Stepping into shoes, voiceless

Stepping into shoes, voiceless!

By Pamarty Venkataramana 

Schooling over, stepping into college and leading to university. A phase definitive of freedom – as a bird released from cage set free to fly the unchartered skies…Or so we think. At least in this part of the planet! 

Out of parental control. Into peer pressure. Absolutely new feeling – of having broken free of controlled childhood & teachers at school. 

College helps excuse all idiosyncratic behaviour and thought process of adolescence. Or do, they all think in unison…

University. Oh, a planet altogether situated on a higher plane. Ego evolved. Self esteem pampered. Mind is expanded – meaning self-confidence being instilled. 

Yet, what often has been happening is the recruitment of ‘ political beetles ‘ by bumble-bee politicians of predator-parties . On varsity campuses. 

Outfits are created.

Nomenclature disguises goals.

Prejudices are imbibed.

Collective bargaining and en masse thinking are injected via brain-washing techniques. 

Propaganda is the only ruler on the campuses of higher education.

Few get indoctrinated.

Many turn meek numbers of flock .

Herded by unseen masters who in actuality, are puppeteers of pelf,violence and selfish agenda, these ‘scholars ‘ turn pawns. 

This is the general rule. Not the exception at all. 


But, it is not just and true to attribute all fault to the lack of direction or control over these ‘students ‘ by their families or the Government itself. 

Is it right to display banners of -‘ one nation; one constitution ‘ all around the land and yet, try to stifle voices of ‘ free speech’ on the campuses of a new breed of ‘intelligentia’ ‘.

If one section of students take out a ‘protest’ march on a university campus, must not other sections be free to take out a similar march past  and walk in the opposite direction . Rather than crossing swords , blues and borders of law of freedom ?

Is it proper to allow violence and conflagration instead of enforcing discipline via civilised measures – of both pre-emption as well as sanctity of cross-ventilation of views? 

But then, why in the first place are campuses of higher education festering with locusts of politics? 

The reason is not a mystery nor far to seek..

‘Funds’ .

Granting access to funds for student bodies has been the bane. Corruption has it’s roots here. 

Being taught fiscal management is one thing and permitting political parties to openly court and nurture or ‘tap’ these new genre of energy into limelight of a distant turret tower called ‘Government ‘ is a wholly different ‘kettle of fish!’.

Teachers . Deans. Peers. ‘ Godfather ‘ – guides. Rudderless ships of vahabond leaders. And, not to forget parents of these ‘adults’ : all are responsible. They are equally liable for the colossal loss.

Adultery with laws of freedom is as inexcusable as treachery by a government servant enjoined with enforcing the rule of law. 

Voiceless class – this class of university students. 

In an effort to seek to be heard, they succumb to the guilds of wily ones who bid the lives and destiny of an entire generation on their own frustrations. 

As a bird shot by the hunter’s vain arrow, the generation falls down dead .

Lives terminated. Future joys snuffed. Walking out of the playing field of life , declared ‘ hit wicket!’ …

Stepping into shoes. Proudly, blinded! 

Re-write the script oh, mandarins of society!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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