Why India needs to re-elect PM Modi

Why India needs to re-elect PM Modi ?

By- Pamarty Venkataramana

India is at the cross-roads of history.

All the gory invaders and plunderers of its vast, unbelievable resources foes back with the wealth to build their lands’ fortunes in the post-French Revolution scenario of a world screaming euphemisms of -‘equality, liberty, fraternity!’. The ones that donned the mantle of ‘self-rule’ were as leeches preying upon its very roots of culture and strength by systematically decimating the wonderfully tensile joint Hindu family system, the traditional ethos and a heritage that remains painted old and worn out. In short, India today is a mummified society whose spokesmen speak of a modernist outlook with anti Dharmic tenets being bandied about as progressive laws and inching forward to become a clone of advanced, western and desert cultures.

The buffoonery does not stop there. Villains of political spectrum gave credence to existence of communist parties in an avowedly Democratic nation and civil code is not uniform, creating a huge void in the society which claims to be one big nation yet stays split on lines of artificial parameters such as religion, compounded by caste, creed and of late gender considerations: all of which is unconstitutional as well as being so very ‘un-Indian!’ .

And then came in the Modi Raj in 2014 which has taken baby-steps to re-writing the story of Indian renaissance.

Prime minister Modiji has displayed great elan in rebuilding ties overseas and trying to restore the sunken image of Indians abroad. Within the country,of course he has had to depend on long time associates to regroup States into nationalist ones and the greatest handicap he has suffered is being endowed with thoroughly substandard colleagues in the fight to retrace the high ground of honesty and desi-policies.

Bickering and corruption cannot be pooh-poohed away in a scenario led by all-invasive mass-media crows acting like vultures. Masses can no longer be fooled. As Caesar’s wife,PM Modi has to prove his fidelity to the nation in 2019 .


Firstly, by being re-elected with a greater majority than the superb absolute majority that his party had garnered last time but apparently wasted away owing to lack of experience in governance of such a vast and diverse country of contradictions as well as similarities.

Secondly, by distributing tickets to nationalists of calibre and proven integrity rather than letting lame-duck bats and sick and aged war-horses to drag the cart of India into opposite lanes.

Thirdly, to stop the self-destruction mode which his cabinet has let itself to be parked in by openly espousing the cause of billions of citizens by at least piloting a Bill on Uniform Civil Code immediately at a special midnight session of Parliament (as they did in case of the Goods & Services tax Bill), a 50% reservation for Women in Parliament, a Bill to divest the State of control over temples ( so that they enjoy similar freedom as are enjoyed by churches and mosques ), a Bill to disenfranchise anyone who indulges in anti India rhetoric or writings and a Bill to rewrite punishment for corrupt practices by bureaucrats and leaders in the national grid of administration.

A Bill to reform the Criminal Justice System is also a crying need which they can by firstly seeking to separate the investigation wing from the law & order branch of the Police department.

PM Modi can not afford to say such lines as -‘ elections come & go;governments come & go’ but should ensure that there is a reinforcement of faith and belief in minds and hearts of all the countless Indian voters who are educated,honest, hard-working and breathe by principles of personal values :that is to say, these multitudes who do not fall in brackets of being coolies, hamalis,beggars, unorganised sector, business class, farming sector or the mahagatbandhan-category of ‘lets pull the wool over eyes of them blind voters who sigh and resign to their fate blaming it all on either paper-ballots or electronic voting machines or on their own destiny!’ …

India needs PM Modi as Headman of this little big village called India and no midgets like congress or communist party or regional goons must be allowed to be shown as reason for his inability to muster full majority in all the States of India. India will find alternative to his team once the agenda of rescuing India from hands of moles and paid agents and double agents within spectrum of corridors of governance. Rest assured,sycophants who have derailed the cart of progress in the last five years!

Prime Minister Modiji,do please vote for India again and please choose candidates with untarnished image. To do that, overcome the monsters of casteism,parochialism as well as political opportunism. Even the homeless , hapless ones shall automatically vote you back to power. Let not the delegation of ticket-allocation to an immature colleague be done in guide of democratic values of the party history. The middle class shopkeepers are but a minuscule of the 150-billion strong voter-base. You belong also to the non diamond trading,non gold class and learned but humble class of voters too!

A last submission though- discard all your colleagues who are suffering from ill-health. They cannot block destiny of a nation or its youth ready to shoulder your burden and yoke of good governance out of sheer greed or lust for self-aggrandisement, be it power or bytes..!

India needs Modiji as Prime Minister,now more than ever before. Let him recognise the pivotal role of ground organisation which helped nurture and create him as an icon to fight corrupt old dacoits in power.

It is not late to withdraw Z-security cover to the little real estate agent of moradabad who too jettisoned to fame and fortunes by wedding daughter of arguably the most corrupt woman in India,a foreigner whose desi identity is conveniently pushed under the red carpet of power.

Justice must not only be done but appear to be done!

Jai Hind!!

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana

Pamarty Venkataramana (PVR) is a distinguished and eminent international Jurist, Poet, Author, Speaker and Thinker based in India. His many books are published.
Pamarty Venkataramana

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