Issues verses Individuals

Issues verses Individuals

indiaWhy I have to write this blog? I have to write because many well-wishers called upon me & expressed that I should avoid individuals but express my views of issues/subjects. I respect my friends/well-wishers views. However I would like to explain why I do so.

Here  is my explanation…..

Generally I like to write on issues/subjects not on individuals because issues/subjects are main thing. Individuals represent the central idea of issues. Some such individual may be activities, some may be writer, poet, politicians, government or multinational employees or they may be simple a village fellow. But sometimes, some individual acquire such status that they become synonyms of that particular issue and then you can’t ignore them. Prime example of such individual are people like Sunderlal Bahuguna who became synonyms of Chipko movement or Anna became synonyms of Jan Lokpal movement or Dr. Martin Luther King. In this line, you will find many more names who did pride to their motherland. They are respected names because their rise or fall remained attached with that particular movement. You can criticize them for their wrong decisions or praise them for right decisions they took. But you can’t paste anything malicious with them because you know that their intentions were very clear and they never tried to set any personal agenda behind the curtain.

However same is not true for some other activists. There are few who too are synonyms of movement they are or have lead. Kavita KrishnanTeesta Setalvad are such few names. Such fellow started movement with particular aim. But somehow the other, they were not consistent with their aim. I feel that their personal agenda, their ego, their biased views for a particular religion, organization and particular person/leader forced them to change their motive which hampered their movement.

Very recently Kavita Krishnan, the famed activist who knows the art of remaining in news, targeted Modi over rape incident on her facebook wall. Its looks she is mixing her activism for female safety with her political ambition. There is no harm having political ambition because you can make real difference if you have considerable political weight. But the intention should be very clear. It should not be like Kejriwal. Same is case with Teesta Setalvad and many more persons who have pseudo personalities. 

Them there are many politicians like Nehru, Patel, JP, Lohia, Madhudandwate in older time, IndiraG, SoniaG, RahulG, Atalji, Modi in modern time who have become another name of the party or organisation they represent.

Sometime, you can avoid them while writing blog. Sometime you write exclusively on such personalities because writing on them, praising or criticizing them never remains individualistic but becomes writing on that particular idea or party or cause they represent.

I hope My Friends ! you will understand my view point but I invite you all to enlighten me further & start discussion over it.

PS: Off late, I was inactive due to some household problems, so I could not write as much as I like. Friends might be happy that they need not to feel tortured by reading what rubbish I write in my broken English or Hindi. 
But Dear Fellows I am back again to torture you all.

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  • I fully agree with you.Individuals are slways important as they change the course of time.