happened.

But what was happening in UPA-I or UPA-II can’t be tolerated now in NDA-II under Narendra Modi’s leadership. Why? Because India voted his government on his personal promise that he will be our “Chowkidar” in Delhi. And if such things happen then that will someone still stealing in spite of his promise. Further it is apt to be concluded that either he failed in his duty or his was a party in all these ghaplas/scams.

Further more country will never tolerate it simply because it has taken enough such nonsense beating in UPA and its patience has run over. It is time to do or die. Is paar ya uspaar. Time for Middle path is over. India is eagerly waiting for a clean, efficient, people oriented administration where all the benefits reach to last person of this country. It does not want to listen our PM repeating Rajiv Gandhi words that only 10-15% reaches to public while rest is churn out by meddle men be they are public servant or some other non-state actors.

Sh Modi ji ! You are our Prime Minister. We have chosen you with majority votes and boasted all powers contained in our constitution. We have not chosen you for giving excuses. So better keep watch on every morons and tell your ministers, governed officers to works for India not to fulfill their own coffer. They have agreed to work on certain salary which is being paid on the very last day of the month. To pay their salary we, the people of India, pay taxes from our noses. They should not break our nose further.

Dear Modiji ! If you work in the way you have promised, we are ready to wait for longer period as we know it takes time to fix rotten things & bring good results but only for that time till you work the way you promised. But the day you stop keeping promises or becomes slack in your approach, be ready to be thrown on the history’s dustbin. But if you work with best intention, your place in history is well assured. Don’t let this Radia-2 under NDA.

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