Gesture of Peace

Gesture of Peace !

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

A failed attempt at attacking the military installations of India led to the downing of an advanced fighter aircraft of the attacker by a defending young pilot. Sadly though the brave defender fell on enemy soil. He was captured.

In age of wildfire social-media,barbaric and later civilised attitude by captors went viral . National fervour backed by worldwide opinion spun the web of conscience and the Geneva Convention on treating PoWs was read out .
Driven more by a zealous desire to shield terrorists,bigots and fanatics who badly needed a reprieve from public glare (apparently to re-group after the destruction of a major hideout cum training field the other night), the sham PM of a rogue State pompously announces the release of the captured gentlemen pilot of India and handing him over to the international Red Cross!

The hero is back home today! All India cherishes the triple – victory of an eventful fortnight.

The ‘gesture of Peace’ is another absurd phraseology as ‘aman ki asha’ – mere pedagogical tamasha meant to be a diversionary tactic to allow war mongers to terrorise more & more innocent masses of Humanity!

The real overture made was towards terrorists harboured within Pakistan to help them shift launch pads for blood curling infiltration gangs and to unleash more cruelty!

The real ‘gesture of Peace’ will be the arrest and handing over of known terrorists warlord who spews venom against the fatherland of Pakistan and motherland of Bangladesh, viz; Bharatvarsh!!!

Even as one pinpoints the shallow exhibitionist acts of the captors of a brave war pilot worthy of a Ashok Chakra, one would need to discuss the truest gestures of Peace in the land of humanity that shall help spread harmony and love among all other fissiparous elements nested within our shores.

For example, why must not our surgeons set aside the fees earned from a case every month and transfer the amount to the dedicated account of the Armed Forces which helps give a bullet proof vest to every soldier manning the borders?
Why shouldn’t eminent lawyers and other professionals apportion likewise,a certain portion and remit it for welfare of children of martyrs?

Must not each and every business house be directed to compulsorily spend three percent of it’s so-called ‘CSR’ or corporate social responsibility spending for provision of proper food supplies and bunkers or lifeboats and such other essentials to different winds of our defence Forces?

Which Parliamentarian or Honourable Judge of the apex Court would declare any such act to be ‘unconstitutional’ ?
Why cannot an Ordinance be promulgated for such a declaration of support to our beloved soldiers?

Gesture of Peace ☮.

Let the phrase become meaningfully supreme. Not a subterfuge for terror hubs to don mask of peace and raise more eggs of terror!

Jai Hind! 🇮🇳🙏

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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